Boogy is one of Joker's Henchmen active during the time the Joker took Commissioner Gordon and various GCPD officers hostage.


While guarding the entrance to Seagate Amusement Park, Boogy and two other henchmen were discussing where Joker got his name. However, Boogy heard a suspicious noise and left to investigate. When arriving at the gate, however, he ended up ambushed by Batgirl and was left hanging from the barred gate. Boogy's disappearance did not go unnoticed by his comrades, who heard the sounds caused by Batgirl dispatching him, noted his absence, and proceeded to investigate. They eventually found him hanging, and were quickly dispatched by Batgirl.

Physical Appearance

Owing to his affiliation to the Joker, he wore a clown-like mask depicting an exaggerated frown. Boogy also wore a tan hoodie with purple short sleeves and a spiked pauldron on his left shoulder.

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