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Aaron Cash



Aaron Cash Trophy

Biographical information
Full Name Aaron Vince Cash
Occupation Arkham Asylum Guard (formerly), Arkham City Medical Personnel Guard (formerly), GCPD Officer (formerly), Police Commissioner
Base of Operations Arkham Asylum/Arkham City, Gotham City, GCPD
Affiliations James Gordon
William North
Eddie Burlow
Kevin Liew
Frank Boles(Formerly)
Quincy Sharp(Formerly)
Hugo Strange(Formerly)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 6ft 0in (1.83m)
Weight 185lbs
Game Information
Voice Actor Duane R. Shepard Sr.
First Appearance Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1(July 2003)
It's good to see another friendly face. Hell, there aren't that many left in this town.
— Aaron Cash

One of the most senior and respected security guards at Arkham AsylumAaron Cash is only afraid of one inmate - Killer Croc, who severely wounded Cash during a riot at the asylum. Cash remains determined, however, to keep the asylum's inmates under control and conquer his fears of Killer Croc.

Incident Reports

Arkham Origins Incident

Aaron Cash was a GCPD officer at the time. A picture of Cash and his family can be found under the GCPD Building, however, Batman did not meet Aaron Cash at this time. This may be because he was with his family.

Cold Cold Heart Incident

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum Incident

When Cash was a rookie in the GCPD, Lieutenant Gordon introduced him to the vigilante, Batman.

Cash and his partner were investigating a lead to the killings in The Order of St. Dumas and when they arrived, they had found Azrael, armed with a sword surrounded by scared children. Cash's partner, thinking he is the killer, told Azrael to step back when Azrael did not comply, he was shot. Cash's partner then told Cash to get the kids out of the building. While escorting the kids Cash forgot a child and when he came back for her saw his partner burn Azrael’s body. After the incident, it was revealed that Azrael was not the killer and that the real killer had been found dead from a stab wound. Cash's partner then resigned from the police. This event would haunt Cash for years.

Road to Arkham Incident

Sometime between Christmas Eve and the Joker's takeover, Cash quit his job as officer and became a security guard at Arkham Asylum. Cash lost his left hand after being attacked by Killer Croc in a prison riot, and began wearing a hook to compensate.

Arkham Asylum Incident

Cash was one of the many guards present at Arkham, when the Joker was recaptured by Batman. He operated the weapons scanner during his arrival and presented much displeasure and caution at having him return. During the Joker's takeover, Cash made his way to the Medical Facility, where he got trapped by Joker and his goons in the Patient Observation room while trying to rescue Dr. Stephen Kellerman. Cash and Kellerman managed to escape the Joker gas by locking themselves in the control room. Cash was found by Batman, who took out the two thugs watching Cash and the doctor. Batman was able to restore the ventilation system and save the two.

Cash regrouped with the rest of the Medical staff and agreed to escort Dr. Penelope Young to the Arkham Mansion in order to find her notes. Inside the mansion, however, Cash and Young were ambushed by the Joker's goons. Cash told Dr. Young to flee as he and Zach Franklin held off the goons. The two were inevitably taken hostage and interrogated brutally on the whereabouts of Dr. Young. The thugs' efforts to make them talk were futile, as Cash refused to answer, even taunting the goons to further frustrate them.

Shortly afterwards, Batman arrived on the scene, rescuing the two guards and learning of Dr. Young's location from Cash. Both men regrouped with Kevin Liew and another security staff member in the mansion when Poison Ivy's plants took control of the island. The group was trapped inside the mansion, with the third member of security killed by the mutant plants. Batman returned to the mansion in order to learn the whereabouts of Killer Croc from Cash. After retrieving the information, Batman instructed that Cash stay put until Poison Ivy was defeated. Cash ultimately survived the attack on Arkham and returned to his post after the Joker's defeat. In the end before returning to his post, he is seen being examined by a doctor in the Medical Facility.

Unknown to anyone else, Cash had witnessed Warden Sharp writing an elaborate message (the final Chronicle of Amadeus Arkham) on the floor of the cell block control room via a security monitor (this discovery was not known until Arkham City).

