Credit Crunch is an A.R Challenge map in Batman: Arkham Knight. It's located inside a bank at Founder's Island. The enemies consist of default thugs, and ends after 12 takedowns. It's part of the Crimefighter Challenge Map Pack #4.

The default playable character is Robin.



  • Take down 3 enemies without moving (RHD required)
  • Perform 3 shield bashes
  • Finish with a fear takedown


  • Stop the bank heist in less than 1:20
  • Perform a takedown in the dye
  • Take out 5 thugs in 10 seconds


  • Perform a batclaw slam
  • Do not use detective mode
  • Take out 5 thugs in 10 seconds


  • Bola an enemy on the ground floor
  • Whip trip 2 thugs
  • Take out 3 thugs in 10 seconds


  • Batclaw then perform an environment takedown on an enemy
  • Knock down 2 enemies with explosive gel simultaneously
  • Take out 5 thugs in 10 seconds

Harley Quinn

  • Perform 2 takedowns with the jack-in-the-box
  • Perform a takedown on an enemy in laughing gas
  • Take out 3 thugs in 10 seconds


  • Take out 2 thugs with the electric floor
  • perform an inverted takedown
  • take out 3 thugs in 10 seconds

Red Hood

  • Flash bang 3 thugs
  • Shoot an enemy from the starting point
  • Take out 3 thugs in 10 seconds


  • This was the last bank-based challenge map released.
  • As with the other bank-based challenges, the alarm covers the noise of loud takedowns.

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