On Christmas Eve, a Code 10 riot broke out at the Blackgate Prison, that was caused by Black Mask and his Henchmen.


On Christmas Eve, the serial killer, Julian Gregory Day, also known as Calendar Man, was to face execution for his mass murders, with GPCD Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb overseeing the execution. While meeting a press release on the event, Loeb dismissed further questions after one of the reporters implied when asking questions that it was actually Batman and not the GCPD who was actually responsible for Day's arrest.

Black Mask, however, after he torturing Warden Joseph, and threatened his family, forced him to make security lax to engineer a prison riot inside the prison. After Black Mask and several of his men, including the hired hitman, Killer Croc, broke into the prison, a dispatch was issued requesting backup as Loeb and the news crew were taken hostage. Bruce Wayne, overheard that dispatch, donned his identity of Batman, and proceeded to Blackgate to quell the riot.

The Riot

Upon arrival, Batman deduced the entry point of Black Mask and his men due to the damaged entrance. After Batman saved Warden Joseph from being brutally killed by some of Black Mask's Henchmen and defending himself from a panic-stricken Joseph, (To Be Continued)

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