Jailbreak is a Predator A.R Challenge Map in Batman: Arkham Knight. I'ts located on the GCPD building, and enemies consist of default thugs, three medics, one drone and it's controller, and a detective mode jammer. It is part of the GCPD Lockdown DLC, and is only accessible after installing the November update.

The default playable character is Nightwing.



  • Take out the detective mode jammer last via a grate takedown
  • Defeat all enemies without breaking any glass
  • Take out 5 thugs with ledge takedowns


  • Take out 3 medics in 6 seconds
  • Perform 4 batclaw disarms (Upgrade required)
  • Defeat all enemies without entering the vents


  • Zip kick and then perform a ground takedown on the drone controller
  • Do not use detective mode
  • Defeat all enemies without entering the vents


  • Whip trip the drone controller and then perform a ground takedown
  • Caltrop 2 thugs in 3 seconds
  • Defeat all enemies without entering the vents


  • Perform a super stun then ground takedown a medic
  • Ice smash takedown the detective mode jammer
  • Defeat all enemies without entering the vents

Harley Quinn

  • Take out 2 medics with the jack-in-the-box
  • Take no damage
  • Defeat all enemies without entering the vents


  • Use the drone to take out the drone controller
  • Perform 3 line launcher takedowns
  • Defeat all enemies without entering the vents

Red Hood

  • Remain unseen
  • Shoot a medic, the detective mode jammer and the drone controller
  • Defeat all enemies without entering the vents



  • Learn how to clean the two highest floors without being seen. As the announcer is there only to disable Voice Synthesizer, the enemies won't realize anything is wrong unless they are alarmed. Use ledge takedowns whenever possible.
  • The Voice Synthesizer can be used through walls in DM even when detective mode is jammed. It can thus be used to draw away one of the medics watching each other in the second lowest floor, allowing players to sneak behind the other one.


  • As Red Hood, it's useful to "snipe" enemies when possible. It's very possible to simply shoot and enemy from afar, move to the other side of the building, and repeat.


  • This is the only daytime outdoors predator challenge in the series.
  • Before the release of GCPD Lockdown, the map was referred as the largest predator map on the series.
  • Unlike most other challenge maps, enemies are thugs instead of militia soldiers.
  • Not counting Endless Knight, this challenge currently has more enemies than on any other map on the series, with the total of 17 enemies.
  • There is no announcer, but if the Voice Synthesizer is used, Penguin's lines from the Arkham Episode will be used.
    • If the device is used too much, Penguin will inform the thugs to ignore it.

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