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Black Mask
Real name: Roman Sionis


Crime Lord

Base of Operations:

Gotham City


Hair: Black
Height: 6ft 1in (1.85m)
Weight: 195 pounds
First Appearance: Batman #386 (August 1985)

Voice Actor:

Nolan North (Arkham City)

Brian Bloom (Arkham Origins)


Gillian B. Loeb




Tiffany Ambrose'


"You know what's so great about you Batman? Even when I lose, I win. So go ahead, call the cops. They'll lock me up, sure. But my lawyer's gonna have me out on bail before the sun's up. And you know what I'm gonna do when I get out? I'm gonna dedicate every waking minute to tracking you down, and taking you out! And the best part is, there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Because that justice system you love so much, it's a scam! And you? Well you're the mark. Because you keep tossing us in, and we keep bouncing right back out!"
―Black Mask[src]

One of the first crime lords to seize complete control of Gotham City, Roman Sionis was born into a wealthy family, but was nonetheless raised by abusive, selfish, and neglectful parents. As his parents cared more about their own image and social standing in society rather than the welfare of their own son, Sionis grew to loath them and the 'friends' they made in Gotham City.

Finally reaching his breaking point, Roman set fire to his family mansion, completely burning it to the ground and murdering his parents at the same time. Left with their massive fortune and his father's company, Janus Cosmetics, Sionis embezzled his inheritance money and started numerous lucrative business ventures, which he eventually used as a front for illegal operations in conjunction with his late father's corporation. Fixated with masks, Sionis carved one from the black wood of his father's coffin and became known to the criminal underworld as Black Mask, a sadistic and vicious mass murderer and crime boss.

Using the mask as inspiration to form and build up a massive gang known as the "False Facers", Black Mask unleashed a crime wave throughout all of Gotham with his army for years on end and soon became the leading crime lord among the criminal underworld and one of the most powerful and influential individuals within the entire city as his businesses grew into a massive empire. Now in a position of wealth, power, and ultimate control, Black Mask seeks to bring vengeance to everyone who he has believed wronged him in the past to perfect his criminal lifestyle, particularly Bruce Wayne, his old childhood rival in his mind, and Batman (unaware that the two are one and the same), for interfering with his plans and rise to power.


Gotham City business owner Roman Sionis is alleged to be one of the city’s most powerful crime lords, though no convictions have ever been made. Sionis is also a fan of torture. This shows his sadistic and cruel persona. Sionis maintains several “legitimate” businesses - many of which are believed to be fronts for illegal operations. Notable businesses in his portfolio include: Janus Cosmetics, Gotham Merchants’ Bank, and the now-defunct Sionis Steel Works. Sionis has been charged with embezzling city funds, drug trafficking, murder, racketeering, distribution of illegal narcotics, and other offenses, but never convicted. In previous trials, witnesses for the prosecution have been known to recant, die, or disappear. Investigation is ongoing. It is also revealed that Sionis has Prolonged Q-T syndrome, and had a pacemaker implanted in his heart. This means he can easily be victim to cardiac arrest if his heart rate gets too high. As a "King" of Gotham, Sionis was more cruel and sinister than any other criminal in the city, until his reign fell at the hands of a much more evil monster known as "The Joker".

Incident ReportsEdit

Before Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

The Early Years and Masks of SocietyEdit

"This city has a problem: some freak who thinks he's a hero. Luckily, there isn't a problem in the world that can't be solved with a little bit of money. I don't care who does it, I don't care how they do it, I just want the bat dead! Tonight, we all win. One of you gets to walk away with fifty-million dollars. And the rest? Well, we get rid of the Batman!"
―Black Mask

Roman Sionis' childhood would be scarred with several incidents that left him in extreme pain, including being dropped on his head shortly after being born in the hospital. His parents are always more concerned on how it would affect their public image however, rather than their son. As they always leave their son behind to engage in social events to uphold their reputation, even if they despise those they are attending with, Roman develops an intense hatred for his parents and an aptitude towards the concept of masks, believing his parents were hypocrites wearing figurative masks to uphold their family image. Over the years, Roman would collect various masks that would make up a massive collection, which would serve him and his criminal activities well years later.

