Graveyard Shift is a DLC Batmobile Combat Challenge Map that is included in the fifth pack of the Crime Fighter Challenge Maps in Batman: Arkham Knight. This challenge map is set in the graveyard of Divinity Church on Founders' Island.


  • Defend all three zones for longer than 3:00
  • Defend all three zones for longer than 2:00
  • Defend all three zones for longer than 1:00
  • Every 30 seconds after 3:00 grants an additional Rival Point.


  • It's recommended to play through the story mode until one upgrades the Batmobile with the Weapons Generator MK IV. The Batmobile's health and weapons should also be upgraded to maximum.
  • The Drone Virus and the EMP are rather useless in this challenge, as even hacked Tanks count as enemies if they are in the zones.
  • Try to use missiles on locations from where they can hit multiple zones at once.