A car in the official trailer.

Cars appear in Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Origins as wrecks and serve no purpose in the game. However cars return in Batman: Arkham Knight, in several variants. They drive on the streets and appear as enemies and Batman can initiate a Vehicle Takedown when a car is approaching him. Batman can track any vehicle by either using the Batmobile's tracking systems, or by shooting the vehicle with the disruptor. Unlike the Arkham Knight's Drones, vehicles cannot be shot with Batmobile's weaponry, unless they are empty. Empty cars can explode when damaged heavily, manned cars do not.

Cars that hold a riddler informant are highlighted green, just like on-foot thugs. They will never be the driver, however, so performing a vehicle takedown will still allow Batman to intterogate the passenger once they exit the car.


  • Civilian vehicles - Always driven by thugs. Might try to run over Batman if they see him.
  • APCs - Part of the Armored and Dangerous Most Wanted mission.
  • Militia Jeeps - Appear randomly on the city unless Militia has been defeated. Driven by Militia soldiers, who might be armed.
  • Police Cars - Always driven by police officers, either chasing thugs or being chased by them. If they see Batmobile driving nearby, they usually abandon the chase, and if Batman disables their pursuers, they will thank him. Cannot be disabled by Batman, and ramming them with the Batmobile does not damage their vehicles.

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