• Easter Egg #1: Killer Croc's Section: In Intensive Treatment, you can see an area with a lot of security collars and photos of Killer Croc, there's also a locker with a photo of Killer Croc's hand with the message saying "Hands off my Locker". Also, near that section, you can see a section where the Asylum staff puts meat for Killer Croc to eat.
  • Easter Egg #2: "You don't need to be mad to work at this Asylum!": In the Secure Transit area of Intensive Treatment, you can find a glass saying "You don't need to be mad to work here... But certainly helps."
  • Easter Egg #3: Ra's al Ghul: After discovering Ra's' body bag, if the player goes back to the Morgue, his body has mysteriously disappeared.
  • Easter Egg #4: Visitor Center's Joker: When Batman visits the Visitor Center, if the player look around for some time, you can notice that the mannequin's arms have changed, and, near the end of the game, it's revealed that the mannequin is actually Joker himself.
  • Easter Egg #5: Rocksteady: During most locations in the game, the player can notice that the most of the pictures of the supposed patients are actually photos of the crew of the Rocksteady. A thug around Carl Todd will say "You see Hego over there? He's got a thing for blades." David Hego is the art director at Rocksteady.
  • Easter Egg #6: Paging Dr. Clooney: After you rescue Cash and Dr. Kellerman from the Joker's laughing gas, stand in the main room looking at the smaller room where they were trapped. A ticker scrolls a garbled message: Dr. Clooney report to Gynecology." It is a reference to the actor who portrayed Batman in "Batman and Robin", George Clooney, also well known for playing Dr. Doug Ross on the television drama ER.
  • Easter Egg #7: Dr. Murphy and Dr. Combs: The first Scarecrow Interview Tape features the names "Dr. Murphy" and "Dr. Combs." This is a reference to Cillian Murphy, the actor who played Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, and Jeffrey Combs, who played the character in "The New Batman Adventures".
  • Easter Egg #8: Jason Todd: Jason Todd, best known as the second to take the mantle of Robin, is referred to by Joker in one of his Visitor Center messages, where he says: "What's it like in your organization? Do you punish your hired help when they fail? Or is that saucy outfit you make him wear punishment enough?"
  • Easter Egg #9: Blueprints: In Batman: Arkham City, during the first Catwoman mission, there is a side table with a map and a blueprint on it. The blueprint is also shown in the War Room in the museum as well as the GCPD next to the Joker magazine. This blueprint is also found in the secret room in Arkham Asylum on the Warden's desk and in Scarecrow's lair in the elevator shaft in Intensive Treatment.
  • Easter Egg #10: Alternate Endings: After you beat the game and the credits come to an end, you will see one of three ending movies. They seem to be random and not based on completion percentage. Here are the three endings: Bane's arm rises out the water and grabs a container of Titan formula, Killer Croc's arm rises out of the water and grabs a container of Titan formula or Scarecrow's arm rises out of the water and grabs a container of Titan formula.
  • Easter Egg #11: ArkhamCare: As you walk through the halls of the Medical Facility, there's a voice in the speakers that will read a website: Although the site has expired, there are archives of it.
  • Easter Egg #12: Hugo Strange: In the Arkham Mansion, in the same room where Cash is after the completion of the game, there's a statue very similar to Hugo Strange, indicing that he was the mind behind everything in Asylum and the Arkham City project.
  • Easter Egg #13: Mad Dog: The bell in Arkham Mansion has an inscription saying "Arkham Asylum April 1 1922", that is a reference to the day Amadeus Arkham has killed Mad Dog by electrocuting him.
  • Easter Egg #14: Lucius Fox: Fox is mentioned after receiving the message to destroy the Titan Production Facility and when the player upgrades the armor of his suit to the max.
  • Easter Egg #15: Injustice Gang: The Injustice Gang is mentioned in a magazine with Joker's face in Harley Quinn's room in the Medical Facility, the same magazine can be seen in "Batman: Arkham City" on GCPD.
  • Easter Egg #16: Luke Oliver: Luke Oliver was the winner of a 2008 contest where the first prize winner would have their face rendered somewhere in Batman: Arkham Asylum, and he appeared as a locked inmate in the Arkham Penitentiary, his name also appears in the Joker's Party List for his party at the Asylum.
  • Easter Egg #17: Next Arkham: In the Warden's Office in Arkham Mansion, if the player sprays all of the Explosive Gel in a certain part of the wall, it opens a secret room, where Quincy Sharp has been planing to build a giant prison on the north of Gotham, called Arkham City.
  • Easter Egg #18: Osito: In the room just before fighting Bane, a hint to his presence appears in the form of Osito, a bear he had as a child.
  • Easter Egg #19: Hush: Dr. Thomas Elliot's name appears one a board, showing that he works there. In an issue of Arkham Unhinged, Batman actually mentions this Easter Egg.
  • Easter Egg #20: Floronic Man: In her first interview, Poison Ivy mentions Jason. Jason Woodrue is the one who's responsible for the creation of Ivy, and later on, he turns into the villain known as Floronic Man.
  • Easter Egg #21: The Three Stooges: When you break into the medical facility, Joker can randomly say "Paging Dr Howard Dr Fine Dr Howard." This is a reference to the three stooges sketch when they were doctors at a hospital. Plus it is their surnames as well.
  • Easter Egg #22: Joker's "Presents": When you enter the secret lab, where you will be fighting two Titan henchmen, a cutscene will start. Watch it closely. Near the end, look at the "presents" behind Joker. There are notes attached to them saying: "Dear Catwoman, Love Joker" and "Dear Two-Face, Love Joker". There are more notes, but they have not been "deciphered" yet.

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