Among the socialites that the Sionis' frequently engage with are the Waynes, with Roman being forced to become friends with Bruce by his parents. As Roman knows his parents true feelings about the Waynes, Roman grows to despise them all. Despite this, Roman is eventually able to complete his education and get a job at his father's massive company, Janus Cosmetics, where he meets a beautiful young woman named Circe, whom he eventually falls in love with. However, his parents forbid him to see her due to Circe being of the lower class compared to them; this would be the last straw for Roman. Roman then starts a massive fire within his family mansion with his parents inside to finally be rid of them once and for all.

After Roman sets fire to his family mansion, completely burning it to the ground and murdering his neglectful parents at the same time, the villain becomes rich in wealth, power lust, and tainted ambitions. With his parents out of the way, Roman took control of Janus Cosmetics and becomes engaged to Circe with Roman believing that he may finally have a chance at being happy. However, Roman is not the business man his father was and nearly bankrupts the company with several ill conceived and rushed products, leaving him no choice but to accept help from Bruce Wayne in exchange for giving up control of the company; this intensified Roman's hatred of Bruce Wayne even more. To make matters worse for Roman, Circe broke up with him in front of the entire company, destroying the last shreds of humanity that may have been left in Roman.

Roman decides to take his business activities into the criminal elements to capitalize on Gotham's violent streets and criminal underworld. Still left with a massive fortune, Sionis embezzles his inheritance money and starts numerous lucrative business ventures, which he eventually uses as a front for illegal operations in conjunction with his late father's corporation, which he manages to uphold control of with his newly formed, massive profits. Carving a mask from the black wood of his father's coffin, Sionis becomes known to the criminal underworld as Black Mask, a sadistic and vicious mass murderer and crime boss. Sionis/Black Mask also had been afflicted with paranoia, which was a large part of the reason he was one of the more successful criminal kingpins.

Roman also was an old accomplice of the Falcone Crime Family, more specifically Carmine Falcone. At some point, Roman also encountered Carmine's son, Alberto Falcone, and offered him a private place to talk after Falcone made a statement about his family at Cucinotta's the night before. However, this later came back to haunt him when Alberto Falcone, who had a history of mental instability, made a threatening call to Roman late at night in his alternate persona.

Arkham Origins IncidentEdit

"This time tomorrow, Gotham's gonna be mine."
―Black Mask

Recruiting dozens of other thugs and murderers to form a group called "The False Facers", Black Mask would lead his gang into performing incredible and daring heists, using his family crypt as an initial base of operations to direct his affairs from. Black Mask and his organization would grip all of Gotham in a massive crime wave and murder countless individuals who have crossed him in the past, including several Wayne Enterprise employees, and Circe, who eventually commits suicide to avoid extensive torture done regualry to her by Roman.

Roman becomes extremely wealthy and powerful in a relatively short period of time, gaining the attention of the Dark Knight himself as the villain buys up and starts several more businesses. By the events of a particularly snowy winter during Batman's second year patrolling the streets of Gotham, Black Mask is by far the most powerful man and crime lord in the city, possessing immense wealth and resources and controls Gotham's criminal underworld with his massive gangs.

Using his massive wealth and ties to the criminal underworld to hire corrupt public officials, such as Commissioner Loeb, and countless bent cops, Black Mask also effectively and completely controls the Gotham City Police Department, with the exception of Captain James Gordon and a few others, allowing him to easily stay out of prison with any evidence against him mysteriously going missing and witnesses ending up dead. Additionally, judges, councilmen, and even guards at Blackgate Penitentiary would end up on Sionis' payroll, effectively making the villain the true law that controls the city with his criminal empire in a seat of supreme power.

To serve as a personal squadron of enforcers for Black Mask within the GCPD, Commissioner Loeb initiates a SWAT team made up of handpicked officers who would use stolen equipment and gear in their "assignments"; the worst of the worst with Howard Branden as their trigger happy leader. This team would serve Black Mask and Loeb most loyally of all by stealing weapons from evidence lockup and transferring them to Roman, helping the crime lord in selling drugs and expanding his profits, eliminating evidence and framing other individuals for his crimes, killing witnesses, and turning a blind eye to his criminal activities. Serving their own interests at the same time, Loeb and Branden would also use their connections to Black Mask to intimidate Gotham citizens into handing over protection money, use the homeless to do their dirty work or suffer beatings, and secure their own financial situations with bribes.

