Ferris Boyle
Biographical information
Full Name Ferris Boyle
Occupation CEO of GothCorp
Humanitarian (formally)
Base of Operations Gotham City
Physical description
Hair Black with gray temples
Eyes Blue
Height 6 ft 4 in
Weight 220 lbs
Game Information
Voice Actor Stephen Tobolowsky
First Appearance Batman: The Animated Series: Heart of Ice
No Victor! She DIES! But I'll let you live long enough to see her go!
— Ferris Boyle showing his true colors

Ferris Boyle describes GothCorp as the "people company" which is instead itself. Boyle was secretly making cryo weapons at his business, he had Dr. Victor Fries to work on the weapons but Fries starts to do research himself by curing his wife Nora. Boyle threatened Victor to cease his activities, causing an accident in Fries' lab. Boyle took Nora from him and leaving Fries to die in his lab. Fries is transformed into a cold-blooded form, making him into Mr. Freeze to seek his revenge on Boyle and rescue Nora.


Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

Ferris Boyle was running a secret Cryogenic Weapons program at GothCorp. He hired scientist Victor Fries to work on it. In return for Freeze's work, Ferris would give Fries resources to try to cure Fries' terminally ill wife, Nora Fries. However on the 29th of December, when Ferris learned that Victor put his wife into cryogenic stasis, he forgot about the weapons and demanded to know how Fries did it. Fries refused, so Ferris had Nora removed, and beat Victor to the ground alongside two guards. However, the ensuing brawl resulted in a cryogenic chamber exploding. Boyle was thrown clear of the blast, but Fries and a guard were affected while the other was frozen solid. Boyle fled the lab and quarantined it immediately while the other guard died from heat stroke upon exiting the super cold lab due to his mutation.

Cold Cold Heart Incident

On New Years Eve, Ferris Boyle was being honored at Wayne Manor as Gotham's Humanitarian of the Year. He accepts the award proudly, before happily greeting Bruce Wayne and Alfred. While he is on his way to be interviewed by Vicki Vale, Mr. Freeze crashes the party. His henchmen beat Ferris as Batman races to find him. As soon as Batman rescues him, Freeze kidnaps him and takes him out of the party in a helicopter. Batman eventually tracks him back to his own company, the GothCorp Building in South Gotham.

Ferris is seen being held at gunpoint by The Penguin and his men, who have betrayed Freeze and want the weapons promised by him. When Batman intervenes, Freeze uses the distraction to freeze Penguin and his men. Freeze then uses Ferris to enter the restricted area where Nora was being kept. Despite being at a disadvantage, Ferris defiantly refused to give the code to release Nora to Freeze. At that moment, Batman entered the room, trying to reason with Freeze, revealing that he knows the truth and so would the police, promising that Ferris would face justice for his crimes.

However, Freeze grabbed Ferris and locked him inside a cryogenic chamber. Batman defeats Freeze, and releases Ferris, who promptly reveals his true colors and releases cryo gas on Batman, freezing him. Believing him dead, Ferris then begins to beat Freeze with a piece from his own suit while promising he will keep him alive long enough to see Nora die. However, before he can finish, Batman manages to break free of the ice, disarm Ferris and knock him unconscious. Afterwards, Boyle is arrested by the GCPD on charges of assault, kidnapping, and unlawful possession of weapons.

Arkham City Incident

A poster for "Boyle Cryogenics" is on the wall in the Sionis Steel Mill. The events of Cold Cold Heart are discussed by Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange in an interview tape.

Psychological Profile

Ferris Boyle

Real Name: Ferris Boyle

GCPD Profile

Ferris Boyle

Batman's Datebase Profile



  • Ferris Boyle first appeared in the critically acclaimed episode of Batman: the Animated Series "Heart of Ice", which Cold, Cold Heart was based on. He was voiced by Mark Hamill, who later went on to voice the Joker in the series, as well as many other Batman media, including the Arkham games.
  • Boyle is similar to Batman is several ways. They both appear as socialites in public, while secretly having double lives. Also, they use their respective companies to finance their own goals.

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