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Harley Quinn

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Batman Arkham City Armored Edition artwork - Harley Quinn 1


Harleen quinzel AO

Biographical information
Full Name Harleen Frances Quinzel
Occupation Blackgate Intern, Arkham Asylum Psychiatrist, Professional Criminal
Base of Operations Blackgate, Arkham Asylum, Gotham City
Affiliations Hugo Strange (former mentor)
Martin Joseph (formerly)
Mr. Hammer
Amanda Waller/Suicide Squad
Poison Ivy
Physical description
Hair Blonde (Briefly Black as of HQR)
Eyes Blue
Height 5 ft 7 in/ 1.70 meters
Game Information
Appeared In Batman: Arkham Asylum
Batman: Arkham City
Batman: Arkham Origins
Batman: Arkham Knight
Voice Actor Arleen Sorkin (Batman: Arkham Asylum)
Tara Strong (Arkham City, Arkham Origins, Arkham Knight)
Hynden Walch (Assault on Arkham)
First Appearance Batman: The Animated Series

"Joker's Favor" (September 1992,TV) The Batmans Adventures #12 (Comic)

It would be a shame to get blood all over my nice new outfit
— Harley Quinn
An Arkham Asylum psychiatrist initially assigned to treat the Joker, Dr. Harleen Quinzel instead became fixated on her patient, believing herself to be in love with him. She helped him escape from confinement and took on her own criminal identity as Harley Quinn. Quinn is a violent and unpredictable felon whose only motivation, beyond general mayhem, is achieving the Joker’s approval. Because of his cruel and mercurial nature, this in some ways makes her just another one of his victims - albeit a very dangerous one.

Incident ReportsEdit

Before Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

Before Arkham Origins, Harleen Quinzel became fascinated by the extreme criminal mind and intended on studying this as a career. She therefore attended Gotham University where she undertook a medical degree in which she specialised in psychiatric medicine - a strong interest of hers. Whilst at the university, she may also have developed her skills in gymnastics, accounting for her acrobatic abilities displayed later in her life.

Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

To become a fully trained psychiatrist, Harleen worked as an intern under the psychiatrist Hugo Strange as part of the psychiatric team at Blackgate Penitentiary. At one point, she, under Strange's orders, contacted one of his patients, Alberto Falcone, the heir to the Falcone Crime Family, to notify him that he missed his past two appointments, and gave the subtle but clear threat that Strange and Quinzel will tell his father, Carmine Falcone, about Alberto carrying potentially untreated psychological issues if he doesn't continue his appointments.

By the time of Christmas Eve, Quinzel was nearly finished with her psychiatric residency at Blackgate. After Julian Gregory Day, also known as the serial killer Calendar Man, was arrested by the GCPD with the anonymous help of Batman, Quinzel did a psychological evaluation of the serial killer, and determined that Day was insane and thus could not be executed. However, Warden Joseph had her redo the evaluation under the pretense that he was manipulating her (although it was heavily implied that Joseph himself was being manipulated by Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb into having Day ruled sane and execute him to gain political points). She did so under the condition that she be allowed to do psychological analysis on all new prisoners from that point onward.

Harleen Quinzel appeared when Joker got captured by the Gotham City Police Department at the Royal Hotel and was sent to Blackgate, where she performs a psychological profiling on him, using assessments such as word association. During this session, Joker describes the encounter between him and Batman and states that it has changed the way he thought but never specifies that he's talking about the Batman. Harleen therefore thinks that Joker is talking about her, so she grows an affinity towards her patient. 

She is then seen again at the Blackgate riot later that night where she is held hostage by a group of escaped prisoners. Batman quickly intervenes but she shows no hint of any form of gratitude towards her savior, nor does she show signs of shock from being almost killed. When Batman asks if she is alright, she replies "What's it to ya?". Harleen walks away from the Batman as he states that "You were almost killed." She then replies back "Eh, occupational hazard." and reveals that the Joker is located inside the panopticon, and that he is waiting for Batman's arrival.

Harleen is finally shown with a group of guards escorting Joker to a cell in Blackgate Prison, who was laughing at Batman's deception. As Harleen walks alongside him, Joker states his belief that his future battles with Batman will indeed be "fun" - possibly already set on the idea of the prison takeover attempt during the Arkham Origins Blackgate incident.

Criminal TransformationEdit

It is likely that Harleen had limited contact with the Joker between her first meeting and the Arkham Origins Blackgate incident. As a result, it is most likely that Harleen continued to study the other patients and that her relationship with the Joker was not particularly close or affectionate during this period. At around the same time of the Arkham Origins Blackgate incident, Arkham Asylum had become renovated and was in fit condition to function as an institution for the criminally insane. Following this incident, Joker, along with a number of other patients, were shortly transferred to Arkham Asylum where they could be studied and treated more safely and appropriately.

After finally completing her prolonged residency at Blackgate Prison, Harleen became a fully trained Doctor of Psychology for which she received a certificate (as shown in the Sionis Steel Mill). To continue studying extreme criminal behaviour, Harleen eventually interned at Arkham Asylum a while after it had been fully renovated - possibly because it aims to rehabilitate insane patients, unlike Blackgate Prison. Here, she underwent employee orientation with Dr Gretchen Whistler and was given a permanent office located on the Medical Facility's lower floor. In this institution, Harleen then continued her work as a criminological psychiatrist and voluntarily assigned herself to psychologically assess and treat the Joker after previously experiencing his behaviour first-hand in Blackgate Prison.

Over the course of the taped interview sessions with the Joker, he recognised Harleen's affinity for him and he began to manipulate her by complimenting her, giving her a flower and victimising himself. Harleen strongly empathised for him and believed that Batman is instead the criminal. As revealed in the Spirit of Arkham's (Quincy Sharp's) 19th deciphered message, her affection towards the Joker had developed to the point where she kissed the glass on the cell which he was locked in, resulting in Sharp considering lobotomising her.

As a result of the Joker's manipulation, Harleen had eventually fallen in love with her patient, evident by the posters found in her office in Arkham Asylum. Following his orders, Harleen smuggled bombs into the penitentiary to break into his cell and free him. Now wearing her trademark jester costume, Harleen introduced her 'new' persona to the Joker and assumed her own criminal identity as 'Harley Quinn'.

Assault on Arkham IncidentEdit

Harley was released from Arkham Asylum into the custody of the Roosevelt halfway home for abused women after breaking off her relationship with Joker. There she got in a dispute with one of the staff members over an episode of The Looney Tunes Show that ended in the woman getting her ear bitten off by Harley when she took her phone which resulted in Harley being immediately arrested, though rather than being sent to Arkham she was released into Amanda Waller's custody.

Amanda made Harley a semi-willing member of the Suicide Squad, guaranteeing her compliance using a high-explosive chip and tracker surgically implanted into her neck. Harley is intended to play a vital role in a suicide mission into Arkham Asylum, using her vast knowledge of the facility and its security to guide the group, and to retrieve a memory drive belonging to Riddler that contains vital information on every potential member of the Suicide Squad.

Harley immediately makes her interest in fellow Squaddie Deadshot known, as well as her intense disinterest in Captain Boomerang whom is attracted to her, and is jealous of Deadshot. Once assembled, the Squad is dropped into Gotham City where they are to make contact with Penguin who will supply the group with the arms necessary for the group to fight their way out if necessary. Harley's presence nearly botches the mission then and there due to the Penguin's intense hatred of the Joker.

However, Deadshot is able to spare the group, and more specifically her, by pointing out that simply killing them off would ruin Penguin's standing in the criminal underground including his business. Later that night, Harley successfully seduces Deadshot resulting in sex in the bed. Harley is sent on a criminal rampage throughout Gotham in search of a doll she's been looking for when she is caught by Batman.

When Batman fails to gleam any information from Harley regarding Joker's Dirty Bomb, she's released into police custody who take her to Arkham. Along the way, Deadshot takes out and replaces a guard, allowing him and Harley to infiltrate the prison under the guise of bringing Harley to her cell and sabotage a breaker box allowing the divided team to infiltrate the prison. Along the way, Harley spots Joker, or rather, he spots her. Harley tries to ignore his taunts, but it doesn't work.

Things quickly dissolve as Harley takes Deadshot's gun and uses it to shoot at Joker, which doesn't work as the glass is bulletproof, so she continues by taunting him then shooting through one of his air-holes into his cell, much to his surprise. Although it nearly kills him, she, unknowingly, damages a panel enough that he manages to break out later on. She tells him that they're over and that she has moved on, and has even found another guy. His response to that is an immediate frown and a growl. After another taunt from Harley asking if he was jealous, the guard's come down to aid Deadshot whom they still thought was part of their staff, leaving a rather miffed Joker behind. Aside from their little encounter, Harley's portion of the plan is a success allowing three more Squaddies to break in and together the three of them let King Shark in with all their equipment.

