Armored and Dangerous
Enemies APC's, Jeeps
Appearance Batman: Arkham Knight

Armored And Dangerous is a Most-Wanted side-mission in Batman: Arkham Knight.

The Arkham Knight's Militia's Lieutenants were kept under guard in APC's, and had required backup should they be pursued by Batman in his Batmobile. The player needed to take down nine APC's in order to complete the side-mission. Completing this mission is also mandatory for the 100% Knightfall Protocol but not alongside Occupy Gotham and Own The Roads to fully complete the Campaign for Disarmament side mission, to fight Deathstroke.


  • The title is a play of the term "Armed and Dangerous."
  • When an APC is destroyed before the Jeeps are destroyed, the Jeeps are ordered to retreat, realizing they don't stand a chance against Batman and leave the lieutenant to his fate.
  • Taking out the APCs can be a bit easier if one has access to the 1989 Batmobile, as the car is slightly faster than the default Batmobile, and the APCs are more vulnerable to ramming than to the immobilizer. The Tumbler Batmobile deals even more ramming damage, but is slower, making it also a viable option, especially if one is having trouble with the jeeps.

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