The Riot of Arkham Island

Leaders of the Rebellion

Harley Quinn

Leaders of the Asylum's Security

Quincy Sharp
Aaron Cash
Louie Green
Zach Franklin
William North


Unnamed Thug Leader
Killer Croc
The Scarecrow
Killer Croc
Victor Zsasz
Blackgate Prisoners
Frank Boles
Many Others

Arkham Security

Maria Andrade
Mike (Guard)
Thomas Armbruster
Eddie Burlow
Henry Smith
Bill (Guard)
Jackson (Guard)
Jerry (Guard)

Medical and Research Staff

Penelope Young
Sarah Cassidy
Gretchen Whistler
Dr. Murphy
Stephen Kellerman
Dr. Combs
Adrian Chen


Hundreds of Arkham Asylum Guards
Hundreds of Blackgate Prisoners
Many Doctors
The Scarecrow Is presumed to be dead
Joker poisoned by TITAN
Dr. Young killed
Bane is severely injured after being hit by the Batmobile and sunk into the deep waters of Arkham Island
Killer Croc drowned in the Arkham Waters
Riddler Captured


Joker is defeated, The Riot Is over

The Arkham Island's Riot was a massive riot on Arkham Asylum, caused by the Joker.

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