The group sneaks into the monitoring room where they sabotage the cameras so that no one can know they are there. Afterwards the group makes their way across Arkham on foot and get into a short fight with the Island's security forces whom they easily slaughter. Once inside the island's evidence room, Harley quickly reclaims her prized mallet while Killer Frost and King Shark get into a fight with Batman.

Narrowly escaping the collapsing warehouse, the group discovers that Riddler's cane that is suppose to have the key card is empty. A later confrontation with Riddler reveals the real reason for their mission: for Killer Frost to kill Riddler to prevent the secret to dismantling the explosives in the Squaddies necks from getting out. Under Riddler's instruction, the group makes it to the medical center to make use of the electroshock equipment there.

The group loses two more of it's members after Amanda detonates their bombs, King Shark since his thick skin kept the electricity from reaching the bomb, and Black Spider since Batman switched places with him during the warehouse incident, meaning Spider was unable to deactivate his explosive. After escaping Batman, the group further dissolves when Harley reunites with an angry and jealous Joker whom wants to kill Deadshot, claiming that her earlier attempt on his life was merely a ruse to help him escape, which is implied to be a lie, as it seems she only reunited with him to save Deadshot's life. This seems to work, as Joker starts to walk away with Harley by his side, but he stops and turns back around and points his gun at Deadshot. As said by Joker himself, he doesn't like other men touching his things. But thankfully Deadshot uses quick thinking to trick the Joker into using up his bullets, and after a punch to the face, both Joker and Harley fall down into the laundry chute.

After the two escape down the laundry chute, Joker activates the Dirty bomb hidden inside the mallet of an unaware Harley. The two make their way to the island's control room where they unleash all the inmates to create enough of a diversion to escape. The two stowaway on a helicopter that Deadshot had already hijacked and together the three fight for control over Gotham while the bomb counts down.

The trio crashes into a skyscraper where Deadshot and Joker intensely fight one-another while Batman fights an angry Harley, and after successfully knocking her out, dismantles the bomb. Harley is sent back to Arkham without Joker who is thought dead after the fight against Deadshot. But Waller later states in the end that they never found the Joker's body. Deadshot survived his beat down by the Joker, is reunited with his daughter in the end, and it is heavily implied that he shoots Amanda Waller with his sniper rifle, most likely ending the Suicide Squad for good.

Road to Arkham IncidentEdit


Harley made her way to Bane's holding room in order to sedate him. The reason for this was to keep him quiet when the "visitors" arrive. She then went and sat in the security control room, watching the monitors and awaiting the Joker's arrival and his signal.

Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit


Harley captures Quincy Sharp.

While Batman and security guards escorted the Joker through a Intensive Care unit of Arkham Asylum, Harley was already in the security control room waiting for his signal. As the Joker broke free, she opened the adjacent security field allowing him to escape Batman and implement his takeover of Arkham Asylum. The Joker then proceeded to release all his followers from their cells to attack Batman. Harley then took Warden Quincy Sharp hostage, taking possession of his decorative cane as well as wearing his warden identification card, and contacted Batman on the monitor. She claimed that the Joker was now in charge of the island and she was substituting for Sharp as warden. She also told Batman that Joker was having a homecoming party with Batman as the guest of honor. Batman gave Harley one chance to surrender, which she refused before smashing her monitor with Sharp's cane, cutting off the feed. When Batman made his way to the elevator shaft, Harley appeared, stating that the Joker didn't need to see Batman just yet. She proceeded to blow up the elevator cord, causing the elevator to crash to the floor below and sending herself to the top, nearly killing a security guard named Henry Smith had Batman not saved him. Harley then regrouped with Frank Boles, who had taken Commissioner Gordon hostage. She and Boles proceeded to secure the front entrance of the Intensive Treatment Center and fight off the guards with an army of Blackgate prisoners. After Boles, who had outlived his usefulness, had been disposed of by the Joker, Harley took Gordon and carried on without him.


Batman finds Harley, but cannot reach her yet at the Medical Facility in Arkham West

Quinn, with Gordon, made her way to the Batmobile first, ordering her goons to break into it. She then proceeded to the Medical Center and sat in the main entrance with Gordon tied to a bench by her, relaxing during her "me time". Batman eventually tracked Gordon to the entrance and found Harley humming to herself, but was unable to reach her due to a energy security gate blocking her. Spotting Batman as he walked in, she told him to scram. He asked where Gordon was, to which she replied "Wouldn't you like to know?." Gordon then shouted to Batman, and Harley told him to shut up and threw a glass mug at him. He called Harley a "crazy bitch", and Joker contacted Harley via monitor. He yelled at her, and she squealed in a startled tone. Joker asked why Batman was in the Medical Center, as it was "too early." Harley apologized and kissed Joker through the monitor, asking him not to be angry with her. He then said "You little minx! I could never stay mad at you!" and turned off the monitor. Harley then said that Batman needed to find another way in and bid him farewell, cartwheeling out of the room. She took Gordon to Bane's holding area, given orders by the Joker to kill Gordon if anyone spotted Batman nearby.


Harley beats Sharp with his own cane causing it to break in the Warden's Office at the Arkham Mansion

Batman followed a trail of tobacco left by Gordon to the Medical wing, defeating Harley by crashing through the glass ceiling above her, and rescuing Gordon. Harley, however, evaded capture after Bane attacked Batman. Harley made her way back to Warden Sharp and followed Batman to Arkham Mansion. She came across Batman stunned on the floor after the large explosion in the Warden's office killed Dr. Young, making an empty remark of pity and expressing how Joker "hates a squealer." She then took the tape off of Sharp's mouth and smacked him around with his cane, accidentally breaking off the jewel tip of it after aggressively striking him on the head. She left a few goons to take Batman to 'the party', but he defeated them and used the Warden's DNA traces from his severed cane tip to follow Quinn. She then made her way to the Penitentiary with the Warden, forcing him to read a variety of threatening statements written by Joker over Arkham's intercom system and torturing him when he hesitated and insulted her.


Harley with Poison Ivy, just before releasing her at the Green Mile in the Penitentiary

After locating the Warden locked up in an abandoned control room, Batman saw Harley on a nearby monitor, passing Poison Ivy's cell. Despite not being on the 'party list', Poison Ivy convinced Harley to let her free since they are friends. As Ivy happily strode away and blew Harley a kiss, Harley sighed and said "She's a good kid."

Batman followed Harley and surpassed a variety of her traps until there were few goons left standing. Harley even electrified the pacification system on the asylum floor to the maximum power to stop his advance, electrocuting a security guard as a demonstration. Batman eventually got past this obstacle and fought his way through the remaining Blackgate convicts and escaped mental patients before the fifteen remaining thugs attacked Batman in the Extreme Incarceration cell block. After they were defeated, The Joker decided that Harley had failed him, removing Harley from the 'party list', much to her annoyance. Out of anger, Harley used her acrobatic skills to attack Batman but was defeated with ease. Batman took Harley's 'party list' and scanned her hand, acquiring her fingerprints.

Harley caged

Batman imprisons Harley within a cell in Extreme Incarceration at the Penitentiary

Batman locked up Harley in an adjacent cell, with Harley accidentally revealing the Joker's location and claiming he would rescue her. Batman left Harley crying alone in her cell. After walking into a nearby room to examine a glowing green trophy placed there by Riddler, Batman became trapped inside after a set of bars slid over the doorway. Harley then taunted him: "The stupid bat has fallen into my trap!", suggesting that she had Riddler place the trophy in there to trap him. Batman used his Explosive Gel to destroy the wall above the cell and climbed out back into the cell block, prompting a shocked Quinn to give a violent start and demand, "What? How did you get out of there!?"

It can be safely assumed that Quinn was escorted back to her usual cell by the surviving Arkham staff upon the Joker's final defeat.

After Arkham Asylum Incident and before Arkham City IncidentEdit

Harley ArkhamCity-3

Harley and Joker confront Lester Kurtz

Six Month's later, Harley has been incarcerated in a high security cell, believing the rampant rumors that the Joker is dying to be false. However, her hopes are soon shattered when she overhears a conversation between some guards not only confirming the Joker's short lifespan but also a conspiracy to have him killed. With this she kills and replaces one of the guards planning to kill Joker and rescues him right in the middle of the attempt on his life.

