Arkham Knight's Militia
Leader(s) Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (leader)
Jason Todd/Arkham Knight (field commander)
Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (field commander)
Notable Members Militia Commander
Henchmen Soldier, Medic, Brute, Minigunner, Combat Experts
Group Information
Base of Operations Venezuela (formerly), Gotham City
Enemies Batman
Simon Stagg
Mr. Freeze
Allies Simon Stagg (formerly)
Weapons Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Stun Baton, Knife, Pipe, Shield
Game Information
Appeared In Batman: Arkham Knight

The Arkham Knight's Militia is an army of highly trained soldiers and mercenaries under the command of the Arkham Knight.

They serve as the primary henchmen of Batman: Arkham Knight after forcefully invading and overthrowing the entirety of Gotham City.

Unlike other thugs, Arkham Knight's Militia are a literal military unit. It is rumored that they are soldiers with a shady past and excellent skills.

Incident Reports

Before the Arkham Knight Incident

Before the events of Batman: Arkham Knight, the militia's past is only hinted at by a few conversations. What is known is that the Arkham Knight traveled to Venezuela and assembled an entire army of international mercenaries of shady origin, forming a militia and personally training each and every soldier in ways to specifically combat Batman. The militia is then graced with 3 billion dollars after the Arkham Knight convinced the Scarecrow, who assembled the villains of Gotham City and is too planning to destroy Batman, to donate and uses the fortune to fill the army with extremely advanced weaponry, including firearms, detective-mode trackers, optic camouflage suits, suicide vests, and even unmanned tank Drones.

Arkham Knight Incident

After the Scarecrow forces a mass evacuation of Gotham City on Halloween, the militia immediately assume control of Gotham, setting up dozens of watchtowers, security checkpoints, and street patrols with squads of soldiers and unmanned drones. Despite all of their training and technology, the militia is utterly devastated by Batman, who eventually defeats the Arkham Knight, making him go off the radar and abandon his army. The Scarecrow then places Deathstroke, a mentor and ally of the Arkham Knight and long-time rival of Batman, in charge of the militia. However, Batman destroys the militia by apprehending Deathstroke and arresting all of the commanders, infantry-men, and lieutenants before activating the Knightfall Protocol.



  • Arkham Knight - Leader Of The Occupying Militia Force.
  • Scarecrow - Through Partnership Of The Arkham Knight. (Took over the Militia after The Arkham Knight's defeat, ONLY during story).
  • Deathstroke - Second Commander, And Campaign Overseer (Took Over The Militia After The Arkham Knight's Defeat Overall).
  • Militia Commander - Third Commander (If In From the Cold wasn't finished)


