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Real name: Thomas Elliot



Base of Operations:

Gotham City


Brown; Wears Blue Contacts
Hair: Reddish-Brown; Dyed Black
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 225lb
First Appearance: Batman #609 (January 2003)

Voice Actor:

Kevin Conroy

"Would you believe good, old-fashioned revenge? To be honest, I don't care if you do. Wayne will suffer and you will not stop me."

Tommy Elliot and Bruce Wayne were childhood friends and, unknown to Bruce, dark reflections of each other. A childhood sociopath, Elliot tried to kill his parents so he could inherit their fortune. When his plan failed partly due to the surgical skills of Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father, Elliot blamed Bruce.

An incredibly skilled surgeon as an adult, Elliot planned an elaborate revenge scheme on the Batman. He disguised himself as the villain known as Hush, his face covered in bandages, and plotted to finally take his revenge against Wayne.


Incident ReportsEdit

Before Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

Although he does not appear in Origins, he is mentioned by Alfred. When listening to one of Alfred's wisdom conversations, one conversation, he tells Bruce that Thomas called to celebrate a surgery he just completed (possibly referencing the separation of the Abramovici Twins). In Bane's lair, there is a newspaper on the floor with the topic "The Identity Theft Strikes Again". This means Elliot has already started constructing the mask of Bruce Wayne's face and finally finshed it in Arkham City.

Road to Arkham IncidentEdit

When the Asylum was opened again Thomas Elliot started working there as a doctor.

Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit

Even though you can't meet Hush in the asylum itself, you can find his name on a timetable for the Surgery room in Medical on the second floor in the same room as you rescue Dr. Adrian Chen. It is easiest to grapple up as soon as the fight that ensues as you attempt to rescue Chen starts. Turn around and scan the timetable to solve the riddle and unlock his biography.

After Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit

Thomas Elliot likely continued to work as a doctor at Arkham until he transferred to Arkham City.

Arkham City IncidentEdit

Hush first appears in the the Church after rescuing the Medical Staff from Harley Quinn's goons. He is the man to the left of the Church in a gurney, with bandages on his face and clutching a box. The doctor there says that he was a doctor recently transferred there who stashed medical supplies and then cut his own face off. The doctor further states that he found Hush laughing in a corner, and had him wrapped up and sedated. He also said that they couldn't pry loose the box he was holding. 

Hush next appears in the side mission "Identity Theft." Batman tracks six murders back to Elliot after scanning three corpses, interrogating one political prisoner who says that Elliot looked like Bruce Wayne, uploading the fingerprints that it was Bruce Wayne's and one inmate who was told by Hush to clean up with bleach telling Batman Hush's location. When Batman enters Hush's hideout, he learns that Elliot has created a face that is exactly like Bruce Wayne's face (minus the surgery scars), traps Batman in his surgical room and leaves Arkham City. Batman informs Oracle of this and says he will deal with him later.

Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Psychological ProfileEdit


Real Name: Thomas Elliot


  • Great physical strength, augmented by a hatred of Bruce Wayne
  • World-class surgeon, capable of extraordinary medical breakthroughs
  • Master of disguise
  • Determined to destroy Bruce Wayne



  • Hush is one of the few inmates that managed to escape Arkham City (others include Calendar Man and Black Mask). However, this was never confirmed and it could therefore also be possible Elliot never escaped the prison or was killed trying to do so during Protocol 10. This is highly unlikely, though.
  • It would appear his surgical disguise isn't 100% perfect, as he will noticeably press down and pull on his neck and throat and breath deeply as if trying to readjust it from time to time.
  • After hearing Adam's account of what happened to Elliot, the radio next to him will broadcast a story concerning Bruce Wayne's arrest and incarceration in Arkham City. Elliot will move his head suddenly and utter "Wayne" in anger after hearing his name, showing just how obsessed and vengeful Elliot is towards Bruce Wayne.
  • This incarnation of Hush removes his victim's faces to graft a new one of his own, rather than using plastic surgery. This is similar to the character Jane Doe from the comics (rather ironically, Jane Doe removed Hush's Bruce Wayne face to wear as her own at one point).
  • Unlike in the comics, where Hush debuted with a full knowledge of Batman's secret identity (thanks to the Riddler), he is unaware that Bruce Wayne and Batman are one and the same.
  • Elliot is only addressed as either Bruce Wayne, Dr. Thomas Elliot, and the "Identity Thief", never as Hush, implying that this is the first time Batman has fought Hush in the Arkham-Verse.
  • Despite the clearly visible surgical stitches on his face, Elliot is still mistaken by a large number of inmates to be Bruce Wayne. Although they did notice the stitches, they appeared to dismiss this as the wounds Wayne suffered fighting off his various adversaries.
  • In several locations around Arkham City, mostly near Hush's surgical equipment, there can be seen a green necklace. This could be a reference to Elliot's green necklace, which once belonged to his mother.
  • Canisters of the Scarecrow's Fear Gas can be found in Elliot's hideout, suggesting that there is a partnership between the two villains. 
  • Since you do not fight him, he has no game over lines (same as Killer Croc and Bane)
  • When entering Bane's hideout in Arkham Origins, there is a torn up newspaper on the ground that says "Identity Thief Strikes Again". In Arkham City, Hush's side mission is the "Identity Theft". This could possibly mean that the identity theft may have been going on throughout the entire Arkham Series.
    • It seems more likely that the newspaper clippings were just re-used texture, as right above them, there are pictures of Killer Croc from Arkham City. Also, the newspaper clippings are the exact same as the ones in Arkham City.

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