With this she hijacks a supply boat and uses it to sneak into the recently completed Arkham City, setting up her and Joker's base of operations in a abandoned factory. According to Hugo Strange, Joker's inevitable fate is having a hard impact on her causing her to fall into a depression and adopting a increasing militant approach. Later on she is shown helping Joker with his recruitment campaign screening a potential recruit Lester Kurtz, giving him his clown mask, and showing him to his room before he ran off. During Strange's monologue in the final issue, she is seen looking sadly at Joker and shedding a tear.

In another issue, it is shown she had a great deal of jealousy for Scarface, who was much more entertaining to the Joker. "By accident", she dropped the dummy into a furnace and apologized. Another copy of the dummy was brought out and Joker used it to point at Harley as if to say "I'm watching you" showing he's enjoying messing with her mind.

Arkham City Lockdown IncidentEdit

Within the Industrial District of the mega-prison, Harley kidnapped a reporter used as a hostage to free the Joker. Batman then fought Harley Quinn's thugs before encountering Harley, who released her remaining thugs in an attempt wear Batman down before attempting to kill the reporter herself. She is then knocked down by a Batarang before Batman also defeats Mr. Hammer, captures Quinn and rescues the hostage.

Arkham City IncidentEdit

BatmanArkhamCity (32)

Harley and her thugs setting a trap for the Dark Knight at the Church Medical Center

Harley first appears in the Church, with Joker's gang keeping hostages. As Batman enters, she back flips towards him. However, Batman's reply is to contemptuously throw her aside as before. The thugs tell Batman to let her go or they will kill the hostages forcing Batman to relent. Harley agrees and tells him about Joker's condition and tells her henchmen to keep him busy. Mocking Batman, she walks towards the door, looks at Batman and blows him a kiss, and drives to the Sionis Steel Mill.

When Batman enters the main hall of the Steel Mill, she tosses down Stacy Baker, a young doctor who failed to help Joker and calls in the one armed thug, Mr. Hammer as entertainment for the clowns. As Batman rushes to save the doctor, at the last second as Baker is going to get crushed, Harley tells him to stop, saying Joker wants her to suffer a bit more while demanding the thugs go capture Mr. Freeze, who apparently has a cure for the Joker. Baker is dragged out and Batman makes his way out. When in the main area, Harley angrily yells down at him angry that the Dark Knight is still alive, closing the metal doors of the foreman's office. As Batman walks away, through the walls, Harley exclaims "Oh Mr. J! You look perfect! ...Oh....its not really you, is it?" and Joker shushes her.

After finding and saving Stacy, Batman breaks through the doors of the facility with a crane hook, but is stopped by Mr. Hammer as Harley angrily tells Batman to leave Mr. J alone. After Batman beats Hammer and several other thugs, he hears Harley scream in anguish as he grapples up, finding her by an apparently dead Joker. Shoving her aside and scanning Joker, she asks why he's so mean, leaving him open to a knock out gas attack by Joker, who tells him he "fell for the old fake Joker gag!" As Batman reels from the gas, Harley approaches with a baseball bat, saying "Batter up!" and knocks him out.

As Batman awakens, Harley reaches for his mask hoping to know the man behind the bat, but Joker calls her back Harley and complains but Joker makes it clear that "No one's who you think they are" and she sullenly waits while he talks to Batman.

Harley tied up

Batman finds Harley tied up and gagged by Talia in the Steel Mill

While Batman and Mr. Freeze were fighting, the cure for the Titan disease was stolen by Harley and Batman chases after her. However, when he finds her in the Sionis Steel Mill, she is taped to a pole and gagged with duct tape with no cure in sight. When Batman pulls the tape off, she angrily complains, saying she won't talk, especially about Mr. Freeze's gear Joker stashed in the boiler room. She is later revealed to have been tied up by Talia al Ghul, who stole the cure back from her.

At the Monarch Theatre, Harley and his thugs were outside waiting for Joker to become immortal, but they find Batman carrying Joker's dead body and the horrified Harley Quinn falls to her knees, mourns his death, and plans to avenge her boyfriend and lover, the Joker.

In the game when you're in the Joker's hideout, Harley's old outfit from Arkham Asylum hangs on a mannequin. Below the outfit is a positive pregnancy test that can be seen. As you turn on one of the Harley Heads, you can listen Quinn crying over the death of her beloved Joker. At the end credits Harley sings "Hush little baby", implying that she may have been pregnant with the Joker's child, or that she has already given birth. However, it was confirmed that the pregnancy test was a false positive by a key developer of the game.

Harley Quinn's Revenge IncidentEdit


The mourning Harley Quinn taking action: "It's dead cop time!"

After the Joker's death, Quinn became even more psychotic and fierce, managing to strike fear and respect into the Joker's old henchmen, who had previously seen her as a useless bimbo. She is shown to be constantly mourning, donning a darker outfit and frequently cries. Her bursts of anxiety lead her to kill a henchman at random and instead of becoming annoyed at the henchmen when they make a pass at her (as she had usually done prior to Joker's death) she becomes infuriated and murderous, declaring that they should not try to seduce "a widow."

Weeks after the Arkham incident, Harley breaks out of the holding facility she's in and hatches a plan to kill Batman and avenge the Joker. She reforms the Joker's old gang and despite initially meeting resistance from Mr. J's old crew, her new, more vicious and more psychotic personality convinces them to join her. As part of her plan, Quinn kidnaps several police officers and locks them away in the old Steel Mill. Batman gets sent in to save the hostages but is captured by Quinn, who locks him in a giant statue of the Joker inside the shrine she'd built for him.

Days later, Robin went into the Steel Mill to look for his mentor. After finding his discarded utility belt in the smelting chamber, he goes to the Shipyard, where Quinn is holed up. There, he finds Batman in the Joker statue and discovers that he needs Harley's access key to free him. Robin finds Quinn and defeats her henchmen before fighting her. Though Quinn proves to be a tricky adversary, Robin ultimately defeats her and takes away her access key before leaving her hanging upside down from a catwalk.

After Robin saves Batman, Quinn unveils her plan: a suicidal bombing of the Shipyard aimed at killing Batman and Robin and "reuniting her with dear Mr. J." She triggers the explosives but Batman manages to defuse them before they go off, while Robin frees the captured policemen. A furious Quinn reveals her failsafe; a hidden bomb in the Joker statue. The mad woman sets it off to kill herself and Batman but fails when the Dark Knight leaps out of a window, carrying her with him.

A tearful Harley yells at Batman that he should have left her behind but Batman ignores her as he realizes that Robin is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly elated that she managed to kill Robin, Harley mockingly tells Batman that now he knows how she feels before trying to stab him in the head with a concealed dagger. She fails, as Robin appears and knocks her out with a shuriken. Harley is subsequently arrested and taken back into custody.

Before Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Locked up in Blackgate and still in mourning, Harley had been pouring her heart out to a pillow with a smiley face and wearing her pants whom she was treating as her psychotherapist when Batman broke her out. Batman needed to know where the Joker hid his supply of antidote to the Joker's toxic gas which Commissioner Gordon had been exposed to. She showed him where the stockpile was, but did not reveal that she had persuaded Killer Croc to guard it. She escaped custody and visited the Penguin, offering herself to him in exchange for being made his partner.

Harley stole a tablet PC from Lucius Fox as a present for Penguin, cutting off Fox's right forefinger to get past the security measures. She became frustrated that, after an entire week, she couldn't access Wayne Enterprises computers with the tablet, though Penguin managed to find a small security hole before Wayne Enterprises shut off its network access that he used to identify the delivery of Batman's new batmobile.

Under the Penguin's assistance, Harley Quinn then infiltrated Bludhaven police station where she fought and sneaked her way down to the basement to release Poison Ivy from her cell. She was then ambushed by Nightwing who she fought against but was only able to defeat him with the assistance of Ivy's plants. The two then returned back to Gotham for Scarecrow's meeting.

Arkham Knight IncidentEdit


Harley Quinn!

One year after the events of Arkham City and foiling her plan, Harley and Batman's foes united with Scarecrow to destroy Batman and she still blamed the Dark Knight for the Joker's death. Grief-stricken and vengeful, Harley brutally reasserted control of Joker’s gang as it threatened to fragment after his death. Freed from Joker’s domineering personality, she became a dangerous, unpredictable new force in the Gotham City underworld.

