Catwoman's Clawed Gloves along with her googles in the East Wing Corridor at the Arkham Mansion

The Clawed Gloves are, as the name suggested, latex gloves with retractable, claw like nails used by Catwoman, and was a main part of her Catsuit.

Incident Report

Arkham Origins Blackgate Incident

Catwoman used her gloves to attack Batman after revealing her true plans towards Bane.

Arkham Asylum

A pair of these gloves were seen on display in a hallway near the Warden's Office in the Arkham Mansion along with Catwoman's goggles.

Arkham City Incident

Catwoman used these claws in basic combat, and also used them to claw Two-Face's 'good side'.

Arkham Knight Incident

Catwoman still used them for close combat.