The following is a list of Game Over lines in Batman: Arkham Knight.


  • "Prepare yourself, Batman. My reign of terror starts now."
  • "Didn't you know, Dark Knight? You can't fight fear."
  • "Die, knowing that I will make them suffer- every one."
  • "You have failed to stop me, Batman. Now Gotham will fall."
  • "This is the end, Dark Knight. You've nothing to be afraid of anymore."
  • "You die here, and your legend dies with you."
  • "I wanted more than your death and Gotham's destruction, but you forced my hand." (When leaving a bomb to detonate for Campaign for Disarmament)

Arkham Knight

  • "I own the sky now."
  • "You're finished, and Gotham's finished too."
  • "Look at me while you die, Batman. LOOK. AT. ME."
  • "You're old, you're predictable, and you never stood a chance."
  • "It's over, hero. Goodbye."
  • "I didn't want it to end like this, Batman. I kinda hoped you'd put more of a fight."
  • "You never stood a chance, Batman. Not against this army. And not against me."
  • "You failed Oracle, Batman. And I'll make sure she knows it."
  • "That's what happens when you take on my men. You lose."
  • "Ivy should have known better than to count on you."
  • "THIS is justice. THIS is what you deserve." (final boss only)
  • "This makes us even, Bruce." (final boss only)

Harley Quinn

  • "When you see my Puddin', tell him Harley sent you...and she says hi!" (Batman's death)
  • "I did it Mistah J. I did it for you!" (Batman's death)
  • Bye bye, birdie!" (Robin's death)
  • "Ha! Joker told me robins die easy!" (Robin's death)


  • *flips his coin* "Can't argue with the coin, Batman."
  • "You're better off dead, Bat! Just look what happened to us!"
  • "It's fate, Batman. Don't try and fight it."
  • "Harvey might feel bad about this, Batman. But we'll bring him round!"

Robin DLC

  • "Face it, Robin. You're half the man he was."
  • "Sorry kid. You shoulda stuck to the little leagues."


  • "I don't care that he's dead, Batman. But you do." (Bomb victim's death cut from the game)
  • "Such a senseless waste of life. I'm glad you put an end to it." (Bomb victim's death cut from the game)
  • "I did it! I actually did it! I mean, of course I did! Good. As expected." (Batman's death)
  • "I don't think you'll be solving this one." (Batman's death)
  • "Riddle me this: What's dead? You!" (Batman's death)
  • "Your death was inevitable, I'm afraid. A statistical certainty." (Batman's death)
  • "My apologies, Catwoman. But you see, I had a point to prove." (Catwoman's death)
  • "Now to be fair, Catwoman, in cat years you had a very good run." (Catwoman's death)

Catwoman DLC

  • "Farewell, my feline foe."
  • "Revenge is a dish best served by an expert consummate in its ideal preparation methods, my dear."


  • "Well would you look at that? A new stuffed head for my cigar room. Someone get me a hacksaw." (Batman's death)
  • "Aw, don't be so sad Batman. Gotham's in good hands now. I'll take real good care of it." (Batman's death)
  • "Take comfort from the fact I never got hold of ya. Would've been real messy." *chuckles* (Nightwing's death)
  • "Tut tut tut! Coming here thinking you could take me. You were outta your depth boy and you just paid the price." (Nightwing's death)
  • "You and Batman were friends, right? Now, I hate your guts, but that's harsh." (Nightwing's death)

Harley Quinn DLC

  • "Look at you! Just as useless as the Joker. My only regret is I didn't kill 'em myself."
  • *chuckles* "I told Scarecrow sending you was a bad idea. Guess I'm gonna have to send one of my men to finish the job." *laughs*
  • "Shoulda known better, yeah? You never send a harlot to do a man's job!" *laughs*

Nightwing DLC

  • "Not so cocky now, are ya?" *laughs and kicks him*
  • *laughs* "You had it coming, pretty boy. Give Batman my regards."


