The Concussion Detonator in Arkham Origins

The Concussion Detonator is a gadget used by Batman that attaches to enemies and allows Batman to stun and disorient those caught in its explosion, giving him ample time to dispose of the enemies.


Batman: Arkham Origins

It seemed the player had an unlimited supply of Concussion Detonators which could be equipped by holding L1/LT/ZL/RMB/(PS3/XBOX360/WiiU/PC) and thrown by pressing R2/RT/ZR/LMB (PS3/XBOX360/WiiU/PC) .



  • The Concussion Detonator's function in combat was very similar to the Remote Electrical Charge Gun's ability to disorient Thugs\thugs into hitting each other. It even had the same quick-fire controls. The main differences were that it wouldn't launch armored enemies into the air, and that there's a slight delay before it activated. It could, however, hit multiple enemies at a time.
  • When first retrieving the Concussion Detonator, it had the same shape as the Glue Grenade. However, when aiming to throw the gadget in combat, it took the shape of a small sphere, similar to the Smoke Bomb. The icon for the gadget was also a sphere.
  • Even though Alfred told Batman that it would be better to use the Concussion Detonator rather than just beating the cops, it could not be used in that way, as you could not proceed through the GCPD Building if there were cops that were still standing, and the Concussion Detonator did not knock out enemies.
  • It's never explained why the Concussion Detonator was never used in the sequel games, whether it was destroyed or discontinued for some reason.
  • The gadget possibly inspired the changes to the Explosive Gel in Arkham Knight, as the secondary use/quickfire behaved very similarly to that gadget. Both were shot in an arc, only attached to one enemy, and took a second to detonate.
    • The Concussion Detonator actually started as a gel-launching function for Arkham Origins, but the idea eventually evolved into its own gadget.

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