A Forensics Scanner (closed)

The Forensics Scanner (closed)

Batman using the Forrensic Scanner in Arkham Knight.

Arkham VR

A Forensics Scanner (opened)

The Forensics Scanner (opened)

The Forensics Scanner is a gadget used by Batman in the video game Batman: Arkham VR to generate holographic re-creations of crime scenes (as seen when he scanned Nightwing to generate a re-creation of his "death"), or to scan for evidence (as seen when he scans three corpses within the morgue of the Elliot Memorial Hospital to find fragments of a bomb that killed three low-level thugs of Penguin, one of whom, was witness to the "murder" of Nightwing).

Arkham Knight Incident

By the time of Knight, Batman had converted it into the 8.03 version of the suit. He used this new Forensic Scanner to solve the Perfect Crime Most Wanted Mission.