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The Freeze Gun is a weapon used by Mister Freeze that is able to create gusts of cold that approach absolute zero, it freezes everything that is on it's path, since liquids to solids. It can also creates sculptures of ice.

Incident ReportsEdit

Cold Cold IncidentEdit

Some of Penguin's thugs used freeze guns to try to freeze Batman in ice. Others used them in various crimes, including a heist that ended with their use of a cryogun somehow setting the building they were in on fire. Mr. Freeze uses the gun to try to stop Batman from rescuing Ferris Boyle.

Arkham City IncidentEdit

The Freeze Gun first appears with Penguin, who has taken the gun and suit from Mr. Freeze. After rescuing Freeze, Batman goes after Freeze's suit to get a chip that deactivates the gun. After getting it, Batman goes after Penguin, turns off the weapon and defeat's him.

After returning from the Demon Trials with Ra's al Ghul's blood, Batman is confronted by Mr. Freeze, who uses his gun to try kill Batman. After Mr. Freeze is defeated, the gun doesn't appear again.

Before Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

The Freeze Gun was placed in the GCPD evidence room. Officers such as Aaron Cash used the gun to make ice cream before they were caught by Commissioner Gordon.

Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

The gun remains in GCPD lockup.



  • In the final battle with Freeze during the Cold, Cold Heart DLC, Freeze demonstrates he can use the first version of this gun as a method of propulsion to climb onto platforms.
  • It is assumed all the cryo-guns Mr. Freeze created for Penguin's thugs were destroyed after the New Year's Eve incident.

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