Batman, dodging an attack from one of Joker's Henchmen attacks with the Blade Dodge in Arkham City.

The Blade Dodge is a Combat move in Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Batman: Arkham Knight. The move is used against enemies equipped with sharp objects (Thugs with Knives or Broken Bottles, or Assassins with Swords) who attack with multiple swipes in quick succession. The Blade Dodge is an extension of the normal counter move to a series of attacks. The player holds the Counter button and moves away from the enemy to dodge every swipe.

The attacking enemy is marked with a yellow icon. In New Game+ or harder game modes in which all icons are omitted, ninjas/combat experts always swipe from below when they initiate an uncounterable blade attack (as opposed to when they swipe from above for a counterable attack), and female ninjas prior to Knight additionally occasionally shout after each swipe. These are useful cues for effectively identifying an upcoming attack in response to which the Blade Dodge or Blade Dodge Takedown can be used.

Releasing the counter button in between each swipe performs a Blade Dodge Takedown that knocks the enemy out instead (Upgrade required).