While most police officers who would not take Sionis' bribes or orders are horrifically tortured and murdered, Black Mask would have other plans in mind for Captain James Gordon. While Gordon was previously attacked by his fellow coworkers, including his partner, Arnold Flass, under the orders of Loeb for not being a "team player", Black Mask believes that Gordon would be far more useful to their plans and cause if he was controlled instead as his respectable public image would help to preserve the reputation of a thoroughly corrupt police department. To this end, Loeb orders Harvey Bullock, another officer bordering on corruption as well, to become Gordon's partner to uncover information on the captain that could be used to blackmail and effectively control him for their own designs.

In the meantime, Gordon is given a task that would both keep him busy and out of Loeb and Branden's operations and keep him focused on a task that would benefit Black Mask and the corrupt police department as a whole; capturing Batman. To this end, Gordon is put in charge of a task force whose sole assignment is hunting down and capturing vigilantes, with Batman at the top of the list. This would spark conflict between Gordon and his daughter Barbara, who believes that Batman accomplishes much more than the broken legal system in Gotham.

With Black Mask using sadistic torture, fear, and punishment to exert his control over his followers, enemies, and the entire city alike, and the entire Gotham police force and infrastructure serving as little more than a secondary gang for his forces, few stepped up against Black Mask, despite most believing his involvement in the numerous crimes he has been alleged, but never convicted of, to have committed. Having wiped out most of the competition and begun consolidating his power, Black Mask issues forth a crime wave with his gang to capitalize on his reign over the city. Forming a truce with other criminals within Gotham City, including newcomer to the criminal underworld Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, who agreed to assist in his plans for their own purposes, Black Mask also seeks to completely wipe out the entire Falcone Crime Family, one of his last remaining, competing adversaries.

Wearing a Black Mask when leading his men, also similarly wearing masks to represent their personalities, as a disguise and part of his persona when heading up his criminal activities, the villain is able to publicly run his company as Roman Sionis and keep himself from being connected to any crime, while also using his businesses as a front for drug trafficking and other illegal operations. Roman's buissnesses primarily consist of Janus Cosmetics, which he often uses to conceal illegal chemicals and drugs to be sold onto the streets, and Sionis Industries, which has since fell into disrepair.

However, Roman still keeps control over the mill and uses it as a storage facility to receive shipments of illegal materials used in the construction of his drugs. Within the mill warehouses, there is a secret passageway that leads to a massive drug manufacturing facility, where Sionis makes and ships his drugs and also keeps a private office and torture chamber, which he uses to brutalize, intimidate, and slaughter his enemies and cops who would not take his orders in order to further feed his sadistic appetites. Roman also keeps stashes of his ill gotten gains within the mill as a failsafe fortune for his illegal activities.

The remainder of his illegal profits would be stored within the Gotham Merchants Bank, yet another business that Roman owns and uses as a secondary front to launder his ill-conceived fortune. Through his control of the Merchants Bank, Roman would also embezzle city funds, leaving many clients broke and homeless as Roman buys up numerous resources and miles worth of real estate throughout new and old Gotham to serve as secondary headquarters and safe houses. With Sionis selling large quantities of drugs each week, most of Gotham's infrastructure on his payroll, and owning much of the real estate, Gotham becomes rifled with corruption, crime, and poverty, with many turning to a life of crime to support themselves. While Black Mask has complete control over the city and seems to be untouchable by any law, authority, or individual, the crime lord's luck took a turn for the worse with the emergence of a psychopathic mass murderer and villain calling himself The Joker.

