Destruction Line is a Combat AR Challenge in Batman:Arkham Knight. It takes place inside an elevator in Riddler's Robot factory, and is unlocked after completing Catwoman's Revenge Arkham Episode.

The default character is Catwoman.


  • 10000
  • 20000
  • 30000


  • 1st round is trap-free.
  • 2nd round activates the electric fences that surrond the arena. Any enemy who touches this wall will be knocked out.
  • 3rd round activates lasers, which come from the ceiling and travel around the arena. Enemies are not affected by this trap, but the player is.
  • 4th round doesn't introduce any new traps, but all previous traps are still on effect.


  • The electric floor from the Arkham Episode is never activated, presumably due to the immense difficulty it would create.

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