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Harley Quinn and her Gang

Harley's Gang were Joker's former henchmen who appeared in Harley Quinn's Revenge and in Batman: Arkham Knight. The thugs were sent to complete specific missions that were commanded by their new leader, Harley Quinn who had gone crazier since the Joker's death and sought revenge on Batman for it. Their main mission in Harley Quinn's Revenge was to kill Batman. In Arkham Knight, their main mission was to free the new Jokers at Panessa Studios.

Incident Reports

Harley 3

Four of Joker's Henchmen with Harley and Batman at the Church and Medical Center in Arkham City

Arkham City Incident

Harley ruled the Joker's Gang while Joker was ill. Harley's priority was to find doctors to cure Joker, but none of them could help him, so she decided to start looking for Mr. Freeze. Freeze managed to make a cure for Joker. While Freeze and Batman were fighting, Harley managed to steal the cure from him and she "gave it" to her puddin. "Joker" took over the gang again after being "cured".

Harley Quinn's Revenge Incident


Three of Harley's Gang fighting Robin in Harley Quinn's Revenge

After Joker's death, Harley claimed her lover's crew and changed them with a new look and name. Harley´s Gang was under 100% rule by Harley and their main objective was to avenge Joker's death. Harley's Gang used colors like red and black, and, instead of green, they had diamonds in their clothes. Harley's Gang had a sad smile, their eyes had black paint around them, and Armored Henchmen had Harley's face on their helmets.

Arkham Knight Incident


Harley's Gang fighting Batman and Robin at Panessa Studios in Arkham Knight

It was rumored that Harley was reuniting the old gang. Their appearance didn't change much, but instead of Armored Henchmen, Harley had Brutes with her body in tattooed on the back of their coat and she had Minigunners. Their mission was to break out the new Jokers and add them to the gang to help Harley cause chaos in Gotham.

They only could be seen at Panessa Studios. Harley's Gang were the only crew to not appear at the GCPD Lockup; it's likely they were locked into the sets instead.


Harley men

Harley Quinn's Gang Character Trophy Arkham Knight

Harley's Thugs were a bit more vicious looking than any of the other thugs in the game. Some wore similar clothing to that of Penguin's Henchmen, and others wore singlets, full body clothes, and armored pieces that resembled football gear. These thugs roamed the Industrial District as the rest of Arkham City was off limits in Harley Quinn's Revenge. Harley's Thugs also used the same stealth, combat, and weapon tactics as the other thugs in Batman: Arkham City. In Arkham Knight, they didn't change much, but instead of Armored Henchmen, Harley had Brutes and Minigunners.



Harley Quinn


Harley brutes

Harley's Brutes


Gear and Weapons


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