While Batman was busy trying to stop Scarecrow, Harley broke into the Panessa Studios, locked batman out, and freed the three people infected with the Joker's blood. Since Joker's blood was mutating them to be like the Joker, Harley wanted to join up with them. Batman and Robin worked together to defeat the the three mutated Jokers, and returned them to their cells. Harley and her gang cornered Robin, and Batman snuck under in the grates, and took Harley out with a single takedown. After he and Robin defeated her thugs, Batman carried Harley to lock her in a containment unit. When they got back, they found the other three mutated Jokers had been murdered. Henry Adams, who had been previously unaffected, was now mutating as well and was also the one who brought Quinn in the first place. He gloated that he had killed the other three "to purify the gene pool", and tried to get Batman to lock himself and Robin in cells, even holding Harley hostage. He then suddenly shot himself in the head, leaving Harley to mourn over the loss of potential Jokers. Robin then picked Harley up and locked her in a containment cell.

She later appeared in a fear-induced hallucination caused by Batman in an attempt to stop the Joker once and for all, where she was the only one attending the Joker's funeral and wake, not to mention crying. She also was alluded to in another part of the same illusion, where a newspaper article, stating that no one cares that Joker was dead, revealed that Harley Quinn not only married the Riddler, but is also expecting a child.

Personality Edit

Harley was academically intelligent but demonstrated a lack of common sense both before and after she took on her criminal alias. As a psychiatrist, she was skilled, responsible and very caring, and strongly empathised with her patients, such as leaving a note in Calendar Man's cell saying: "Happy Holidays, Julian! - HQ". However, she became intolerant of the GCPD because of their cruel acts towards the defenceless. It wasn't until her meeting with the Joker that Harley underwent a traumatic change.

Over the course of her relationship with the Joker, she became much more fixated on her patient to the point of it becoming unhealthy. Once accepting that she is in love with the Joker, she demonstrated extreme signs of regression (as noted by Dr Young) such as an increased intonation in the pitch of her voice, becoming less assertive and appearing less intelligent - possibly to try to appeal to him. On a daily basis, Harley is cheerful and optimistic but also sadistic and maniacal which she may have learnt from the Joker. Unlike him however, Harley often fails to reserve herself in combat and speech which she admits to Penguin when rescuing Poison Ivy from a prison in Bludhaven. This often results in secret information being stated which is beneficial to the Batman or results in her attacking Batman only to be quickly defeated. This type of behaviour is often apparent during the Arkham Asylum incident.

In the Arkham City incident, the Joker's poor health appears to have altered Harley's personality, such as showing a shorter tempter, becoming more ruthless and more frustrated whilst trying to follow the Joker's orders and stay in charge of his gang. Immediately following the Joker's death (in Harley Quinn's Revenge), Harley became even more ruthless and dangerous. Whilst still her usual self, she was feared amongst her henchmen as one even told an ally to not 'piss her off'. Harley was also shown to be slightly suicidal as she was willing to take her life away to be with the Joker and cried when Batman rescued before they could be blown up.

Up to the Arkham Knight incident, Harley appears far less distraught over the Joker's death but still blames the Batman for this. She is shown to experience psychosis, in which she has hallucinations of Harleen's voice from when she was a doctor and hallucinations of writing on various walls. Harleen's voice acts as the voice of reason to a demented and troubled Harley. Whilst denying and even considering a lobotomy to get rid of the voices, these may represent her conscience urging her to stop committing crime - something that would have been repressed whilst Joker was alive. During this incident, Harley also became more assertive, capable and smarter like her old self as she was even able to uncover the Batman's computer system in Panessa Studios. This may be because she was no longer influenced on the Joker's orders, showing how the Joker "held her back" from her potential. She still, however, shows some dependence on the Joker when Henry Adams behaves similarly to him.

Appearance Edit

Batman: Arkham Origins Edit

During Arkham Origins, Harleen's outfit is much more sensible than that of the later games, as she is working at Blackgate Prison and hasn't started her dark life of crime. Her uniform consists of colors similar to her outfits as Harley, yet lacks a lot of the design elements. Harleen’s hair is in a bun, with hair pushed to the left side of her face, instead of the trademark twin ponytails. She wears a white coat over a red blouse, with her name tag pinned on the left side of her chest. She wears black din this version, and a black skirt, with black stockings and red heels.

Batman: Assault on Arkham Edit

In Harley’s next appearance her outfit is considerably different, with a headpiece similar to that worn by her Animated counterpart. Her top is a checked tank top, exposing her midriff and navel, as well as a loose black glove on her left hand, and a black sleeve on her right. She wears black and red pants, with a red diamond pattern on the right, and a loose belt with a diamond buckle. As shoes she wears black boots ending halfway between her knee and ankle.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Edit

The Arkham Asylum rendition of her suit is similar to that of a nurse, with a red, white, black and purple color scheme. Her hair is in the twin ponytails that is most common, albeit without the black and red dye. She has a large amount of makeup, as her face is entirely white, with pink blush and red lipstick. This version includes a mask, as well as the name tag of Quincy Sharp. Her clothing consists of a white shirt, with a purple and red corset over it, as well as a black choker necklace. She now has gloves ending above the elbow, which are both red and purple, albeit in opposite order. She has a small gap between her top and skirt, showing her navel. Her belt is now a thick black leather one, with a gold square buckle. Her skirt is white and has what appears to be blood on it. There is a gap between her skirt and boots, in which her fishnet stockings are able to be seen. The boots she wears are leather in appearance, with a purple one on the left, and red on the right. On the bottom of her boots are thick platforms.

Batman: Arkham City Edit

Harley’s outfit is now much rougher looking, losing the nurse-like items, mask and name tag. The color scheme is now also solely red and black this time, but apart from these differences she remains similar. She has still got her black choker, vest and corset combo, gloves and boots. The latter however have no longer got the platforms. Her hair is in two ponytails, the ends of each dyed either red or black. The corset piece is identical to the Arkham Asylum one, and the gloves are similar, however she now has diamond patterns on the top of her hands. Her belt is largely the same, but with a more rounded, silver buckle. She now wears black and red tights, with the diamond pattern on the front of her thighs. Her boots are identical in design to her previous designs, however they now lack the platforms. She also has a tattoo on her right arm and above her left thigh, which is likely to have been acquired in the mega prison.

Harley Quinn's Revenge Edit

Her outfit is the same as in the base game, however it is now a different color. Her hair is now black, with the tip of her left one dyed red. Her white makeup is now gone, and her eye makeup has been smudged and is running down her cheeks. She now has a small silver medallion on her choker, and what appears to be fur lacing her gloves. Her corset is now majorly black, with thin red stripes. Her gloves are now completely black, save for her right hand, which is still red. The belt she wears is also different, with red leather, and her tights are completely black except for one group of red diamonds. Her boots are now red at the knee and foot, with her lower leg entirely black.

Batman: Arkham Knight Edit

The outfit for Harley now appears to draw elements from both Arkham Asylum and City. Her neck choker now has a metal hoop, to which more leather straps from her arms go to, as well as more looping around each shoulder. Her sleeves and collar are white, and seem to be the same style as Arkham City had. The corset has been changed, and is now quilted leather. She has two more leather straps around her stomach, these ones having metal studs in them. She is wearing a skirt now, and it is mostly black, with white lace on the top and bottom. She no longer has gloves, and instead has armbands, with lace around her wrists. The tights she wears are black and red again, and still have diamond patterns on her thigh, but she now has a diamond made of metal studs on each knee. Her boots are similar to those featured in Assault on Arkham, but are of two different colors as opposed to one. In her Arkham Knight attire she looks more like a biker model.

Gameplay Edit

  • Harley has her own version of detective vision, which is similar to other characters, except it turns the screen red
  • She uses acrobatic moves, including throws, to eliminate foes. Since she fights with Freeflow Combat just like other playable characters, it can be inferred that by the events of Arkham Knight, she has become a capable fighter.
  • It appears that her bat is used as her primary weapon
  • Harley pounces on foes from ledges, similar to Nightwing and Catwoman
  • She features a unique gameplay mechanic where she enters a psychotic rage in which she's able to instantly defeat everyone she attacks
  • Harley is the only playable character that isn't capable of doing Silent Takedown, making her a hard character to use in Predator Mode. In its place, Harley has "Loud Takedown".
  • In her story pack, Harley wears high heeled boots but during the main story, her boots are flat

Gadgets Edit

  • Baseball Bat: Harleys main weapon. It is used mostly for takedowns
  • Jack in a box bomb: Harleys equivalent of Explosive Gel. It lures enemies & creates an explosion in the area
  • Laughing Gas: Harleys equivalent of Smoke Pellet, but instead of coughing & suffocating, enemies that caught in the gas area will laugh maniacally.
  • Snare Trap: Harleys equivalent of Freeze Grenade. It takes the form of a confetti & uses to bind or stop charging enemies.

