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 The Clock Tower was Oracle's main base of operations in Batman: Arkham Knight and, presumably, in City and Asylum too.


The Clock Tower was located between the Chinatown and Cauldron districts on Bleake Island, visible from almost everywhere on the city, provided that the player is on high ground.


Incident Reports

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  • Oracle seems very fascinated with the GCPD within her apartment is two police coats, a cop hat along with a poster of it next to her computer.
  • It's unknown if Barbara owns the whole Clock Tower or just the top floor.
  • It's also unknown if Jim lives with Barbara or not, suggesting buy the coats and his over-protection of her it seems they may live together but this is debunked by the fact there's only one bed and Jim could accidentally find the computer.
  • In the concept art of the Clock Tower shows a table in the center and Penguin in his Arkham City design.
  • Barbara will be in the tower until Ace Chemicals explodes.
  • The elevator is shown only to go from the third floor to Oracle's apartment, this ether means there's two elevators or just an oversight.
  • Why there is several computer cubicles on the top floor is unclear, ether Barbara needs/uses them or it's an office building for there's but this seems unlikely.