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The Final Offer is a large ship owned by Penguin. It was stationed at Amusement Mile during the Christmas Eve Incident. The ship's whereabouts after the incident was unknown.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

Penguin bought the Final Offer from a band of Somali Pirates "for a song" when they were going to sell it for scrap.

Arkham Origins Incident

The ship was anchored at Old Gotham, more specifically, at Amusement Mile. Penguin had added on the ship, a Casino, a Fighting Pit, and Sales Floors with weapons and ammunition. Also the Fighting Pit was where Batman fought against and defeated both Electrocutioner and Deathstroke.



  • The ship's original name, The Olivia B. Meredith, was a tribute to Burgess Meredith, the man who played the Penguin in Batman (1960's show) before his passing.
  • The Final Offer had 2 Challenge Maps: No Money Down (Predator) and 1 to 100 (Combat).
  • The Theater had a huge hole in the ceiling, but it could not be seen from the outside. That was most likely a developer oversight.
  • The Final Offer was mentioned by Deathstroke during the events of Batman: Arkham Knight incident, addressing the ship as "that cruise ship" when reminiscing about his first fight with Batman.

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