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John F. Baker
Biographical information
Full Name John F. Baker
Occupation Criminal
Base of Operations Gotham City
Affiliations Enigma
Physical description
Game Information
First Appearance Batman: Arkham Origins

John F. Baker was a low-level criminal who frequently did small jobs, including those that were related to sabotage.


John F. Baker was an unremarkable criminal, who was involved in an extensive list of crimes, that were mostly small jobs including robbery and breaking and entering. He was eventually hired on Christmas Eve by Enigma to sabotage an access panel at Coventry's network tower, and rigged the device to detonate when someone tried to access it with a passkey. Enigma hired him to do that to ensure that no one tried to access the network tower that he sabotaged earlier. That action resulted in the death of the Gotham Optics technician, David Shannon. Batman, after he uncovered the murder and deduced what happened, managed to evade Baker's rigged trap via the Cryptographic Sequencer. Baker himself, however, ended up killed by Enigma at the Diamond District an hour before Batman arrived at the tower, to eliminate anyone with the knowledge on what happened, as Alfred revealed to Batman upon analyzing the fingerprints that were left on the device.


  • Because of Baker being murdered by Enigma by the time that Batman arrived at Coventry Tower, Baker, alongside Enigma, were the only murderers in the Casefile Missions to not be apprehended by Batman by the end of Arkham Origins.

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