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The Glue Grenade is an adhesive grenade created and used by Batman. The grenade was a compound at the Steel Mill, that it is a projectile that detonates glue on enemies which they are stuck in the glue.

Glue grenade

Glue Grenade

Incident ReportsEdit

Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

While exploring the Steel Mill, Batman stumbled upon a chemical compound that serves as the binding agent he needs to complete the first Glue Grenade prototype. Retrieving the newly developed weapon Batman would come to use it to great effectiveness throughout the rest of the incident.

Cold, Cold Heart IncidentEdit

According to Alfred, the compound was unstable and faulty, and all of the remaining adhesive had turned to dust shortly after the Chrismas Eve Incident. Therefore, it was not available to Batman for the first Mister Freeze incident.

Arkham Origins: Blackgate Edit

Batman attempted to salvage the Glue Formula by making a special variety of his Explosive Gel that was laced with the Glue formula. The concept was to temporarily jam gears and doors long enough for Batman to pass through. While it served him well inside Blackgate, Batman opted not to use it or the Gel Launcher for the remainder of his as more and more doors became electronic he no longer seen a need for the costly formula and scrapped it.


Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

The Glue Grenade serves three functions throughout the game:

  1. It serves as a crowd control weapon incapacitating enemies or groups of enemies for a short period of time. This is especially used on Firefly to restrain his effectiveness during his battle.
  2. It blocks off steam from broken pipes opening paths that would otherwise be cut off.
  3. It can create a raft in water that Batman can stand on while pulling himself around with the Grapple Gun.




  • The Glue Grenade operates the same way as the Freeze Blast in Batman: Arkham City.
  • The fact that the grenade compound had turned to dust the day after it was made is an indication of why the gadget was not used later in Batman's career, as it was likely too costly to justify manufacturing more and the fact it turned to dust 24 hours after it was made.
  • Purchasing a certain upgrade takes away from its functionality: The player cannot use it as a landmine that covers the whole enemy; it instead only glues their feet, leaving their hands still moving. Even though it still has the ability to trap multiple enemies, most likely only one will step on the mine. As the mine cannot be used the same way as the grenade can (tapping R2 to cover whole enemy, holding R2 to glue their legs) the player cannot use the default mine anymore. Both grenades can still be used, however.

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