Combo Master is an A.R challenge map in Batman: Arkham Knight. It is located on the roof of Panessa Studios, and consists of numerous enemy types such as: Medics, Militia Soldiers, and Combat Experts. Instead of the traditional point system, the player is given a time limit to reach as high combo as possible. If the combo ends by the player getting hit or missing a punch, the challenge ends immediately, but only if the player has already achieved a combo of at least 10 hits; otherwise the game will continue to spawn new opponents until a 10 hit combo is reached or the player quits the challenge. It can be launched from Free roam.

The default playable character is Batman.


Shared with all characters

  • Achieve a 10 hit combo
  • Achieve a 25 hit combo
  • Achieve a 50 hit combo
  • After a 50 hit combo, every extra combo of 10 grands an additional rival point. (Batman only)

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