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Jack Ryder

Ryder (AK)


Ryder (AA)

Biographical information
Full Name Jack Ryder
Occupation Investigative Reporter
Base of Operations Gotham City
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Height 6ft
Game Information
Voice Actor James Horan
First Appearance Showcase #73 (March 1968)

Jack Ryder is an investigative reporter turned controversial talk show host, well-known for his aggressive manner and his determination to get to the truth. What his viewers don't realize is that he's also the Creeper, a garishly-colored vigilante who Ryder can, with effort, turn into at will - although at that point the Creeper's manic personality takes over. The Creeper is usually on the side of good, and just barely on the side of sanity.


Incident ReportsEdit

Arkham Origins Incident Edit

After the credits, Jack Ryder can be heard interviewing with Dean Snyder and Quincy Sharp.

Cold Cold Heart IncidentEdit

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit

After the events of chrstmas Eve and before Joker's takeover of the asylum Jack turned into the Creeper.

Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit

After Jack Ryder found out about the Arkham incident he went on air. He then soon said that Batman was in Arkham Asylum. Joker soon sent out a video chat that Ryder then put on his show. Jack then wanted to see what was going on for himself. Hours past and he soon thought that Batman was dead. He went to see what was going on and found out Batman was alive. Joker now full of Titan yelled at him and with Batman using this for a upper hand. Jack happily said that Joker was beaten and Batman has saved Arkham.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City IncidentEdit

When Jack hears about Hugo's plan to construct Arkham City, he starts to look in Hugo Strange's past activites.

Arkham City IncidentEdit

While Bruce Wayne was at a press confrence supporting the close of Arkham City, TYGER operatives under the order of Hugo Strange attack the rally. Ryder was thrown into Arkham City with Bruce Wayne. As he, Wayne, and another political prisoner entered they are quickly attacked by the inmates. While the political prisoner is killed, Jack himself begins to get brutally beaten by one inmate. Bruce saves him, only to be clubbed to the ground. Some time later, he is attacked by several other inmates and interrogated by one of the inmates to know where Bruce Wayne is hiding. After Batman defeated them, Jack hid in the alleyway. He then told Batman that he was looking into Hugo Strange's suspicious activites. The next time Batman see Jack, is when Deadshot is about to kill him. Batman saves him and he then retreats into the church. Ryder is revealed to have also seen the killer known as the "Identity Thief" when Batman finds him. He says that it was Bruce Wayne (which Batman insists is crazy) but Ryder says that being in Arkham City must have driven Wayne mad. (The killer is revealed to be Hush later).

After Arkham City IncidentEdit

After Arkham City, Ryder published an article about his run in with Deadshot in Arkham CIty. The Article is heavily altered as Ryder claim's that not only he took down Deadshot with help from Batman but also saved Batman from a sniper shot from Deadshot. The Story however wasn't well received by the public and Ryder's reputation plummeted even further.

Before Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Unlike most citizens of Gotham, Jack Ryder remained in the city during Scarecrow's attack, hiding out in the GCPD's interrogation room. He opted to remain behind to cover Gotham's takeover in hopes of reviving his career and also investigate what turns out to be a cult lead by Deacon Blackfire. After noticing that Ryder has gone missing, Batman investigates the interrogation room and learns that Ryder left a recording indicating he was heading over to The Lady Liberty Island. Upon arrival, Batman sees Ryder captured and about to be murdered in a ritualistic sacrifice but Batman intervenes and stops the sacrifice.

After the revelation of Batman really being Bruce Wayne, he apologized about all the things he said to Batman about Bruce Wayne and all the things he said to Bruce Wayne about Batman.

After Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Psychological ProfileEdit


Real Name: Jack Ryder

Batman's Datebase ProfileEdit


Dr. Hugo StrangeEdit


  • Determined reporter
  • Known for his aggressive pursuit of stories
  • Famous for his controversial talk show
  • Secret identity as his alter ego, the Creeper
  • An Advanced Nano-Tech Stem-Cell Solution Infused With His Physiology
    • Super-Strength: He can punch through grown men's bodies as well as toss them several feet away with relative ease.
    • Super-Speed: He is also quick and incredibly agile, being able to do wall flips without any training and not even exert himself while doing so. He can also dodge ballistic attacks instantaneously.
    • Super-Endurance: He can also exert himself for several hours before feeling signs of fatigue or tiredness. He can also take on more damage than any human being can.
    • Healing Factor: He can heal from injuries within a few minutes as well as completely resurrect of reform from being killed or ripped to pieces. He may as well be nigh-immortal and ageless. When he entered Arkham City, he was heavily beaten, bruised, cut and tortured. He even had massive bruises, cuts and slashes to show for it. But afterwards these injuries have seemingly disappeared, likely a result of his vast regenerative capabilities.
    • Super-Sonic Screams: He can emit laughter which causes anyone immense psychological and physiological pain.


Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

Batman: Arkham KnightEdit



  • Jack Ryder can be heard giving a report on the situation on Arkham Island over a security guard's radio set in the Utility Corridor of the Intensive Treatment Center. This radio is the solution to one of the Riddler's puzzles; solving it unlocks Ryder's character bio. The report is only played after Batman speaks to Officer North in the Lobby.
  • After saving Ryder the first time, you will notice the cuts and wounds on his face from the inmates. But when he retreats to the church after Deadshot's failed assassination attempt, they are noticiably gone. This is most likely due to Ryder's healing factor.
  • It is unknown if Ryder will turn into his alter-ego, the Creeper, though it does state he can in his Arkham Asylum bio and is cited in a conversation between Vicki Vale and Mayor Quincy Sharp.
    • It is also unclear if Ryder is even aware of his being able to transform into the Creeper, since Arkham Knight doesn't have him transform at all into the Creeper despite being under clear duress in the Blackfire side mission, even requiring that Batman save him.
    • One of Jack Ryder's in comments Arkham Knight has him wishing he had superpowers, which implies he doesn't have any, in spite of what is stated in previous games. However, it could be that he is ether lying to help prevent the discovery of his alter-ego, or that he has no memories of his actions, or even his role, as the Creeper.
  • In his Batman: Arkham Asylum bio picture, he is wearing red, green, and yellow. The main colors of his alter-ego, the Creeper.

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