Several days before Christmas' Eve, Black Mask was having a criminal known as the Joker followed as the maniac had been stealing chemicals from him. However, the Joker begins to stalk his girlfriend, Tiffany Ambrose. Sionis moves her to his safehouse in Lacey Towers, which turns out to be anything but safe: the Joker breaks in, knocks Tiffany unconscious, and hangs her from the chandelier. Sionis and a henchman, Giovanni Luchese, show up later to check up on Tiffany. Sionis, having always been paranoid, has Luchese act as a decoy while he sneaks around to give himself the element of surprise. Unfortunately, this isn't enough: the Joker is able to tell that Luchese isn't Black Mask and kills him with a shot to the chest, and beats Sionis when the latter tries to beat him into submission. Joker keeps Sionis alive in order to get past the biometric security at Gotham Merchants Bank, but throws a Molotov Cocktail into the room to tie up loose ends, and forces Sionis to kill his girlfriend. The Joker, disguised as Roman Sionis, hires 8 assassins to kill Batman with the reward of 50 million dollars. These assassins are: Killer Croc, ElectrocutionerDeathstrokeDeadshot, Bane, Shiva, Copperhead and Firefly.

During the night of Christmas Eve, Batman thought Sionis put up the bounty. After solving the Lacey Towers case by hacking into the National Criminal Database, Batman made his way to the Gotham Merchant's Bank to track down the Joker who had taken Sionis hostage. In the bank, Batman encounters the Joker, who disguised himself as Black Mask and Sionis. Sionis becomes infuriated at the Joker for stealing from him and killing his girlfriend Sionis threatens to kill him only for the Joker to beat him into unconsciousness. Joker the reveals himself with Batman quickly realizing that he put the bounty on his head Joker then tells Batman he has more planned for him and takes Sionis to the Sionis' mill blowing up part of the bank up in the process. With this Batman is forced to take down each of these assassins, hunt down the Joker, and save Black Mask. After eventually rescuing Black Mask from his former gang, Batman questions him on the Joker's whereabouts. Sionis refuses to divulge any information because he plans on murdering the Joker himself for stealing his money, his operations and killing his girlfriend, then Batman starts torturing Sionis to control his pacemaker if he is going to start talking. Before Batman can question him any further, Copperhead attacks, and while the Batman is distracted, Sionis escapes into the night.

Later after escaping the clutches of Batman and the Joker, Black Mask quickly moves to take back control of his empire, it is implied he personally tortured and killed several of his former henchman for betraying him to the Joker, this effectively scares many of his men back into working under him once again. Black Mask then begins putting his drugs back out onto the streets of Gotham, Batman however, is able to destroy almost all of his stashes before they can go on the market. Black Mask, furious at the Dark Knight, sets a trap for him at the old Gotham Church, using his last container of drugs as bait. After Batman destroys the container, Black Mask appears, flanked by several of his men, he then states he plans on making it his personal mission to capture and torture Batman to death for his meddling in his business. A large brawl then ensues with Batman besting all of Sionis' men before personally beating the crime lord into submission. Batman then leaves a subdued Black Mask to be taken into custody by the GCPD, he is soon after imprisoned within Blackgate.

Arkham Origins Blackgate IncidentEdit

"You'll die badly Batman, making that happen is my personal mission in life!"
―Black Mask

After the events of Arkham Origins, Black Mask is finally arrested and placed within Blackgate Penitentiary along with other criminals within Batman's extensive rouges gallery. During his incarceration at Blackgate Penitentiary, Roman would keep a photo of Tiffany with him at all times, implying that, despite his overall persona as a sadistic and mass murdering crime lord with several female admirers, Black Mask truly cared for and loved his former girlfriend. With his hatred of Joker only intensifying every day, Black Mask has his men within the prison watch the Joker and makes notes of all his movements in preparation for his planned revenge.

Stealing various dental equipment from the prison's medical ward, Roman plans to slowly torture and murder the Joker in retirbution for actions against him and his criminal empire and planned to wipe out the rest of his opposition. Three months later, a massive explosion within the prison commences a riot that allows Black Mask, The Joker, and The Penguin to seize complete control of the facility and carve up a portion of it for themselves and advance their own, individual agendas. Using a a homemade security override system and crowbar, as well as cutting several power chords controlling security systems, Black Mask is able to access several weapon caches, claiming the artillery for his gang, and makes his way to the prison's power plants, wiping out all resistance and planning on using the prison's power to flush the Joker out and use as his trump card and ultimate weapon against the rest of the prison population.

