Modifiers are additional requirements in Challenge Mode Campaigns or customized challenges which affect the difficulty and gameplay of a challenge map.


  • Gadget Malfunction: In Combat, Quickfire Gadgets are turned off. In Predator, Detective Mode is jammed for the whole challenge.
  • Danger Zones: In Combat, Gun Racks are turned on. In Predator, Vantage Points are booby-trapped.
  • Increased Aggression: Enemies are faster, stronger, and more aggressive.
  • Scattered Weapons: In Combat, enemies can pick up and throw weapons at you. In Predator, the environment is pre-mined with explosives.
  • Reduced Health: Health is reduced to critical at the beginning of the challenge.
  • Protective Aura: Enemies that glow red take no damage. This protective field switches after a few seconds between enemies.
  • Time Limit: The challenge must be completed within a certain time or the player will fail. Defeat enemies to extend the time.


  • Takedown Projectiles: The primary Quickfire Gadget now instantly takes down enemies.
  • Superpowered: In Combat, the player can punch through armor, shields, and stun batons without disrupting Freeflow Combat. In Predator, the player can move faster when crouching. If used as Batman in Arkham Origins, the shock gloves have unlimited usage, thus making longer combos easier to get, as each hit adds 2 to the counter.
  • Health Regeneration: The player slowly regains health.
  • Free Medal: Available only in Challenge Campaign, the player is awarded a medal at the end of the map if they have not completed all of the requirements for each medal. Note that this modifier only applies to a particular map, and not the entire campaign.

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