Deadshot's Wrist-Mounted Guns are a pair of compact and silent wrist rifles with interchangeable barrels, which allowed him to quickly recharge his weapon. The gun fired projectiles at high speeds, and was able to penetrate resistant materials.

Incident Reports

Arkham Origins Incident

Deadshot, unlike the other eight assassins that were hired to assassinate the Dark Knight, didn't hunt Batman and take him head on. Instead, he gathered a group of thugs and a hostage, and waited for Batman to arrive at the Gotham Merchant's Bank. Deadshot used his Wrist-Mounted Guns against the Caped Crusader, but they were seemingly broken along with his arms. As shown in the confrontation, they had a laser sight that allowed them to see around corners or bounce shots off of walls, as per Deadshot's own tendencies.

Arkham Origins Blackgate Incident

Deadshot managed to retrieve his Wrist-Mounted Guns before his confrontation with Batman at Blackgate Prison. However, they seemed to have a higher rate of fire than before (this could have been done to help him hit his target due to the fact that his arms may still have been healing from being broken by Batman or it was just an alternative shooting mode). They were dismantled by Batman shortly after Deadshot was defeated by him.

Assault on Arkham Incident

Deadshot was reunited again with his Wrist-Mounted Guns in Penguin's Armory after being he was recruited to the Suicide Squad. Deadshot was instructed by Amanda Waller to use rubber bullets to prevent casualties. However, he ignored this order and grabbed a case of high velocity rounds instead. The guns also came into play for Deadshot and Captain Boomerang's rivalry to see who was the better marksman, and it also appeared to have multiple firing mode switch included a retractable, grapple hook-like projectile that he used to pierce the skull of guard hiding behind cover at Arkham Asylum.

Arkham City Incident

Deadshot was hired by Hugo Strange to kill Batman, Bruce Wayne, Jack Ryder, and three Political Prisoners in Arkham City, but failed and was arrested by Commissioner Gordon.

In that game, it was known that these guns were capable of easily killing Batman with one shot, which far exceeded the power shown by the other guns in the game. However, the sound of firing the guns sounded like several shots in succession.

Arkham Knight Incident

Following Protocol 10, it was revealed through Deadshot's Evidence Archive display case at the GCPD Lockup, that the GCPD were forced to let him go following the closing of Arkham City. However, Deadshot's Wrist-Mounted Guns and his Sniper Rifle were kept from him.



  • If Batman threw a Batarang at Deadshot in Arkham City, he used his Wrist-Mounted Guns, and shot it in mid-air.

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