Believing the carnage to be much more complex than just a simple prison riot and takeover, Batman arrives at the penitentiary to investigate the situation further, allowing Black Mask a chance of ultimate revenge against his hated enemy. After taking over a section of the prison, Black Mask attempts to overload the prison generators to wipe out everyone in the prison, taking out all his rivals in the process and leaving himself the sole remaining criminal kingpin. Forcing a technician to overpower the generators, Roman shoots the man dead after he completes the deed and ventures further into the Industrial District with several dozen of his men. Targeting a lone security guard, who makes one final phone call to his wife to say goodbye, Roman murders the man and cuts off his thumb in order to use his fingerprint to activate the main electric controls to reroute even more power.

However, Batman is able to foil his plans once again, stabilizes the generators, and defeats Black Mask and his men, leaving them to be arrested and imprisoned once again. Black Mask, however, had a fall-back plan, where he had Catwoman rig the prison with various explosives (this revelation depends on which kingpin Batman defeated last). Catwoman didn't actually care about ensuring the bombs went off, however, as she only needed a distraction to ensure Bane was smuggled out. However, before Black Mask can be taken into custody by the police, Black Mask regains his consciousness and takes a technician, who was fixing the generators (also commenting that Black Mask's earlier actions messed up the heating and cooling systems, certainly weakening them due to the quick succession of expanding and contracting pipes), hostage.

Black Mask demands that the police officers give him access to the Joker, still hungry for revenge against the villain for everything he took away from him. When the officers refuse, Black Mask throws the technician at them as a diversion and begins shooting, forcing the police to fire back, killing the technician and critically damaging the generator right next to Black Mask. As a result, the generator explodes and the resulting fire consumes Black Mask, who screams uncontrollably, but is nonetheless able to escape into the night, with the guards also speculating that wherever he went to, the Joker had better watch his back. However, Black Mask still receives his due as the fires from the explosion would graft his mask onto his face to the extent that it was unable to ever be removed short of sufficient blunt force.

Between Arkham Origins Blackgate and Arkham Asylum IncidentEdit

At some point after Arkham Origins Blackgate, Black Mask was eventually recaptured and was presumably transferred to Arkham Asylum.

Arkham Asylum Incident Edit

Black Mask doesn't appear in Arkham Asylum, however a wooden mask is mounted on the wall of Penelope Young's office.

Before Arkham City IncidentEdit

Black Mask is the only inmate confirmed to have ever escaped Arkham City.
371px-ArkhamCap 82

Black Mask's Arkham City wanted poster.

Using explosives stolen from the Penguin, he waited until the TYGER shift change, blasted his way through the containment wall and went on the run in Gotham City. Black Mask then attempted to leave the city but not before deciding to deal one last blow to Strange by attacking TYGERS weapon storages with some help from his own gang and Firefly. Furious, Hugo Strange ordered his TYGER operatives onto the streets, to focus all their attention on finding Black Mask, who was finally recaptured after a violent siege at the meatpacking plant he owned involving Batman, Robin, and Nightwing.

Arkham City IncidentEdit

"No one arrests Black Mask! No one!"
―Black Mask
ArkhamCap 66

Black Mask attempting to fend of the TYGER Guards.

After returning, Black Mask resisted being sent into Arkham City again. Black Mask tried to protect himself from TYGER guards with a chair in the Processing Centre, but he was easily overwhelmed by the guards.

After Arkham City IncidentEdit

After Joker's supposed death, Robin goes to find Roman Sionis, as he becomes a new gang leader in Arkham City. He goes through Black Mask's hideout, an old Sionis Meat Packing facility, where he finds out that some of the Penguin's thugs joined him, and that Riddler is also helping Black Mask. Lastly, he goes into the Freight Train and beats through some of the Joker's thugs, that have also joined him. After getting through three cars, Robin comes to end to find a few thugs, Mister Hammer, and Black Mask blocking the control box. After beating the thugs and Mister Hammer, he leaves Black Mask for last, apprehends him, destroys the control box that's moving the train and sends him, the thugs and Mister Hammer back into Arkham City. It can be assumed that he was taken to temporary holding cells when the GCPD invaded the mega facility

