Arkham Gang War


Arkham City


Joker Gang

Penguin's Criminal Empire

Two-Face's Gang


Death of the Joker

Defeat of the Penguin

Two-Face wins & claims the Museum

Poison Ivy resurgent

Gang Leaders:

Joker (K.I.A)

Two-Face (M.I.A)

Penguin (captured)



Several inmates, goons, henchmen and thugs

The Arkham Gang War was a war for control of Arkham City. The war was fought between the Joker, the Penguin and Two-Face. Each had their own gang and wanted control of the mega-sprawling prison.


The Falcone Crime Family once ruled the Gotham City Underworld. However, the building of Arkham City and the possibility of being incarcerated there, caused the entire Gotham City Mafia to flee the city in masses before its completion.

The absence of the Falcone's created a power vacuum in Gotham and once Arkham city was opened, others soon began struggling to fill it.

The Joker and his henchmen located themselves to the Industrial District and the Sionis Steel Mill, while Penguin and his henchmen controlled the Bowery, the Iceberg Lounge and the Museum, and left late arrival, Two-Face and his henchmen with just the Solomon Wayne Courthouse in Park Row.

Hugo Strange also had his role in the upcoming fighting, and manipulated the top inmates of Arkham City behind the scenes. It would seem that the gang wars were only loosely controlled anarchy. For example, Strange oversaw the kidnapping of Holly Robinson, one of Catwoman's closest friends, to ensure her cooperation. Strange also formed an alliance with both Two-Face and the Joker while he supplying weapons to the Penguin, and played all three against each other thus escalating the violence even further.

Several super villains opted to avoid the gang war and focus on more personal pursuits.

Poison Ivy fled the fighting, and took refuge in a vine-covered stronghold at Amusement Mile. Ivy instead opted to keep humanity away than participate in the gang wars of Arkham City. For the most part, her presence went unnoticed.

Likewise, the Riddler had no stake in the war, and no real control over the city. However, Riddler began to secretly create his own gang by hiring numerous moles to infiltrate the three main gangs.

Mad Hatter tried to access his old hat shop, but was prevented from doing so by the Penguin's men. For a hideout, he picked out an apartment under an old strip club in Park Row by the TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault. Tetch started kidnapping and brain washing criminals to work for him.

Victor Zsasz had a similar idea, create a small hideout while avoiding the war. He contacted The Broker in order to find a hideout in Arkham City in order to avoid the gang war and continue his "holy mission" without interruptions.

It's also hinted that the Falcones' were still secretly pulling the strings in the Gotham Underworld in absentia. A boat owned by Falcone Shipping was located in the city prison harbor and contained the remains of a hidden Scarecrow Lab along with receipts that suggested that the Falcone's were bankrolling his research for reasons unknown.

During the war, the Penguin destroyed the Old Gotham Freeway to cut off the Joker's forces. Joker's men who made it into Park Row, rounded up and interrogated Two-Face's henchmen. In addition, Two-Face's men began to make their way to Penguin's turf, which they stormed and conquered upon the return of Two-Face from his earlier encounter with Batman and Catwoman at the Courthouse.

The end result of the war was that the Joker died from his Titan Illness, while Penguin had been defeated by Batman earlier, which left Two-Face in control of Arkham City, and the war's winner.

After Two-Face's defeat at the Museum by Catwoman, he vanished. With Joker's death, his men were scattered in the Industrial District, and remained loyal to Harley Quinn, despite earlier assertions by the prisoners that Harley didn't have the ability to run the gang without Joker.

Harley Quinn was later defeated by Batman and Robin and Arkham city was closed for good. Meanwhile Ivy, filled with hatred over being used over and over again by the Joker, Hugo Strange, and Catwoman, began to plot her revenge on all humanity.


  • The creation of Arkham City announced
  • The Falcone Crime Family flee Gotham
  • Arkham City officially opened
  • Initial skirmishes between the Penguin's and Joker's gangs
  • Two Face transferred to Arkham City and begins his own campaign for control of the prison
  • Poison Ivy goes to ground and other inmates like Catwoman, the Scarecrow (aided by the Falcone's residual influences) and the Riddler begin taking sides
  • Arkham Gang War begins
  • Moments before the Old Gotham Freeway is destroyed, a group of Joker's men begin marching into Two-Face's territory. 
  • Penguin destroys the Old Gotham Freeway. Joker's thugs, terrified and panicked, talk regrouping. Some assume that the squad that was sent to Two-Face died in the explosion.
    • Any Penguin henchmen that were left behind during the explosion are interrogated by Joker's men. 
  • The group of Joker's men capture any Two-Face thugs and interrogate them. Some also interrogate factionless prisoners near the church.
  • Penguin defeated
  • Two-Face's goons storm Penguin's territory
  • Penguin goons are massacred or defect to the Joker or Two-Face
  • Joker dies
  • GCPD captured Harley Quinn but she escaped later
  • Two-Face takes control of the Museum
  • Catwoman defeat Two-Face and he later vanishes
  • Harley Quinn takes control of Joker's Gang and the Joker Funland and started calling it Harley's Funland
  • Harley captured some GCPD cops and later Batman
  • 2 days after Batman abduction Robin defeated Harley and rescue Batman
  • Batman diffuse Harley's smilex bombs and defeated her and sent her to prison
  • Poison Ivy vows to fill the void in the Gotham Underworld



  • It was rather odd how news traveled through the mega-prison, with an example being that minutes after the player defeated the Penguin, who was in the Bowery, all the way across Arkham City in Joker's territory (the Industrial District), Joker's thugs were already talking of the Penguin's defeat while the Penguin's own forces don't even know what was going on.
  • It was worth noting that the only reason that Two-Face won the war was because of Batman's intervention in the war's events. However, the fact that Two Face vanished due to Catwoman's attack on him essentially meant that there was no winner, which resulted in the war ending in a stalemate.
  • It was rather odd how the Riddler's traps were completely left alone by the various gangs in Arkham City, even when it was obvious that the thugs could technically solve them using their numbers. Perhaps they were left alone because the Riddler had a reputation for fatal deathtraps. Plus, the Riddler's traps were rather miniscule in comparison to the ongoing war, so the thugs likely did not care about them.
    • However, at the entrance to several of Riddler's traps, dead thugs can be seen lying on the ground. This may imply that they either attempted to solve the traps or happened to walk too close and were killed by the booby traps placed there.
  • It was unknown what Scarecrow's role was, or if he was even actively involved in the war in any way or form, as thugs dressed in his attire could be seen lying dead during Protocol 10, and the mysterious boat in the Docks contained an order of chemicals and insects for him.
  • It was interesting to study the integrity of each gang: the Penguin's gang fell apart almost instantly after Penguin's defeat, which signalled a rather weak hierarchy (most common failing of empires is a lack of a clear line of succession). Two-Face's gang, on the other hand, survived two disappearances of their leader, a vicious assault by the Joker's gang, being practically demolished by both Batman and Catwoman, and Protocol 10. Joker's gang also survived a bridge being blown beneath them, Protocol 10, Batman, and the death of their leader, Joker, the most likely reason was that Harley succeeded him as the leader.
  • Two-Face had the smallest territory, which was barely more than two city blocks. Penguin had a larger one, which was Jezebel Center. Joker had the largest territory, the whole Industrial District.
  • It is possible for Batman to either stay neutral or intervene in various events in the war, such as saving various thugs being interrogated. 

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