Arkham Origins Multiplayer Edit

Despite not physically appearing, Harley occasionally provides information about the fight via walkie talkie to the Joker's team in Invisible Predator Mode. In the Blackgate Prison map, there is a drawing on a wall of a woman with pigtails surrounded by hearts, labelled 'Harley.' Also, when customizing a Joker Elite, tattoos of Harley in her Arkham City attire can be applied to the chest and the arm.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Batman's Database Profile

Harley Quinn also known as Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D.

Quinzel is finishing up her psychiatric residency at Blackgate Prison. It seems odd that an intern would try to work at a facility that has little desire to rehabilitate its inmates, but perhaps her interest in the criminal mind will bear fruit.

  • Keen interest in the criminal mind
  • Intern at Blackgate Prison
  • Most senior medical staff member working on December 24th

Dr. Penelope Young Notes

Transference is a professional danger that every psychiatrist must be ready for, but Dr. Harleen Quinzel experienced what might be classified as delusional transference when she convinced herself that she and the Joker were in love. Displaying symptoms of bipolar disorder, with the Joker's mood swings as the causative agent for her manic and depressive episodes, Quinzel also shows a high level of dependence on the Joker. His maltreatment of her gives this dependence a dimension of sadomasochism.

  • Additional Notes: She shows signs of extreme regression in the Joker's presence. The excessive and invasive psychological screening I had to undergo here at Arkham was largely due to her earlier fall from grace. At times I'm resentful of this; the mere idea that I would become inappropriately involved with the Joker or any other inmate is preposterous.
  • Escape Risk?

Dr. Hugo Strange Notes

The Joker's plaything and sometimes girlfriend, Harley Quinn was happy to leave Arkham Asylum so long as she could be with her 'puddin.' Her devotion to the Joker is admirable, but it is clear that his illness has laid a heavy burden on her as well. Her behavior has become evermore erratic and vicious, as she appears to be in a state of emotional metamorphosis, manifested by her change in wardrobe to a more militant, harsh appearance.

  • Additional Notes: Ms. Quinn’s behavior has become evermore erratic and vicious.
  • Surprising strength and stamina
  • Master acrobat and gymnast
  • High disregard for human life
  • Like the Joker, she is a homicidal psychotic who escapes easy classification
  • Above average combat skills
  • Medically trained doctor in the field of psychiatry
  • Often deploys clown-like gadgets

Patient Interviews

Trivia Edit

  • In Arkham Asylum, Harley is voiced by Arleen Sorkin, who previously voiced her in Batman: The Animated Series and other DCAU related shows and video games. In Arkham City/Origins/Knight, she is voiced by Tara Strong. In Assault on Arkham, she is voiced by Hynden Walch, who previously voiced the character in the animated television series, The Batman.
  • Harley's first several interview tapes almost directly quotes her lines in the New Batman Adventures episode "Mad Love", while she is taking a tour of the Asylum. Harley releasing Ivy from her cell in "Arkham Asylum" could be a direct reference to their odd friendship from the comics and animated series.
  • In one of the Arkham City pre-order commercials for GameStop, Harley is the narrator.
  • When you enter the Joker's Funhouse and head up to his office, Harley's old outfit from Arkham Asylum will be displayed. On the ground to your left, there is a "Fruitful Endeavor" pregnancy test that reads "positive." Also, if you find the pregnancy test before the game is complete, Harley will sing her own customized version of "Hush Little Baby" during the credits. In Harley Quinn's Revenge however, there are several negative pregnancy test and a crib with Scarface painted like Joker. Also, inside the crib there a box stating "WARNING: Test may result in false positive". This heavily hints that Harley is not actually pregnant, and Scarface is probably the "baby" she is singing to in the credits of the original game.
  • Harleen Quinzel is holding a clipboard with a sheet of paper on it, on her character trophy in Batman: Arkham Origins. On this sheet of paper, "Suicide Squad" can be read. In the comics and in Batman: Assault on Arkham, Harley Quinn is actually part of the Suicide Squad.
  • Pre-Ordering Batman: Arkham Knight will enable the player to play as Harley Quinn. If taken literally, in Batman: Arkham Knight, Harley's combat style is more or less a copy of Catwoman's own combat style.
  • She is one of the only villains to appear in all 4 games, just like the Riddler. In fact, she is the only one from the Gotham Sirens to appear in all four main games.
  • Either Harley's look in Batman: Assault on Arkham or in her Batman: Arkham Asylum character biography could be considered her definitive costume in the Arkham Universe.
  • Harley is often shown to be significantly smarter, more capable and greatly respected on her own - a touch of irony as several thugs believed that she would be overthrown without the Joker. In Arkham Knight, she is able to override Batman's security systems to access his computer, she recognize Batman and Robin's tactics used to defeat her men and is greatly respected by her underlings and they follow her order's without question. In Assualt on Arkham, she displays knowledge from her Doctorate of Psychiatry and shows an amazing memory of all the security code's in Arkham Aslyum. This would indicate that under Joker's domineering grasp Harley is simply being held back.


Arkham Universe Edit

Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

Batman: Assault on ArkhamEdit

Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

Batman: Arkham KnightEdit


Arkham OriginsEdit

  • "Welcome to Blackgate. We're just going to do a quick psychiatric evaluation. Bad day, huh? Cops in this city - always beating on the sick and defenseless."
  • "And what do you mean by that?"
  • "Ohhhkaayyy...I'm going to need more specifics. How about we try some word association."
  • "Acceptance."
  • "Look...I'm only doing this to help you. Let's try this again. Acceptance."
  • "So you know Kubler-Ross O.K."
  • "Do you? What about: Family?"
  • "Mmm...hmm...Humility?"
  • "O.K. Obsession?"
  • "I see. Ok. How about Truth?"
  • "Really. Ok. What about: Betrayal?"
  • "O.K. One more. And I need you to be serious for this one."
  • "Fate."
  • "What's changed?"
  • "Is that how you feel?"
  • "So now you see fate differently?"
  • "So you've met someone special?"
  • "Everything?"
  • "It is kind of lonely, isn't it?"
  • "Now you feel like you've someone by your side-to share the journey with you."
  • "And how does that make you feel?"
  • "I-might...actually."
  • "Can you tell me more about how this person makes you feel?"
  • "Yes. Yes I do."
  • "So...may I ask-who is this person?"
  • "Uh....My name's Harleen. Harleen Quinzel."
  • "Oh, I don't have a lot of friends."
  • "How the hell should I know?"
  • "Just kill me and get it over with."
  • "Help! Someone! Anyone!"
  • "Look who it is. My Knight in shining armor." (Batman)
  • "What's it to ya?" (Batman)
  • "Eh, occupational hazard." (Batman)
  • "Look. I know why you're here. He's in the Panopticon. And he's waiting for you." (To Batman about Joker)
  • "Yeah. I'm sure I'll feel a lot safer surrounded by a bunch of cops." (Batman)
  • "Get this over with already. I've had enough for one day." (Batman)

Arkham Origins MultiplayerEdit


  • "Hey captain don't let the heroes get you, it'll make us look bad."
  • "Hey captain don't let the heroes get you, it'll be bad for us, oh and your health."

KO'd by heroesEdit

  • "Mister-Jay trusted you, and you just lend the heroes the advantage! Maybe your not up to this, maybe this mission needs scrubbin'."

Grenade Package

  • "Here's a fresh batch of grenades from Mr. J. Get 'em while they're hot!"
  • "First one to the ammo crate gets extra grenade boys."


  • "Hah! Bane's Gang is all washed up! They're fresh out of the reinforcements! Finish them!"
  • "Ha! The Bane bullies are on the ropes, finish-em!"
  • "You nearly finished the Bane's Gang off! Don't slack off now!"
  • "Show 'em what for! Joker's on top. Just the way it should be."


  • "You're, you're losing. You're not suppose to lose, it makes my puding all sad and- Stop losing!"
  • "No more reinforcements."

Disadvantage from HeroesEdit

  • "The Heroes have the upper-hand, do something! Kill-em! Kill-em BOTH!"

Super Villain DoorEdit

  • "Get ready, boys! The J-Man's coming to sort things IN PERSON! Let him in! Or else."
  • "Quit your ballin' and here's you warning. Here's J-Man, go let him in! Or else!."
  • "Mr. J wants in the fun, you better let him and get in there first or else."