Arkham Knight IncidentEdit

Black Mask may possibly appear in Batman: Arkham Knight, working with The Arkham Knight and/or Scarecrow against the Bat.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Batman: Arkham Origins Edit

Batman: Arkham City Edit


Black Mask appears in 2 DLC challenge maps that come with the Robin bundle pack, which are Black Mask (predator), and Freight Train (combat). in the campaign, Black Mask is chased out of a meatlocker by one of the four playable characters and flees onto a moving train that is smuggling weapons into Arkham City. The player fights their way through groups of thugs and engages in hand to hand combat with Black Mask, along with a group of thugs and Mr Hammer. After knocking all of the opponents unconscious, the player attacks the control box and destroys it, thus stopping the train and ending that shipment of weapons into Arkham City. He also tried escaping for a second time.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Black MaskEdit

Real Name: Roman Sionis


  • Tatical Analysis
  • Criminology
  • Torture Master
  • Criminal Mastermind
  • Hand To Hand (Basics)
  • Escape Artist
  • Skilled marksman
  • Business Management

GCPD ProfileEdit

Gotham City business owner Roman Sionis is alleged to be one of the city’s most powerful crime lords, though no convictions have ever been made. Sionis maintains several “legitimate” businesses - many of which are believed to be fronts for illegal operations. Notable businesses in his portfolio include: Janus Cosmetics, Gotham Merchants’ Bank, and the now-defunct Sionis Steel Works. Sionis has been charged with embezzling city funds, murder, racketeering, distribution of illegal narcotics, and other offenses, but never convicted. In previous trials, witnesses for the prosecution have been known to recant, die, or disappear. Investigation is ongoing. See District Attorney Harvey Dent for more details.

Dr. Penelope YoungEdit


Psychological Profile: A mild psychopath, Sionis has narcissistic tendencies but the main malady he suffers from is resentful obsession with, of all people, billionaire Bruce Wayne. Sionis is fixated on Wayne possibly due to childhood traumas that he has projected onto the idle playboy. It is difficult to say whether the two actually knew each other as children, or if this is Sionis's invention. However, it is Sionis's criminal activities, and the role playing that resulted in the black skull-like mask accidentally burnt into his skin, that resulted in his committal to Arkham.

Additional Notes

I'd question whether Sionis is actually insane, if not for the choice of his obsession; I can't imagine being interested in (much less stalking) such a pointless personage as Bruce Wayne.

Dr. Hugo StrangeEdit

Roman Sionis A.K.A Black Mask

Batman's Database ProfileEdit

Romas Sionis one of Gothams most powerful crime lords though this he has avoided conviction.He maintains several legitmade businesses though many of them are fronts for illegal operations. Notable business in his portfolio include Janus Cosmetics, Gotham Merchant Bank and the now defunt Sionis Steel Works.Sionis has been charged with embezzling funds,murder, racketeering distribution of illegal narcotizes, and other offenses but never convicted. Witnesses for the prosecution have been known to recount,die or disapear. He owns half of the Gotham City Police Department officers in Gotham along with several judges an city councillors. He imtimidates with toture or elimates. Now in a turf war with Carmine Falcone, and the Penguin.