  • Soldier - Rank and file soldiers that have no special abilities or equipment save for the ability to throw grenades. They use the same tactics as any other regular enemy, but communicate through radio, allowing them to respond faster to Batman's movements and actions, such as by informing their allies that they have discovered a man down and need a medic, or the Arkham Knight will inform them to switch tactics and buddy up if too many soldiers are taken out. During combat they also function like normal thugs and utilize fists, bats, stun rods, shields, knives or guns or even throw chairs at Batman.
  • Brute - Large armored enemies that can be armed with shields, knives, or electro-gloves. largely like to attack Batman when he is in the middle of attacking someone else, making them somewhat awkward to deal with and they will block all attacks from Batman and must be hit with a stun 1st to begin a beat-down to bring them down. Furthermore one could use the freeze grenade or REC to hold them at bay until your ready to attack them as they can't block Batman's attacks while frozen or reeling from a REC blast. They come in two versions, Milita versions and thug versions. While they function similar the Thug versions are weaker and go down quickly, 13 hit of a beat down or one Special combo takedown is enough to bring them down. The Militia version takes 2 combo takedowns and later versions can switch between shields, knives and electro gloves to keep Batman on his toes
  • Medic - Mostly anti-combatic enemies that instead revive fallen soldiers and electrify conscious ones. Medics will only fight as a last resort or when they are out of defibrillators and they take less punishment then normal enemies, one or two critical strikes is enough to bring them down. Their defibrillators can be rigged to backfire on them and instantly take them out from an upgraded disruptor.
  • Combat Experts - Ninjalike enemies armed with swords. Are capable of dodging Batman's attacks, attack more quickly, although they behave identically to the League of Assassins assassins. They also possess a unique attack where they jump onto a wall or nearby ally and then leap down to strike at Batman.
  • Optic Camouflage Soldier - Identical to regular soldiers, but wear special camouflage that renders them undetectable by Detective Mode. This can be disabled with an upgrade from The Disruptor.
  • Checkpoint Commander - Soldiers recognized by their beige armor. Are in charge of checkpoints, and must have their unconscious bodies looted for the checkpoint remote to take the checkpoint down. Beyond that they function identically to normal soldiers.
  • Suicide Bombers - Soldiers with vests that will explode when knocked unconscious, forcing Batman to disable the vest beforehand. Batman only encounters one during the game and takes down everyone at the debriefing on how to use the vest, thus preventing them from taking to the streets with the deadly device.
  • Drone Controller - Stationary soldiers remotely piloting Boa Drones. The Drone itself can be blinded with the Remote Hacking Device, making it incapable of detecting Batman for a short time or rigged to blow upon spotting Batman with an upgraded Disruptor. Additionally the controller can be rigged to blow up when the drone detect Batman with the upgraded Disruptor. Furthermore if Batman is close enough to the controller, Batman can hack into the drone and use it against the militia. The Arkham Knight has his own version of the drone while it can be blinded it can't be used on his men and seems to function on its own independently of Jason.
  • Mini-Gunners - Brute soldiers that wield large and powerful Chain-guns. They're usually seen in predatory encounters and can be difficult to deal with as long as other soldiers are around. Best bet is for Batman to take out everyone else before focusing on the Mini-Gunners. It also helps to sabotage their Chain-guns beforehand using the disruptor however this isn't permanent as they can clear the jam and malfunction Batman caused. Attacking them makes Batman automatically start a beat-down during which he must counter attacks from the Mini-Gunner. Keep pummelling him and Counter all his attacks to bring him down. Luring them into an environmental takedown is also a recommended strategy as it is a instant and quick takedown as to is luring them into a environmental explosive like a generator.
  • Tracker - Soldiers equipped with a device that is capable of pinpointing Batman's location if Detective Mode is used for too long. A visual warning appears on screen when the soldier is tracking Batman. This tracking device can be rigged to blow if it detects Batman with an upgraded Disruptor, making them an easy takedown.
  • Sentry Gun - Powerful yet immobile turrets that rotate 360 degrees and fire at enemies in their cone of vision. They can be disabled from behind or blinded with the Remote Hacking Device. Sometimes, turrets are placed close to each other, forcing Batman to blind one and sneak up on the other. Alternatively Batman can force the turret to fire by shooting it with the REC, causing a distraction and knocking it out of it's sweeping pattern which Batman can use to get close and disable numerous guns placed in close proximity.
  • APC Lieutenant - Senior soldiers who patrol Gotham in APCs. Batman can engage and chase them with the Batmobile to remove them from the fight. Batman can damage them with immobilizer missiles or by simply running into him, with the faster the Batmobile is going the more damage. Batman will also have to contend with 2-8 escorts as well but they will flee when the APC is out of commission.
  • Unmanned Tank drones - The Arkham Knight has hundreds of unmanned drones patrolling the streets of Gotham. Batman usually takes them on in his Batmobile with it's weaponry or even simply drive through them if moving fast enough but is capable of destroying them on foot with an upgraded Disruptor in emergencies. Aerial drones flying over the island Batman must glide close to, land on it and blow it up with Explosive Gel. Removing these aerial drones will allow the GCPD choppers back into the sky and keep track of everything for Batman while occupied with other objectives, if they find anything unusual(most wanted side missions) they will call it into dispatch and in turn alert Batman to it's location. Taking out all the tanks on a island will allow the GCPD cruisers back into the streets, allowing them to assist Batman in cleaning the street of common thugs, reducing the number of thugs on the street considerably.



  • In many ways they are similar to the TYGER units used by Hugo Strange:
    • They are equipped with the latest military hardware.
    • They've taken over large portions of Gotham at some point.
    • Their leaders share secret knowledge of Batman and use it to instruct their respective gangs how to defeat him.
  • However, they are different in others:
    • The people of Gotham do not show any form of support for this gang. In fact, some criminals don't either, with some actually cheering for Batman to "kick their ass".
    • None of their members were hypnotized into serving their leaders. The Arkham Knight and Deathstroke rely on charisma to get them to obey their commands.
    • TYGER guards acted a bit more professionally than the Militia and also never became terrified, even if all of their unit was eliminated.
  • Some soldiers are openly homosexual, as evidenced by some conversations they exchange about their husbands.
  • In one conversation, a generic soldier admits he's a black belt in Krav Maga, which is odd as most soldiers are simple reskins of the thugs gameplay-wise, who only possess basic fist-fighting capabilities.
  • At least one of the Militia members originally served under Bane's Militia and was involved in Bane's actions during Arkham Origins, based on some enemy chatter.
    • In addition, some enemy chatter revealed that one of their prior employers was a rebel group at Santa Prisca, Bane's home country, and implied that the Gotham job was considered to be better largely because of how infamous Santa Prisca's jail was.
  • Strangely, despite the tactic being extremely effective against Batman and his no-kill rule, there is only one Suicide Bomber in the entire game. There are several possible reasons for this:
    • Most soldiers are too afraid to use it.
    • Batman interrupts the briefing where it's introduced, stopping it from hitting the streets.
    • It was still being tested. As it was immediately destroyed, it might have been deemed useless.
    • Deathstroke took over the militia soon after the vest was revealed, and as he wanted a "fair" fight with Batman, he might have ordered the militia to not to use them
  • Most of the militia are former U.S. Army soldiers who voice their disgust about how they were treated. This implies that some of them suffer from combat medical problems or were seen as expendable by higher-ups, earning their ire.
  • The Millita is the most well-equipped faction in the entire Arkham series, followed in that regard by the TYGER guards.
  • It is implied, and occasionally stated by thugs and milita that, after the Arkham Knight's disappearance following his final confrontation with Batman, the militia were ready to depart the operation, likely out of fear of Batman for defeating their commander. However, the new head, Deathstroke, refused to allow this.

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