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Harvey Bullock
Real name: Harvey Bullock


Detective at GCPD

Base of Operations:

GCPD Gotham City


Hair: Black
Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 295 lbs.
First Appearance: Detective Comics #441 (July 1974)

Voice Actor:

Robert Costanzo


Gillian B. Loeb

James Gordon


Harvey Bullock was a detective in the GCPD who worked underneath James Gordon, and was one of the few honest cops on the police force.

Incident ReportsEdit

Before Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

Detective Harvey Bullock

Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

Harvey Bullock was seen alongside James Gordon during the incident. He, along the remainder of G.C.P.D., didn't trust Batman. After Joker was captured by Batman following the Gotham Royal Hotel incident, Bullock believed that Batman and Joker were working together, and asked Joker why anyone would throw themselves off a roof just to save him.

Later, after Batman had brought down Firefly and had dismantled 3 of his 4 bombs, Gordon showed shock that Batman had actually brought Firefly down and saved the bridge. Bullock then told Gordon to not give Batman too much credit, and it implied that he still didn't trust him, despite all he had done previously.

After Batman defeated Joker, Bullock contacted Gordon at the chapel, where Gordon informed him that the Joker was captured. Surprised, Bullock asked Gordon how he caught the Joker, and Gordon told him that he "had some help".

Cold, Cold Heart IncidentEdit


Arkham Origins Blackgate IncidentEdit

Between Arkham Origins, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City IncidentEdit

Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Psychological ProfileEdit

Detective BullockEdit

Real Name: Harvey Bullock

Batman's Database ProfileEdit




  • Robert Costanzo also voiced Harvey Bullock in the Batman TAS series.
  • Harvey Bullock bore the likeness of Joe Barbaro a character in 2k's game Mafia 2 and the man who voiced Harvey was Robert Costanzo.
  • Despite standing at 73 inches tall, in some cutscenes he looked the same or shorter in height than Gordon.
  • There were rumors that Harvey might appear in Batman Arkham Knight. If they were true then that would be his second appearance in the series.

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