Assault on ArkhamEdit

  • "Oh, crap! Not this again!"
  • "Yahtzee!"
  • "Ooh...I like you, Cowboy!"
  • "You're loco. And me likey your locomotion."
  • "In the Intensive Treatment Building right under the Solitary Confinement Cells. Good times."
  • "Is it me? Can it be me? Dibs!"
  • "I'm fine with that. He's a jerk. Whatever."
  • "You and me both, Cowboy."
  • "Maybe when we get into Gotham, I can show you around. I know some TIGHT places."
  • "You wish. Shake your boomerwang at the Shark Guy."
  • "'s are awesome!"
  • "You think that means we're there?"
  • "Don't worry. I fell on my head!"
  • "You're not still mad about that truck are you, Pengy?" [Penguin]
  • "It feels like you are."
  • "Does it matter that me and Mr. J aren't together anymore?"
  • "Oh, come on!"
  • "Bite me, Boomer!" [Captain Boomerang]
  • "Welcome back. Did ya miss me?"
  • "I got an itch I thought you could help me scratch, Cowboy."
  • "Ooh.. good start!"
  • "Here's my stop. Wish me luck, Cowboy."
  • "There's gotta be one here somewhere!"
  • "Uh oh." [sees Batman]
  • "No idea what you're talking about."
  • "Back off, Bats!" [takes out mace]
  • "I don't know! I swear!"
  • "Honestly, B-Man! I don't know where Mr. J puts half of his stuff!"
  • "I just wanted a chatty boom-boom doll before they went on sale tomorrow."
  • "Crazy, huh?"
  • "Tell him to shut up!" [to Deadshot about Joker]
  • "Shut up! Shut up!! SHUT UP!!!" [to Joker]
  • "I hate you, you bastard!" [to Joker]
  • "I'll kill him! I'll kill him myself for what he's done to me!"
  • "Even better, puddin'!" [shoots gun through airhole of the bullet-proof cell to try to kill Joker]
  • "We're finished, you and me! I've got someone new. Someone better."
  • "That's right. You're not jealous, are ya?"
  • "That's him." [points to Deadshot]
  • "So shut down all the security cams."
  • "I can do that."
  • "Boys! We got company!"
  • "Yah...tzee!"
  • "Why don't you just calm down, puddin'? [Deadshot]
  • "The warden uses his birthday backwards for all of his passwords."
  • "I used to work here. Didn't I mention that?"
  • "As a psychiatrist, silly." [to Captain Boomerang about her previous life]
  • "And pal, anyone who throws boomerangs has some real issues letting go." [Captain Boomerang]
  • "And viola!" [opens the door to the Property Room]
  • "Ah ha ha! My acid playing cards! I knew I left them here!"
  • "Here's that Batman costume Mr. J used for the train heist!"
  • "Aw! I've been looking all over for this! Here's where it went!" [pulls out large purple, green, and red mallet out of crate]
  • "Black Spider just kicked the Bat's ass?"
  • "Where's Frosty?" [Killer Frost]
  • "How do you know she's with the Riddler?"
  • "They're gone!"
  • "Please don't explode! Please don't explode! Please don't explode!" [about the detonator in her neck]
  • "I'm crazy, but that's just nuts!"
  • "Wee!" [spins around in chair]
  • "Ooh!"
  • "Oh, I love electro shock! It's a shiatsu massage for your brain!"
  • "Are you kiddin'!? I feel great!"
  • "Puddin'! You're free!"
  • "You got it all wrong, baby. I was using them to help you escape. Who else would I break into Arkham for? Nobody, that's who."
  • "It'll be just like old times..."
  • "It's right here, Mr. J! I was keeping it safe for you the whole t-" [accidentally smacked in the head by the mallet]
  • "Huh?"
  • "Holy crap!"
  • "Where's the freaking gas pedal!?"
  • "Sure he smacks me around sometimes, but you're the one who's always hurting me. Now I'm gonna hurt you!"

Arkham AsylumEdit

  • "Yeah, right."
  • "Come on in."
  • "Can ya hear me? Is this thing on? Oh. Hiya, B-Man. Harley Quinn here. How do you like my new uniform? Pretty hot, huh? Oh, I got something to show you... One second, B-man!"
  • "Ta da!" [shows Warden Quincy Sharp tied up and gagged in a office chair]
  • "I'm now subbing for the old man."
  • "Old Sharpie's never been happier!"
  • "In case ya ain't figured it out, today's the Joker's big homecoming, and you're the guest of honor."
  • "Tempting, Bats, but no dice. Now the inmates are running the asylum. Well, technically they're Joker's goons shipped in from Blackgate, but you get the idea. Bye-bye for now!"
  • "Oh no you don't, Mr. B-man, we're in control now!"
  • "Uh, uh, uh, uh, B-man! Mr. J doesn't want you following us just yet!"
  • "How did you like that, B-man? No way you're following us now. You're trapped down there 'till me and Mr. J are ready for ya. HA HA HA!"
  • "You're some piece of work, Frankie. A girl could fall for someone like you!" [Corrupt Security Guard Frank Boles]
  • "Don't worry, sweetie. You know I only have eyes for you." [to Joker]
  • "Hey! Scram, Bats! This is my me time!"
  • "Wouldn't you like to know?"
  • "Shut up!" [to Commissioner Gordon]
  • "Yiii!"
  • "I'm sorry, puddin'! Don't be angry with me!" [kisses Joker on monitor]
  • "Sorry, B-man! You'll have to find another way! Buh-bye, now!"
  • "Mr. J won't let anything happen to me, boys. He loves me too much to see me hurt. You guys maybe not so much."
  • "Anyone out there see Bat-brain yet? No? Not surprised. He's chicken. Mr. J has won again."
  • "This old man looks like he's gonna pee himself. Someone bring me a bucket!" [to Joker's men while holding Commissioner Gordon hostage]
  • "When Mr. J kills Batman, we're gonna get married. It's gonna be so cool."
  • "You know, you really show color that hair of yours. All that gray makes you look so old."
  • "Mr. J is so going to beat Bat-brain. He doesn't stand a chance."
  • "It's going to be so cool, old man. Just wait and see."
  • "Nothing personal, old man!" [kills Gordon when Batman fails to take down henchmen without being detected]
  • "Say goodnight Commissioner!" [kills Gordon when Batman fails to take down henchmen without being detected]
  • "Poor Dr. Young. Still, you know how Mr. J hates a squealer."
  • "Talkin' about squealers." [Warden Quincy Sharp]
  • "That old loony actually thinks he runs this place! Talk about crazy! Well, Bats, places to go! Get him, boys!"
  • "If he gets up, know him back down, but not too rough. Mr. J needs him at the party."
  • "Ummm! Sharpie used a bad word. Mama spank!"
  • "Hey, Bats, you gonna join the party or what?"
  • "You're doing great, Sharpie. Ready for more?"
  • "Stupid Bat. Always bothering Mr. J with your problems. You'll never be as dreamy as him. You're just an ugly, stupid Bat caught in a trap."
  • "Ivy? Gee, you look like crap! Maybe I can sneak ya some shampoo."
  • "Yeah? Well, I really don't have time for this."
  • "I dunno, Red. You're not on Mr. J's party list. Oh well..."
  • "Ah, what the heck. I'll cut you a break!"
  • "She's a good kid." [Poison Ivy]
  • "Surprise!"
  • "Y'know, Bats, I always thought there was a spark between us!"
  • "Well, now there is!"
  • "I know. I know. You're shocked! Come and get me, Bats. I double dare ya!"
  • "You guys are idiots. There are guns lying everywhere!"
  • "Why don't you just go get a gun and shoot the stupid bat?"
  • "Did that hurt, B-man? Hope so!"
  • "Little hint, boys. Keep away from the fists."
  • "Ow! That looks like it hurt."
  • "That's not fair, Bat-brain."
  • "Hey, B-man. Go easy on my boys."
  • "You OK down there?"
  • "Was that as easy as it looked? Hmmm. Well, it won't be so easy trying to catch me!"
  • "Look who's finally turned up! The Dork Knight himself! How's it hanging, Bats?"
  • "Got a little problem for ya! See those 2 guards over there? I know. Shocking! How ya going to save them?"
  • "You gonna leave those two guys hanging around all day?"
  • "I'm getting bored, Bats. C'mon. Do something!"
  • "Wow, that's a nice toy you've got there, Bats. Can I have one?" [Crypto Sequencer]
  • "A girl could have hours of fun with one of those."
  • "Can I have one of those?"
  • "Ooo. What's that do, Bats? Can it bring dead guards back to life?"
  • "Isn't Mr. J the coolest guy you know?"
  • "How 'bout you and me ditch these costumes and run away together, Bats? Nah. Just kidding!"
  • "No fair, that's cheating, Bats. Time to turn up the pressure. 2 minutes and counting."
  • "Where can I get me one of those?"
  • "Great job, Bats. Power's off below old Louie Green! Question is, can you get him down before it comes back on?"
  • "Uh Uh Uh! Old Sharpie won't like you blowing holes in his asylum wall." [Explosive Gel]
  • "What's back there? I can't see!"
  • "You saved old Louie first, how sweet. You'll make a lovely couple."
  • "Power's coming back on in 3...2...1..."
  • "Time for me to go, Bats. I'll miss you. Not!"
  • "Oh, and now you have only 30 seconds to get out. Bye-bye."
  • "You expecting congratulations? C'mon. Try and catch me."
  • "C'mon, keep up! You getting tired? Let me give you a little help!"
  • "You're right on target, Bat-brain."
  • "That's right, B-man. You're getting closer."
  • "Here he comes, Mr. J!"
  • "Get him!"
  • "Oooh, that's gotta hurt!"
  • "Let's turn up the heat! Anyone for fried bat-wings?"
  • "He's done it again. I don't believe it. I'm on my way now."
  • "But I tried my best!"
  • "No."
  • "Die, you big, ugly Bat!"
  • "Hey! Hands off the merchandise!"
  • "That's my party list!"
  • "You're the detective. You tell me."
  • "Huh?"
  • "You won't find Mr. J, he's in the secret lab in the gardens and... Oh, crap!"
  • "Damn! Well, he'll get me out! You'll see."
  • "Yeah..."
  • "You'll see..."
  • "What are you looking at? Joker's won! You just don't know it yet!"
  • "Mr. J will be back for me later. He's only messin' around."
  • "No fair! No fair! No fair!"
  • "The stupid bat is caught in my trap!"
  • "What? How did you get out of there?"
  • "You were right, Mr. J. Classic martyr case with delusions of grandeur. Coo-coo!"
  • "He don't look so big and scary now, does he, Mr. J?"
  • "Can I keep him, sweetie? Please, please please! I'll feed him and walk him. I promise."
  • "Hey, sweetums!. You'll miss the party!"
  • "Whatever, just be quick! He's not looking too good."
  • "Oh goody. C'mon, Mr. J. We're ready."

