Cold Call Killer was a Gotham's Most Wanted Side Mission in Batman: Arkham City. Batman tried to track down Victor Zsasz, to prevent deaths of innocent people.

The mission was started by locating a ringing phone. The caller was a familiar villain: Victor Zsasz. Zsasz stated that he had a very special game for Batman, and cut the call. The player needed to locate another phone to proceed in the mission.

From the second phone onward, whenever Batman answered the phone, he was given a time limit to reach another phone somewhere in Arkham City. Fortunately, it was always shown on the map. After answering the timed phone, the player needed to track the call during the phone call, by moving a redicule on the map screen, and hover over the signal, which moved from phone to phone. That was repeated several times.

After managing to fill the meter by following the signals, Batman was finally able to triangulate the origin: a warehouse at the Industrial District. As Batman entered the building, he soon realized that if he was seen, Zsasz would kill one of the hostages. (which would result in a game over). Instead, a more stealthy route was required. Batman traversed the outskirts of the room, avoided Zsasz and multiple environmental hazards, and used an occasional ice raft. Batman finally reached Zsasz, and attacked through a window. Batman then freed the hostages and locked the still unconscious Zsasz into one of the cages.



  • Failing to fill the meter by following the signal resulted in two extra phone calls. If Batman still failed to triangulate the position, the game automatically completed the objective, and allowed the player to enter Zsasz's Hideout anyway.
  • As seen in his hideout, Zsasz had already killed one of the hostages by the time that Batman got there.

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