  • "Downside you're dead. But the upside? We've got each other, Bruce. Forever!"
  • "This is how it happened. This is how the Batman died." *chuckles*
  • "Bats? Bats?! BAAATS!!!!"
  • "Oops. You're dead! Wait, does that mean I'm dead?! GET UP, BRUCE, GET UP!"
  • *sighs* "Well that's what I get for betting it all on black."
  • "Now, if I was in charge this never would have happened!"
  • "Aw, off to see Mom and Pop at that big country club in the sky."
  • "Oh, Bats, you big kidder. You don't fool me. Bats? Bats?"
  • "Don't head towards the light, Bruce. It's not fair, they'll never let me in!"
  • "Who's going to fight crime now? Robin?" *laughs*
  • "You should take better care of yourself, Batsy. There's two of us in there!"
  • "What? You survive everything I ever threw at you only to die now, like this?"
  • "What the? Why is everything gone dark? Are we dying? We better not be dying, Bruce."
  • "Come on, Bruce. You can't die! I didn't kill you!"
  • "That's it, Bats, play dead. We've got' em right where we-oh dear."
  • "I've sat through my own funeral already, now I have to go through the whole thing again?! Thanks for nothing!"
  • "Well, that's one less Gordon to worry about. At least now you won't have to tell him the truth about Babs."
  • "There goes your only lead to finding Barbara. Well, it was fun while it lasted."

Batgirl DLC

  • "Everything is in a smile."
  • "It's a little known fact that there's a bit of Joker inside us all. Come on, kiddo. Let your Joker out."
  • "Hey sad clown... ..turn that frown around."

Professor Pyg

  • "Pyg happy, Pyg glad, Pyg gets to play with flesh, make it look pretty after death!"

Black Mask (Red Hood DLC)

  • "Bring me the hood. The whatcha want. Just don't make a mess."
  • "Do me a favor and die already. I got a business to run!"
  • "Is this some kind of joke? Trying to run me outta Gotham? Get this schmuck outta here!"


  • "Everything you are, everything you have. It's mine, Bruce. All mine." (Shoots Batman)
  • (Standing over Lucius Fox's body) "Too bad, Lucius. I could've used a man of your talents." (Shoots Lucius)


  • "What happened, Batman? You used to put up a fight."
  • "It's been a long rivalry, Bat. But THIS, is the only way it could end."
  • "Shame about the car, I would've kept it after I was finished with you."


  • "They will remember you, Master Bruce. I promise. Your sacrifice will not be in vain."
  • "Master Bruce. I hoped it would never end like this. Rest in peace."


  • "I won't let you down Bruce. I'll keep fighting. Always."

Deacon Blackfire

  • "Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The wicked demon has been slain! Join me children and let us rejoice in his eternal damnation!"


  • "Not so scary now, huh Batman?"
  • "I think he's dead. Hey, who wants to buy a Batsuit?"
  • "Sorry Batman, It's OUR city now."
  • *chuckles* "I thought he was supposed to be tough."

Robin DLC

  • "There ain't no Batman to save you now, Robin."
  • "Hey, look guys! I winged me a bird. Let's put him out of misery." *punches him*

Season of Infamy

  • "You got lucky,freak. Better off dead than eaten alive."

Catwoman DLC

  • "Hey guys! How many ways are there to skin a cat? "


  • "There'll be nothing but a charred stump when I'm finished with you, Batman."

Poison Ivy

  • "They destroyed my plant, Batman. I can't stop them now."

Killer Croc

  • "I hope you suffer, Batman. Like I've suffered."

Nyssa Raatko

  • "I gave you a chance, Bruce. A mistake."


  • "The Dark Knight has fallen, and The Demon's Head will rise again."
  • "You fought bravely. But the true League cannot be defeated."

Rebel Assassin

  • "You stood in our way. And you payed the price."

Militia Commander

  • "It's over, Batman. Your friends will be next."
  • "You're not a hero to me, Dark Knight."

Mad Hatter

  • "Oh, Alice, dear, you cannot perish! There´s so much more for us to cherish."
  • "You're dead? Oh no, this will not do, I had such frabjous plans for you."
  • "(Officer Hutch:Batman ... why?)Hee-hee, you found him, victim three! You're homicidal, just like me. Look back on this and you will find how madness lurks in every mind."

Mr. Freeze

  • "Your death won't be for nothing, Batman."
  • "I will avenge you, Batman. You would do the same for me."

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