Arkham CityEdit

  • "Comin' through, B-Man!"
  • "I think you should do what he says. It would be a shame to get blood all over my nice new outfit. What do you think, Bat-brain? Like it? What am I saying, 'course you do. Who wouldn't?"
  • "So, anyway, here's the deal. Mr. J is really not up to a visit right now. He's not feeling himself...Well, actually, he was earlier, but that's not what I meant."
  • "He's not doing so good and that idiot doctor I sent from here didn't help. I've seen more smarts from these bozos."
  • "I've got to run, boys. If he tries anything funny: KILL HIM!"
  • "Listen up, dumbasses and listen carefully."
  • "As you know, Mr. J is...he's...he's not himself, and the last thing he needs is any so-called superhero coming in here and stopping his recuperation."
  • "That's where you come in, morons. You need to protect the Steel Mill, protect it with your life, because if you fail, I'll make sure your miserable lives don't mean zip."
  • 'You get it? Good!"
  • "I promised you some entertainment, right, boys?"
  • "Well, you should have tried harder." [to Dr. Stacy Baker]
  • "That useless quack has failed Mr. J. And you know what that means."
  • "Oh, I think we can do better than that. Get in here, Mister Hammer!"
  • "Comin', Mr. J!"
  • "Stop!"
  • "Change of plan, take her to the smelting chamber Mr. J wants this one to suffer a little longer.!"
  • "Right then, the rest of you idiots get out of here."
  • "You know what you have to do! Go get the snowman and bring him back him right NOW! He's going to pay for screwing over Mr. J." [Mr. Freeze]
  • "I need him back here like yesterday!"
  • "Well look who didn't get blown to pieces in Mr. J's lovely trap! Don't let him get away again, boys."
  • "You need a bandage, Bats?"
  • "If he gets up, I'm gonna knock you boys down. Permanently!"
  • "What the hell are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead!"
  • "Well there's no way you're getting to Mr. J. We're safe and sound up here. You can just stay down there and burn!"
  • "Oh, Mr. J. it's a miracle. You look, it's not you is it?"
  • "Uh, uh, Doc! Isn't that information supposed to be confidential?"
  • "Get that door sealed up nice-n tight, boys. We don't want that vermin escaping, do we?"
  • "I want him locked in there, forever!"
  • "Seal the door shut!"
  • "How did you get out of the smelting chamber, B-man? What did you build? Tell me! Tell me!"
  • "You missed me, B-man!"
  • "See what you made me do? Scram, B-man! Comin', Mr. J!"
  • "What wrong with you, B-man?! You come into Mr. J's home and start smashing it to pieces? Don't you know he's sick!?"
  • "Surprise, B-man! Meet Mister Hammer! He's gonna teach you some manners!"
  • "You deserve every smack in the face you get, Bat-Brain."
  • "No!"
  • "Why, why, why, why, why??!!"
  • "You!" [Batman]
  • "Leave us alone, B-man... just leave me with him..."
  • "This is all your fault!"
  • "You've hounded him for years, beat him to a pulp, and for what?"
  • "Why are you so mean??!!"
  • "Batter up!"
  • "But I want to know who he is, sweetie." [to Joker about Batman]
  • "No problem, sweetie." [Joker]
  • "Well look who it is. What do you want, B-man? Come to stick the knife in some more? Well go on then, I don't care. I'm not telling you nothin'! I'm not even going to you about the crap Joke took from Freeze and locked up in the boiler room."
  • "What are you..."
  • "If you don't stop that, I'm gonna tell Mr. J and he's gonna...Well, he's gonna be mad."
  • "Don't you dare..."
  • "What? Did you have fun beating up a defenseless girl?"
  • "Stop that!"

Harley Quinn's RevengeEdit

  • "Shut up you idiots, I'm trying to think here!"
  • "Shut your stupid mouth. You're just lucky I need you later."
  • "Really? I-don't-think-so."
  • "No. I'm in mourning. You may want to remember that."
  • "Now, what am I gonna do with you?"
  • "What would Mister J do? Cut you into tiny pieces and send you to an orphanage baked in pies? Is that funny? What you think, piggy?" [to captured cops]
  • "Oh, I don't think you want to talk to me like that. I've got what you call post-traumatic stress, brought on by the violent death of a loved one. My doctor tells me they might trigger uncontrollable bouts of guilt, or acts of extreme random violence. Too bad for him."
  • "What?! Are you trying to make me mad? I should kill you for that. I should cut out your tongue for my Joker...Oh, Mister J.... Why did you leave me? Why? What did I do? Why?!"(begins sobbing)
  • "Anything?"
  • "You'd better. I lost contact with the rest of the guys and I don't like it."
  • 'What?"
  • "Did you just make a move on me?"
  • "I'm a widow. Do you think you can measure up to my Joker. He... He was the best a girl could get... I miss him so much, and you... you think it's OK to move in on his turf?"
  • "Oh, I understand."
  • "Just do what I want and I may forgive you. Fail me and you'll regret it. Oh, Mister J. How did you deal with these idiots?"
  • "Hello? Are you there? What's happening?"
  • "Oh, for the love of... What's wrong with you people? Hello! Whoever you are! I know you're there. You hear me? I know you're there and it's too late."
  • "I don't think so, Bat-brain."
  • "It's dead cop time."
  • "Does it hurt? Too bad! C'mon, boys."
  • "Hurry up, idiots."
  • "Can you hear me down there, Bird-boy?" [to Robin]
  • "How does it feel? Do you think he knows he's going to die? I hope so. I want him to know how my Joker felt."
  • "That's why I get to watch it happen from my secret room. You'll never find us. You don't even know that there's a shipyard here. Do you!?"
  • "Um. You should ignore what I said. I was...I was joking. Yeah, that's it. Bye."
  • "Listen up, dumb-asses!"
  • "I want this room kept secure. In fact, I need this room kept secure. I don't care how you do it. Just don't let me down."
  • "Mister. J wouldn't like it if you failed me, would he?"
  • "No he wouldn't. He'd be very upset. He'd probably kill you all. Or break your legs, glue your eyes open, or, make you eat a grenade. Hell, who am I kidding? He'd do something much better. He was Mister J, right? He always knew what to do. I'm just here. Alone. Relying on you idiots. So don't fail me!"
  • "This reminds me of being back at Arkham Asylum. Back...back with...Mister J."
  • "Someone get me new delivery of idiots. These ones are all sleepy!"
  • "Don't worry. This is all part of my plan."
  • "Don't let you guard down, boys. You see anyone acting weird, you blow off their head. Understand?"
  • "We're doing this for Mister J, boys. Don't let me down."
  • "This is for you, Mister J."
  • "Get over here, you idiots!"
  • "Get off me!" [Robin]
  • "You'll never find it, dumb-ass!"
  • "No! That's mine! Let me go!"
  • "Get me down, Birdbrain!"
  • "I feel dizzy!"
  • "You don't need to worry about them, Bat-brain. They'll be dead soon, oh, and so-will-you!"
  • "Oh! Good luck with that, losers." [Batman and Robin]
  • "I suppose you're feeling pretty pleased with yourself, Bat-brain."
  • "Well don't! It's not over. You can't stop me! I won't let you!"
  • "I've got a surprise for you. Something that would make my Joker proud. I'm here with him now. You man enough to come find us?"
  • "What? Did you think it was gonna be that easy? Well think again, loser! Oh, no! You weren't expecting that, were you?!"
  • "Destroy him, my robots."
  • "This is it! Just you, me and the only thing that can stop this entire place blowing sky high."
  • "Take it, dumb-ass. Won' you...any good."
  • "You should have left me to die! Then I could have been back together...with...Mister J!"
  • "See! It hurts, don't it?!"
  • 'Now...Now you know how it feels!"

