Crime Fighter Challenge Map Pack 6, also known as the Community Challenge Pack is a DLC Challenge Pack in Batman: Arkham Knight. It includes six challenge maps from Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, and a special endless Predator Mode challenge. The challenges received a "next-gen overhaul", with improved graphics and other small changes.

Challenge maps



Release Date

  • PC: January 19th, 2016
  • PS4/XBO: January 26th, 2016


  • The Curtain Falls – Flawless FreeFlow in every round of the Monarch Theatre as Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman.
  • Requiem for a Killer – Defeat an old adversary in the Iceberg Lounge AR Challenge, playing as Batman.
  • The Chill in the Air – Complete the Crime Alley AR Challenge unharmed as Batman, Robin and Nightwing.
  • What the Butler Saw – Complete the Wayne Manor AR Challenge as Batman without using any gadgets or taking any damage.
  • Secrets of the Batcave – Complete the Batcave AR Challenge unharmed as Batman and Nightwing, using only Beat Downs.
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night – Complete the Silent Knight AR Challenge unharmed as Batman and Robin, using only Knockout Smashes.
  • Eternal – Complete the Endless Knight AR Challenge, taking out 50 Enemies as Batman.


  • The maps were chosen by the community on WB:s Arkham Knight forum. The descriptions of each challenge map is a post from a person who suggested said challenge map.
    • The Trophies/Achievements were also created/influenced by fans.
  • PC users gained access to the DLC pack one week before PS4 and Xbox One users, as an apology for the broken launch and delayed re-release.
  • The pack did not have any maps from Batman: Arkham Origins, presumably either due to Rocksteady not owning the rights to Origins or they simply didn't have access to the files.
  • The Monarch Theatre is the only returning area which hasn't been a challenge map in any of the previous games.




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