Extortion FileEdit


Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

  • "This time tomorrow, Gotham's gonna be mine!"
  • "A friend of the family."
  • "Just a social call. Reaching out to the community, you might say."
  • "Your father and I did not always see eye to eye, but we had much in common. Common interests, common traditions."
  • "That's not how you made it sound at Cucinotta the other night."
  • "Relax, Alberto. There's nothing like good food and wine to loosen the tongue, am I right? But, next time you want to discuss your future, do it somewhere more private. And, I own just the place."
  • "Who the hell is this? What time is it?"
  • "Listen, you little piece of crap! I don't know who you are or who you work for-"
  • "Nobody speaks to-"
  • "Easy, Gillian-"
  • "That's enough, Gill! A cop like Gordon is good PR for the PD. We get him under control and he could be even be more useful to us."
  • "Like Detective Flass? That approach has already failed. Find a way to put a collar on the man, and it will that much easier to tighten the leash."
  • "Not my problem, Gillian-that's what I pay you for. Gordon is a man of principles. Work on those."
  • "You sunova bitch! You think you can steal from me and get away with it? You're a dead man! Dead!"
  • "Let me out of here!"
  • "When I get out here, I'm going to kill both of you-slowly. With my own hands."
  • "Get in here and untie me. I'll make it worth your while."
  • "All right, enough of the theatrics. Get in here and let me down."
  • "Very good. Now get your ass in here and untie me!"
  • "Hey. Over here. Let me down!"
  • "Are you deaf or somethin?"
  • "You waitin' for somethin'?"
  • "Get me out'a this thing."
  • "Go to hell."
  • "You think that'll make me talk-after what he's put me through? The torture... Turned my men on me. Stole from me. Murdered my woman. He's my kill. Not yours."
  • "You wouldn't..."
  • "Kill him and I'll pay you whatever you want. Make him suffer and I'll double it."
  • "Couple a'freaks. You two deserve each other."
  • "What's your status?"
  • "Good! Now, when the product's been taken care of, head back to the lab. We need to make it disappear before anyone catches on."
  • "Why wouldn't it be okay?"
  • "Hey-You keep your face out of my business or you're gonna lose it."
  • "Something's wrong. The other guys should've been back by now. If I find out those rat snake bastards defected over to that weasel Cobblepot..."
  • "You see anything funny-anything at all-you let me know. Immediately."
  • "And I want you back with the others as soon as that canister's been picked up. No screwing around!"
  • "I was hoping you'd show up. Saves me the trouble of hunting you down."
  • "Guess we've got that in common."
  • "Or the hard way. But I think you know my choice."
  • "Oh, come on! Just die already!"
  • "With everything going on in Gotham tonight, you decide to waste your time with me? I'm touched!"
  • "I've got the numbers here, Bat. Which means I've got the advantage!"
  • "I can do this all night!"
  • "You really should mind your own business, Bat!"
  • "Take off now and I'll consider not coming after you!"
  • "You'll die badly Batman. Making that happen is my personal mission in life!"
  • "You really want to spend all night screwing around here?!"
  • "You know what's so great about you, Batman? Even when I lose, I win. So go ahead-call the cops. They'll lock me up, sure. But my lawyer will have me out on bail before the sun's up. And you know what I'm gonna do when I get out? I'm gonna dedicate every waking minute to tracking you down and taking you out. And the best part is-there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Because that justice system you love so much? It's a SCAM. And you? Well, you're the mark. Because you keep tossing us in-and we keep bouncing right. Back. Out."

Predator (KO'd henchmen)Edit

  • "Wake-up! Wake-up! Wake-up!"
  • "HA! Why am I not surprised?"

Progress of HenchmenEdit

Predator (Calm)Edit

  • "Hey, who needs a break?... That's the RIGHT answer. NO ONE gets a break 'til I get my city back!"
  • "I don't wanna hear chatter, I don't wanna hear jokes. All I wanna hear is gunfire followed by the screams of anyone who steps foot in this mill."

Predator (Nervous)Edit

  • "You'll die badly, Batman. Making that happen is my personal mission in life."
  • "I'm gonna cut out your liver and serve it to my dogs, Batman. You hear me?"
  • "I don't need excuses. I don't want whining. I want damn result."
  • "There it is. You got action. Now ACT."

Predator (Terrified)Edit

  • "You know I don't tolerate failures so who are you more afraid of? The Bat? Or ME?"
  • "You gotta gun, moron! Shoot 'em with it!"
  • "You listenin', Batman? Somewhere, somehow, I'm gonna hurt you."

Arkham Origins BlackgateEdit

  • "The board's locked down? It can't be reversed?"
  • "Yes." [shoots Arkham Guard]
  • "You hit the nail on the head, Batman. I came to this hole to close the books on my competitors-especially the Joker. And I can't let you stand in my way."
  • "Come on now, did you think there's even a prayer of you stabilizing these generators in time?" [shows Batman two guns hidden under suit coat]
  • "The Joker...All I want is the Joker..." [hold guard hostage at gunpoint]
  • "Why not? He's worthless to me, compared to the clown." [lets guard go, shoots at other guards]

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

  • "No one arrests Black Mask. No one!"
  • "Get me Strange!"
  • "You'll die for this!"
  • "I'll kill you!"
  • "You bast-!"
  • "Stop it!"

