City of Fear is a Most Wanted mission in Batman: Arkham Knight, also treated in-game as the primary Most Wanted mission. Scarecrow serves as the main villain, with the Arkham Knight as the secondary villain.

It encompasses the entirety of the main story of Batman: Arkham Knight.


  • The title is referenced by Scarecrow when the Cloudburst is activated and Fear Toxin starts to engulf the entire city: "Welcome to Gotham... City of Fear."
  • After completing the Most Wanted mission, Joker's hallucinatory presence stops appearing in other Most Wanted missions and free roam, and thugs and other NPCs now comment on Batman's identity reveal.
  • The password to enter Scarecrow's barge in Arkham City was also "City of Fear".
  • When the fear gas covers the city, it only covers the playable area, instead of the whole city. It is possible that Scarecrow simply overestimated the Cloudburst's power or that it wasn't fully charged.
  • If the player completes all of Gotham's Most Wanted before surrendering to Scarecrow, Joker hallucination's dialogue in Scarecrow's warehouse changes slightly.
    • If they are not completed, Joker will complain on how Bruce should go back, as "there's still much more fun to be had out there".
    • If all are completed, he will note that there are "no more fingers to break or heads to crush". He'll also state that he always knew that he would be there when the Batman finally dies, even if only in his head.

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