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Armored Henchmen are enemies equipped with armor that protected them from most attacks. They are usually seen with regular henchmen and rarely appear by themselves. One or two Armored Henchmen usually appear in a group.

They belong to various factions across Gotham City, save Shiva and the League of Assassins.

Incident Reports

Arkham Origins Incident Report

The Armored Henchmen were first encountered within Blackgate Prison. They appeared frequently in Gotham in various places and events.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident Report

Some of Penguin's armored goons assisted Mr. Freeze.

Arkham City Incident Report

The Armored Henchmen were first encountered in Penguin's Museum, and they appeared in Arkham City throughout the game. They were involved in various schemes, such as Joker's plan. Some of his armored men appeared with Harley Quinn in Harley Quinn's Revenge.

Arkham Knight Incident Report

The Armored Henchmen reappeared in Arkham Knight. There were two types of them, thugs and armored Militia. However, they were different when compared to the previous games, as they appeared larger and were capable of using custom, unbreakable melee weapons, in the form of wrist knives, electrified gloves, and shields. While the Beatdown could still be used to take them out in one go, the militia variant required two Special Combo Takedowns. If playing with an ally, a Dual Team Takedown was usually directed at them, which knocked them out instantly. They also did not appear in predator mode, and were replaced with minigunners. The Armored Henchmen also were immune to fear takedowns.


Henchmen could bock normal strikes if they were perfectly on their feet (they can be knocked down if they were just about to stand up after being knocked down, however, and they could be knocked away with electricity-based attacks or weapons, such as the REC or Nightwing's group electric shock attack). In combat, the Armored Henchmen were required to be stunned and then beatdown to defeat them, which became easier if you took out the other thugs around him. However, they could also be taken out with a Special Combo Takedown. Using the Shock Gloves didn't require the Beatdown. In predator mode, some more advanced tactics were often required.

In General

Any loud takedown was capable of knocking the Armored Henchmen out. The aforementioned Beatdown could also be used, and if the henchman was knocked down, a ground takedown could be used. A Ultra Stun could be used to achieve this. It was possible to perform a Reverse Ledge Takedown on them. Any Remote controlled Gadget could possibly knock them off walkways if the gadget was moving at full speed and hit the target from behind. Anything else that could knock them off walkways (Explosive Gel, Batclaw) could be used for a takedown. If the character had access to the disruptor, a mine could be blown up while they were near them. Also, sliding into them could make them trip.

As Batman

The Vantage Point Takedown could be performed to instantly take out the Armored Henchmen. The Remote Electrical Charge could be used to send them flying; if they fell off a walkway this way, they would be knocked out. In addition, in Arkham Origins, they could be knocked out with a glue grenade takedown, and they were also vulnerable to both the Tightrope and Zipline Takedowns.

As Catwoman

Caltrops could be used to make the Armored Henchmen trip, and left open for a ground takedown. Using Catwoman's whip to trip them in a predator encounter would also leave them on the ground, vulnerable to a takedown. Catwoman could also perform a takedown on them if she was hanging from a ceiling and they were standing above her.

As Robin 

Snap-flashes could be used to make the Armored Henchmen vulnerable to a ground takedown.

As Nightwing

Wrist Darts, if shot into the head, would instantly take the Armored Henchmen out. If they were hit anywhere else, they would be knocked over, and were vulnerable to a ground takedown. In addition, the Electrical Blast could knock them over, if it was performed from sufficient height.

As Deathstroke

Deathstroke didn't have any special ways of taking out the Armored Henchmen, but anything in the "In general" section could be used. In addition, a Proximity Mine was not capable of performing an exploding wall takedown.

As Bruce Wayne 

Again, this character had no unique takedowns to perform, but the moves in the "In General" section did the trick.

Known Armored Henchmen



  • The Armored Henchmen could take about 20 hits (24 when playing as Catwoman) before becoming vulnerable to a finish-off move.
    • Though on some occasions, Armored enemies had been observed to be able to take up to 36 hits. See here. (The enemy in question was an armored TYGER Guard)

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