Batman: Arkham KnightEdit

Game Over LinesEdit

Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

  • "I was hoping you'd at least live long enough to see what I've got planned for this place" (to Batman)
  • "With you out of the way, Gotham's mine for the taking. And sooner than I thought!" (to Batman)
    Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Black Mask01:03

    Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Black Mask

  • "That's it?! All this build up and he falls over like he's made of sticks?! What an anti-climatic ending!" (to Batman)
  • "What?! The party's already over?! But I was just getting warmed up!" (to Batman)
  • "I didn't think it would be this easy! Oh well, live and Learn!" (to Batman)
  • "Unkillable?...Not quite!" (to Deathstroke)
  • "Not your best day hurry up and die!" (to Deathstroke)

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

  • "What? Did you think you could beat me? Me?!"
  • "First you fall, then Gotham."
  • "No one goes up against the Black Mask and lives."

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Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

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Batman: Arkham CityEdit

Batman Arkham City - Game Over Black Mask00:22

Batman Arkham City - Game Over Black Mask


  • While Black Mask does not appear in Batman: Arkham Asylum, his original wooden mask is mounted on the wall of Dr. Young’s office in the old Arkham Mansion. A newspaper clipping about Roman Sionis before he became Black Mask also appears on a bathroom cabinet in the Patient Observation room of Arkham Asylum's Medical Facility. Black Mask is referenced in the game in many of the Penitentiary cells, for example, in the cells is a drawing about a little boy and a house on fire, and then the devil rises up and takes the remains, and the boy is happy. This could also be a vague reference to Thomas Elliot, who wanted to kill his parents for their fortune.
  • The Black Mask's mask seen in Penny Young's Office in Arkham Asylum is different from the one seen in Arkham Origins. However, he has been Black Mask for some time at the beginning of Origins, making it possible for Dr. Young to have the first mask he used; by the time of Origins, he would already be wearing another.
  • Black Mask's appearance in Batman: Arkham Origins seems to be based on his appearance in The Batman TV show.
  • The GameStop pre-order bonus will include two Black Mask themed challenge maps for Batman: Arkham Origins.
  • Despite having brown hair in Batman: Arkham City, he has black hair in Batman: Arkham Origins. Black Mask could've dyed his hair, which is very unlikely, or this could've just been a continuity error.
    • His Character Bio in Arkham Origins still states that his hair is brown.
  • When you go back to the church to check on Black Mask after his Most Wanted mission, he is not there anymore. He must've been taken to Blackgate or found a way to escape.
  • If you look closely at the screenshot on Black Mask's concept art page, you can see him kicking someone who looks like Alberto Falcone. This was perhaps a scene that was planned in early development in which Roman Sionis,or The Joker in disguise, would assault Alberto.
  • Black Mask is the first and only known inmate to successfully escape Arkham City.
  • It is unknown when his mask was burned into his face, though it was presumably after he escaped from Blackgate and before he was incarcerated into Arkham Asylum, as, in Blackgate, he still has his wooden mask. Before the accident, he got rid of his wooden mask and replaced it with a new, leather mask, which is the one burnt into his face.
  • Curiously Black Mask and Hush are surprisingly similar to one another. They both come from very wealthy families, they both suffered from abusive parents whom they eventually grew to resent and hate, they both orchestrated their parents deaths to gain their inheritance, they were both childhood friends of Bruce Wayne, and both eventually grew up to have an obsessive grudge against the billionaire.
  • Its currently unknown if Roman Sionis and Thomas Elliot had any prior connections to one another, although given the fact that they were both childhood friends of Bruce Wayne, its likely that they were at least aware of each other, if not very close.
  • In Arkham City, Batman uses his Cryptographic Sequencer and hacking the code says "Roman Sionis", which the code is reference to Black Mask's identity.
  • In the Game Over Lines for the Deathstroke DLC his voice is noticeably different to when he defeats Batman. This is likely because at the time Black Mask was being impersonated by the Joker. It can then be assumed that his voice when beating Deathstroke is his real voice.

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