Anne Bishop
Biographical information
Full Name Anne Bishop
Base of Operations Gotham City
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Game Information
Voice Actor Kimberly Brooks
First Appearance Batman: Arkham City

M.P.T. Anne Bishop was a member of the Arkham City security force.


Batman: Arkham City

Anne was transferred to Arkham City as part of Arkham City's security force, alongside former Arkham Asylum Security personnel Aaron Cash, William North, and Eddie Burlow, where they alongside some medics attempted to give medical aid to prisoners with Bruce Wayne's backing. When Burlow was forced to allow The Riddler to capture him, his fellow security personnel (including Bishop) and some medical doctors, she was imprisoned within an elaborate prison within one of Riddler's hideouts. Unlike the other personnel, however, Riddler did not supply her with a frequency, as he had fully expected Batman to fail the riddle. Batman, upon getting through the riddle and rescuing her, learned her lack of knowledge of the frequency, or even that Riddler supplied frequencies to the other personnel with the instruction of telling Batman the frequency should Batman succeed in rescuing them. Because of this, Batman had Oracle trace the previous transmissions and bases of the Riddler to narrow down the Riddler's main hideout.