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AK Red hood
Red Hood
Real name: Jason Todd



Base of Operations:

Gotham City


Hair: Black
Height: Possibly 6ft 1in.
Weight: Unknown
First Appearance: Batman #357 (March 1983)

Voice Actor:

Troy Baker



Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit

Before Batman confronts Harley Quinn, he is referenced by the Joker in where he remarks that Batman could use a new sidekick, indicating that Tim Drake has not yet become Robin.

Joker's Carnival DLCEdit

When Tim Drake appears in Joker's Carnival, Joker remarks "Didn't I kill you already?", referencing that Joker had killed Jason Todd.

Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Jason Todd has been confirmed to be playable as Red Hood in Arkham Knight as part of Gamestops pre-order bonus.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Former Robin/Red HoodEdit

Real Name: Jason Todd


  • Weapon Master
  • Marksmanship
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Intimidation
  • Master Martial Artist
  • Stealth
  • Indomitable Will
  • Peak Human Conditioning
  • Master Escape Artist
  • Master Acrobat
  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Skilled In Firearms



  • If you play as Robin in The Joker's Carnival Challenge Map in Batman: Arkham City, the Joker will boast about killing Jason by saying "Didn't I kill you already? No? Well there's always time, right? Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for... Robin!"
  • In the mainstream comics he is the antihero Red Hood, ironic because that was the Joker's brief alias before he became the Clown Prince of Crime.
  • The way Batman carries the Joker's dead body at the end of Batman: Arkham City is similar to the way that Batman carries Jason's lifeless body in "A Death In The Family".
  • Many people believe Jason has to be Arkham Knight, as he is similar to Jason's identity as Red Hood in the comics. This was proven false when he was announced to be appearing as Red Hood.
  • While nothing is known about Jason in Arkham Knight, he does have a painted Bat logo on his shirt, implying he has ties to the Bat-Family in Arkham Knight and is possibly an ally for Batman in the game. However, as he has no problem killing his opponents, he could also be using the symbol to trick the henchmen to feel safer, as some of them think that anyone who dons the Bat-symbol won't kill.
  • Jason's appearance in Arkham Knight is similar to two of his Red Hood costumes in the comics. His clothing is similar to his biker clothing in the "Under the Red Hood" storyline and his red hood is similar to the one he wore in the "Revenge of the Red Hood" storyline. Also the red bat insignia he wears is the same he's wearing now in the New 52 comics. The only thing about Jason's appearance that is not similar to the comics is he has a red hoodie.
  • Before he was confirmed as an ally, Jason was the best candidate to be the Knight as he is significantly younger, and would have a strong grudge against the Bat for letting him die and refusing to kill the Joker.
  • Details from gameplay footage reveal that Red Hood uses lethal weapons and takedowns, in a similar manner to Joker from Arkham Asylum (including dual-wielding guns and neck-snapping).
  • Red Hood is the second playable character to be capable of killing enemies (the first also being the Joker from Arkham Asylum).
  • It has been confirmed that Red Hood's takedowns will involve murder. This could possibly mean that some of of Red Hood's gadgets could include shurikens which would act as a batarang and also Red Hood's guns. They have already appeared in the cover art and may act as the gun used by Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum(having one shot and will instantly kill an enemy,but will attract other enemies). This is probably the reason why Batman Arkham Knight now has an "M" rating which has been announced February 2015.
  • Red Hood is voiced by Troy Baker making Jason the second Robin to be voiced by Baker as Tim Drake was the first.

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