Arkham Knight Edit

Main story Edit

  • "That's enough from you." (to Henry)
  • "Well looks who´s too late to save the day. How´s going Bat-brain? It´s been a while."(to Batman )
  • "So you do remember me. That´s weird, because you killed the only thing I ever loved, and now I find you have been keeping a whole new generation of Jokers to yourself. I know.......Awkward.
  • "Oh, they´re not stable. Maybe you want to take a look in the mirror sometime"
  • "If I find out they´re slacking off I´m gonna have Big Al tear their puny limbs off, one by one."
  • "It was that stinkin bat-faced loser!ly
  • "Get that chopper down here now! I want more man on the roof and sentry guns covering the entrance!"
  • "Don´t even think about coming back down here until he´s dead! Ya hear me?!"
  • "Listen you dumbasses, Mr.J left me a list of ways to discipline you idiots for screwing up. I haven´t read it yet´cause thinking of him hurts so bad..........BUT I WILL!"
  • "Kill him! this was supposed to be the happiest day of my life! Three new Jokers! And you dumbasses are ruining it!
  • "B-man! Why are you doing this? We just want our Mr.J back! And you dead! But mostly we just want our Mr.J"
  • "You scared, B-man? You should be! I´ve got three new jokers here and they all want you dead"
  • "Where did he go?! Find him before he finds you!"
  • "You can´t hide forever, B-man. I know you´re out there. We found your Jokers and we´re gonna find you!"
  • "Look at you all, getting your heads smashed in, your bones broken, your windpipes crushed. My puddin woulda loved this!"
  • "If there´s one thing my puddin' taught me it's how to motivate you goons. If you numbskulls don´t kill the Bat-brain soon you´ll be playing Russian Roulette with a single-barrel shotgun! Was that good?
  • "Three left? Looks like I´m running out of idiots"
  • "How many morons does it take to kill a bat? I´m guessin´ it´s more than two. Prove me wrong dumbasses"
  • "You´re the only one left, chowderhead! So stop looking so scared and kill that bat-faced loser!"
  • "How´s it going Bat-brain? Nice place you got here. I think my Joker would have liked it. Kinda place he would´ve picked"
  • "Do you know what's it´s like to wake up day after day and know you'll never see his beautiful face again?Why would you? Let me tell you it´s been emotional. Of course now, well now I have three new Jokers. Each one perfect in their own right"
  • "I knew no one could replace my Mister J, but I guess I wasn't thinking big enough. I don't know how it happened, but I know why. Mister J sent me a gift from beyond the grave! A wonderful gift just for me! And the best part is they all want to kill you!"
  • Are you dumbasses done yet?
  • "That girl is very important to me, so I'm not going to take any chances. Remember who's in charge in here! When I give you an order, you do it"
  • "What are you standing around for?! Get in there and help those idiots out"
  • "That dumbass , is why you ´re not paid to think. It´s some kinda Bat-Trick."
  • "Show yourself! B-Man! Unless you ain't got the guts"
  • "Oh, look who it is! Batman's little helper. Looks like he left you all alone! (to Robin)
  • "Think you´re funny,huh?!"
  • "Open the gate"
  • "For real this time!"
  • "If you think you´re taking him back to the cells, think again!"
  • "He´s got the Joker in him, they all have. That means they´re mine! I´m taking'em!"
  • "Batman took Mr.J away from me once already, he ain´t gonna do it again!"
  • "You hear that Batman ? I know you´re out there"
  • "How about that, you´re a trigger pull away from getting'ya little, birdy brains blown out and your boss don´t care one bit!"
  • "Ain´t that right B-man!"
  • "Joker always said the Bat was mean, didn´t care about no one but himself. Not like Mr.J"
  • "He looked after me, loved me with all his heart"
  • "He woul'a never abandoned me"
  • "Not like that big coward who's out there hiding!"
  • "I´m talking to you Batman!"
  • "Show ya face or Robin here gets it, right between the eyes!"
  • "You hearing this Batman?!"
  • "I´ve had enough! I´m counting to three, If youdon´t get out here by the time I finish, Bird-brain here gets it"
  • "Okay I'm starting.....One"
  • "In case you didn't hear it, I´ve started. I´m on "One" already!"
  • "Okay......Two!"
  • "Better hurry up, Batman. I´m halfway. The boy Wonder´s about to get a real bad headache!"
  • "This is it! Three!"
  • "Time's up! Say goodbye to the bird, B-man!"
  • "Bet you thought that was it, huh?"
  • "Nah, I couldn´t blow ya head off, not yet"
  • "I wanna savor the moment a little longer. Like Mr.J did."
  • "Did the B-man ever tell you about Jason Todd?"
  • "I´m guessing not. That´s his guilty little secret."
  • "J said it was special. Said it was his finest work"
  • "You know, it´s funny, seems Batman´s got a habit of leaving Robins to die."
  • "Looks like history's repeating itself , kid!"
  • "BAM.........HAHAHAHAHA" (shot Robin)
  • "You won't get away with this!"
  • "We'll stop you!"
  • "Don't matter where you put'em, I´ll bust my Jokers out again!"
  • "Put me down, Bat-Freak!"
  • "Oh, no, no!, no!"
  • "What are you doing?"
  • "No, no, no! Not again"
  • "See What? Scarecrow snatch the little bird-faced loser you´d left locked in a cell? Yeah, I saw it. It was pretty funny, I gotta say."
  • "The Commissioner? Yeah, I think so. Kinda hard to tell with all those bruises on his face. Someone did a real number on him. Mister J woulda been proud."

DLC Storyline

  • "All of this for me? I'm touched!"
  • "I've got a few tricks up my sleeve!"
  • "Ding dong, you're gone!"
  • "This little piggy went nighty-night!"

Game Over LinesEdit

Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

  • "Loser, loser, loser. Ha."
  • "Bye, bye, Bats." (blow a kiss)

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

  • "Stupid little dead bat! Who's gonna save ya now?
    Batman Arkham City - Game Over Harley Quinn00:38

    Batman Arkham City - Game Over Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn's game over screens.

  • "I knew it. You're nothin' but a lightweight loser."
  • "You were supposed ta save Mr. J bat-brain."
  • "If you're dead, who's gonna save poor Mr. J?"
  • ''Neh-neh-neh-neh-neh-neh."

Harley Quinn's RevengeEdit

Batman: Arkham Knight Edit

  • "When you see my Puddin', tell him Harley sent ya! And she says hi!"
  • "I did it Mistah J! I did it for you!"
  • "Bye bye birdie!" (as Robin)
  • "AH Joker told me Robins die easy" (as Robin)

Harley's MessageEdit

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

  • "Keep this to yourself, but I think Batman may be here. If you see him, kill him!"
  • "Hello? Is this thing on?"
  • "What?! I'm busy!"
  • "Listen, if anyone asks about Mistah' J, tell them he's fine. No, don't tell them anything. Well, tell them that you're not going to talk about it, and then shoot them in the face. OK?"

Harley Quinn's RevengeEdit

  • "Leave me alone! Do you hear? Leave me alone!"
  • "Hey, dumb-ass! Yes, you! I want to be left alone. I'm working on a plan, and I need to make sure that it's the best plan in the world and I can't do it with you bothering me."
  • "I hope you enjoy pressing that button, dumb-ass. Now you made my list. It's a long list of all the people who pissed off me and Mistah' J. And... and now he's gone... It's up to me to make you pay!"
  • "Don't let your guard down boys! See anybody acting weird, you blow off their heads!"
  • "Are you guys just plain stupid? I said do not disturb."

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