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Batman: Arkham VR
Developer Rocksteady Studios
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment/DC
Director Sefton Hill
Writer(s) Sefton Hill
Release Date PlayStation 4 (October 2016)
Game Information
Genre Adventure
Modes Single
Platforms PlayStation 4 (With PS VR)

Steam/Microsoft Windows (Oculus Rift)


Batman: Arkham VR is the fifth installment in the superhero/virtual reality video game developed by Rocksteady Studios, it was released in October 2016.

Batman: Arkham VR was originally an exclusive to the PlayStation 4 until it came to Stream in 2017.


Batman: Arkham VR immerses players into the Dark Knight’s universe as they experience Gotham City through the eyes of the World’s Greatest Detective. Delving deep into an all-new Batman: Arkham mystery, those who enter this virtual reality world must think like Batman and utilize his legendary gadgets to unravel a plot that threatens the lives of his closest allies.


Kevin Conroy as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Mark Hamill as The Joker

Jules De Jongh as Vicki Vale, Batcomputer & GCPD Dispatcher

Wally Wingert as The Riddler

Hugh Fraser as Alfred Pennyworth

Ian Redford as Penguin

Tom Austen as Robin

Kevin Conroy and Andrea Deck as Thomas and Martha Wayne

Glenn Wrage as Joe Chill


You begin, as Bruce, in front of a piano in a large room inside Wayne Manor. Alfred appears to your right, and extends his hand towards you. In it is a key to the piano, which you need to open and play to trigger a hidden floor that leads to the Batcave. On your way down you grab the pieces of the Batsuit, and put them on one by one, finally ending with the Cowl, and the reveal of the Batcave. After you enter, Alfred has very bad news, and he reveals, that Nightwing, has been murdered. You proceed to go to the alley, and see the lifeless body of Dick Grayson, lying there slumped against a wall, broken arm, jaw, ribs, and a snapped neck. You use your detective skills to reconstruct the battle, you shuttle through Nightwing's brawl with an unknown assailant, pinpointing the moments that led to his injuries and eventual death. From this, you learn that the crime had a witness, an agent of the Penguin.

After this, Batman interrogates the Penguin on his agent's whereabouts, only to find him dead, you try investigating the body for evidence. You eventually venture to the sewers to rescue a trapped Robin, but are unable to save Tim from Killer Croc. You eventually make your way to Arkham Asylum, where you discover that you were the one who killed Dick and trapped Tim in the sewers, as Batman would be one of the few people who could get the drop on the former sidekicks. You find out that you did this because the Joker took over your body and is driving you mad.

During the experience, there are also multiple sounds in the background like Alfred's echoed voice and an alarm clock, heavily hinting that you (Bruce) are having a nightmare.



  • There are a few continuity errors:
    • Killer Croc's appearance is a major continuity error. Here he uses his character model from Batman: Arkham Knight, despite the fact that Batman has not seen him post-Iron Heights experimentation. Croc should look the same as he did the last time he met Batman in Arkham City.
    • However if Arkham VR does take place before Arkham Knight, then it's plausible that a year had passed and Killer Croc's torture during the Iron Heights experimentation could have been underway by then, although Croc's mutations happened out of sight from everyone who did not work at Iron Heights, including Batman.
    • Another continuity error is in the Batcave: when examining the Arkham Asylum Case File, Scarecrow's Fear Gauntlet uses its Arkham Knight design rather than the Arkham Asylum design.
  • Before saving Robin, Killer Croc can be seen in a sewer hole.
  • The events of the game could also explain Batman's reluctance to work with both Nightwing and Robin during the events of Arkham Knight, as the nightmare had shaken him to the point of keeping them away for their own safety.
  • Also there were a couple of Easter Eggs in the story process:
  • At the beginning in Wayne Manor, you can find a few postcards by SK (Selina Kyle). Also, in the globe you can find three newpapers about Jewelry missing.
  • In the beginning at Wayne Manor, you can go to a table that has two building figures of Lexcorp. Lexcorp's owner: Lex Luthor, the nemesis of Superman.
  • On the left of piano, a red phone can be seen. This is a reference of 1996' Batman television show. It play three calls in the game: Vicki Vale, Alex Drescher for thanking Bruce for contribution to Arkham City, and final one were Joker impersonating Alfred after finishing the story.
  • When you arrive to Nightwing's crime scene, if you turn around on the fire escape balcony at the beginning, you can find a copy of Alice in Wonderland and a top hat, zoom it to gain the "Though the Looking Glass"Trophy; this room belong to Jevris Tetch, and hinting that he's already planning to brainwash Batman.
  • Inside the Morgue rack, there is keycard that opens a freezer where you can find a bag of Joker's TITAN infected blood, the gun Joker used to paralyze Barbara Gordon, the crowbar used by Joker to torture Jason Todd, and Escrima Sticks belonging to Nightwing; analyzing them will unlock the trophy "Fallen Son".
  • Although Joker appears in last scene, you can hear his voice several times, but the funniest thing was that his bio was also manipulated by him: it listed 45 different crimes he was wanted for, and after the bio finished the list, Joker would say he regretted that he didn't do more in his life. Some were seen as a reference to Steven Spielberg'movie, Catch Me If you Can: Impersonating a police officer, a doctor and a airline pilot.
  • The number 425 had appeared several time: This is the number that reference to the Joker's first appearance date in Batman #1 (April 25 1940).
    • In Batcave, you pick up a Batphone that have "0.425" number; also, if you tune the radio frequency to 425 (or 426~429), you can hear a group of police reporting. (acceptably, they said this number severable)
    • When you investigating three deceased Penguin thug, and go to locker entering the password, you will found that the password were "425"; also after you unlock the freezer, and use the Forensics Scanner to scan the Crowbar used by Joker to torturing Jason Todd and the Escrima Stick, the evidence number is both "425".
    • In the last act, Joe Chill' cell (which were Joker cell in the Nightmare) number were "425".
  • The Riddler once again appears in the game, and, surprisingly, breaks the fourth wall and talks to you (not Batman). Actually, he already broke the fourth wall in all of the Arkham games, but not all the time; which makes him the only one in the Arkhamverse that talks to the player.
  • If you get all collectibles, you will get an alternate ending where Joker sings Rock-a-bye Batsy which can also be heard in Arkham Knight. The only difference is the lyrics.
  • Arkham Knight: ¨Rock-a-bye Batsy, I'm getting free. Soon, you¨ll be the one trapped inside me. So keep breathing those great lungfuls of fear, soon Bats will be gone, and I will be HEEEERRRE.¨
  • Arkham VR: ¨Rock-a-bye Batsy, I'm getting free. Soon, you¨ll be trapped inside me. No need to be scared, you've nothing to fear, soon Bats will be gone, and I will be HERE.¨