Endless Knight is a survival Predator AR Challenge in Batman: Arkham Knight. It's a part of the Community Challenge Pack. Taking place at the Grand Central Station, players are put against time to take out as many enemies as possible. The timer starts from 5 minutes, and every takedown adds an extra 25 seconds.

The default playable character is Batman.


  • 6 Takedowns
  • 12 Takedowns
  • 20 Takedowns
    • Performing 50 takedowns as Batman earns the player the Eternal trophy/Achievement.


  • Due to the removal of Extreme Challenges, this is the only Challenge Map in Knight to share it's location with another challenge, in this case Terminal Velocity.
  • Enemies taken out with Red Hood's handguns count as takedowns, but wont add extra time. This was done to prevent spamming the gadget. Ranged beatdowns still add time, however.

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