Haly's Circus', more completely referred to as C.C. Haly and Norton Bros. Circus, formed by CC Haly and the Norton Brothers. It is a typical travelling circus that has been known to perform in the United States and Europe, and hosts a variety of performers, including acrobats, jugglers, and trained animals. The Circus' most notable performers were the trapeze act known as the Flying Graysons.

The Flying Graysons

Haly's Circus travels into Gotham City, where they are set to perform. The ringmaster is confronted by Tony Zucco and Edward Skeevers, who demand protection money from the Circus as well as the use of their trucks to transport drugs. When the ringmaster refuses to give into their threats, Zucco and Skeevers sabotage the trapezes of the Circus' most popular act, the Flying Graysons. This causes the elder Graysons, John and Mary, to plunge to their deaths, leaving their son Dick Grayson orphaned. Bruce Wayne assists the Circus on behalf of Grayson, who he adopts, helping to expose Zucco's part in the tragedy and free the Circus from the threat.

Haly Circus


  • Haly's Circus is referenced in Batman: Arkham City on a poster saying cancelled showing the Flying Graysons.
  • Haly's Circus is referenced in Batman: Arkham Origins on a poster saying coming soon showing the Flying Graysons.