Firesale is a DLC predator challenge map that is included in the fifth pack of the Crime Fighter Challenge Maps in Batman: Arkham Knight. The enemies consist of normal Miltia soldiers, two medics, one Optically Camouflaged enemy and a Detective Mode Jammer. The challenge takes place on the Militia HQ, with two of the sections available.

The default character is Nightwing.



  • Save the optically camouflaged enemy until last
  • Do not use the grapnel gun
  • Destroy the sentry guns without being seen


  • Take Out the sentry guns first
  • Triple Fear Takedown the Jammer, Medic & Camouflaged Enemies
  • Sabotage a gun and cause it to backfire without being seen


  • Take out 2 Enemies with an overloaded generator
  • Simultaneously Snap Flash the Jammer, Medic & Camouflaged Enemy
  • Take out the sentry guns first


  • Perform a Corner Takedown
  • Silent takedown the Optically Camouflaged Enemy
  • Take out the sentry guns first


  • Take out the medics last and don't let them perform revives
  • Sabotage the Jammer's gun & make it backfire
  • Take out the sentry guns first

Harley Quinn

  • Perform an Environment Takedown
  • Take out 3 enemies in Mayhem Mode
  • Take out the sentry guns first


  • Take out 2 thugs with an overloaded escalator
  • Take out the Detective Mode Jammer in smoke
  • Take out the sentry guns first

Red Hood

  • Quickfire Shoot the Detective Mode Jammer
  • Perform a smash down takedown (Takedown from a Glass Ceiling)
  • Take out the sentry guns first

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