A close up of a High Security Henchman in a trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum

The High Security Henchmen were a small part of Joker's "Army" in Batman: Arkham Asylum. They were highly deadly enemies, who wielded two extremely sharp knives and could only be attacked after being stunned.

Incident Report

Arkham Aslyum Incident

Before the Arkham Asylum Breakout, they were henchmen to the Joker and were one of the most dangerous prisoners that had to wear iron restraints that completely covered their faces and wore orange or red jumpsuits. After the breakout, a large group of them fought a squad of Security Officers in the Decontamination Chamber, but were gassed by Joker in an attempt to kill all the guards. Later, they roamed Arkham Island armed with a pair of sharp knives and tried to kill Batman with every chance that they had and could only be attacked when Batman stunned them with his cape since their strength and skill allowed them to block Batman's heavy punches and kicks.


  • In an early Batman: Arkham Asylum Trailer, a High Security Henchman was seen approaching the screen in the same room that Batman fought the first Titan Henchman, in the same position with crazed eyes. It was possible that in the beta version of Arkham Asylum, a henchman would take the place of the Titan Henchman Boss.
    • However, it's common for game companies to replace certain characters with others in pre-release material to avoid spoilers.
  • When fighting Victor Zsasz in the Combat Challenge Maps, he had the same fighting style and fighting pose as a High Security Henchman, with the only difference being that their voice files were modified to match the character.
  • The mask worn by the High Security Henchmen seemed to be oddly similar to the mask worn by Bane in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

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