Bewteen Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incident

After the incident, Arkham Asylum was closed down, and Cash lost his job. With no other options, Cash joined a medical team in Arkham City, working to provide protection for the doctors. Cash also tried to prevent a prisoner named Jimmy Briggs from being transferred to Arkham City knowing that Jimmy was a model inmate. Jimmy begged Cash not to have him thrown in there but Cash only responded in a defeated tone that the matter was out of his hands.

Cash chooses the church near Solomon Wayne Courthouse to situate the medical team at. Hugo Strange provides minimal medical supplies to the group, forcing Cash to request for donations. One of the first donators is Bruce Wayne, who supplied the team with security shutters to keep them safe, along with cutting-edge body armor and supplies. Strange was furious so he cut off all access to the outside world.

Arkham City Incident

Harley Quinn and some of Joker's thugs bust in to the church, taking Dr. Stacy Baker to the Steel Mill and holding the rest of the medical team hostage. Batman arrives and takes down three unarmed thugs outside the building. After a conversation with Alfred, Batman enters the building. Upon entering Harley Quinn tries to use her gymnastic skills to attack Batman, but he throws her aside and armed thugs stop him from going any further. Harley Quinn taunts Batman a little then leaves. Batman drops a smoke pellet and grapples up to evade the thugs, he then proceeds to take them down and rescues the hostages. Cash informs Batman that Harley Quinn took something up the bell tower then blew the stairs. Cash also tells him about Baker's abduction, and Batman promises to rescue her if she's alive. Batman then investigates the bell tower and narrowly escapes the explosive surprise set up by the Joker.
You sure this thing won' go off.
Of course. But there's no point in letting him know, is there?
— Batman gives Cash a disabled detonator to torment Riddler with

Later on, Aaron Cash and the medical team are kidnapped by the Riddler. After saving six of the Riddler's hostages, one at the Solomon Wayne Courthouse, five from death traps hidden around Arkham City, and solving 400 puzzles, Batman discovers the location of Riddler's hideout where Cash and the rest of the medical teams are being forced to walk around with explosives attached to them. Batman takes down Riddler and saves Cash and the rest of the medical team. Cash takes his revenge by placing Riddler in the same position with the threat of the bombs. In actuality, the bombs are disarmed and harmless, but Cash hides this from Riddler for revenge. When Cash decides that he has punished Riddler long enough, he escorts him back to the Cathedral with the medical staff to be arrested.

Later on, after Batman has saved Cash and the medical team from Riddler, a large amount of inmates attack the church looking for revenge against Quincy Sharp. While the inmates break down the doors, Azrael comes to their rescue, making himself known to the Medical team first. Cash explains his experience involving Azrael to Vicki Vale. Meanwhile, the inmates finally break through the first door only to find the second door to be protected by a blast door. The inmates then call on Bane who they convince that there is Titan in the building. The guards try to fight Bane off but are unable to stop him. Azrael then arrives to their rescue taking out some inmates then confronting Bane himself who throws Azrael aside. Cash then jumps to Azrael’s defense and even scratches Bane in the face. Bane in anger nearly kills Cash but Azrael jumps to his rescue and defeats Bane by cutting off his venom tank. Azrael then calls Cash 'rookie', a nickname his partner Michael Lane used to call him. After defeating and capturing Bane, Azrael and the rest of the staff fight off the remaining inmates who flee in terror. Azrael then leaves, with Vicki Vale saying how Cash has some interesting friendships.

After Arkham City Incident

After Arkham City was shut down Cash and the rest of the medical team left Arkham City for good. Cash was appointed by Gordon to supervise the cleanup efforts. He then returned to work full-time at the GCPD.
Well, I'll be damned. They taught my boots to talk.
— Cash's taunt to Croc

Shortly after the destruction of Arkham Asylum, and the cremation of Joker, Gordon was struck by a dose of Joker toxin due to contact with his body. Batman enlisted Cash's help in carrying Gordon to Joker's base at Arkham City, while he goes to get Harley Quinn and interrogates her. Batman succeeded in finding a storage room containing the antidote for the toxin, but ran into Killer Croc. Batman was nearly defeated, but then Cash intervened, distracting Croc long enough for Batman to grab a Freeze Grenade and immobilize him. Gordon was then finally cured.

Arkham Knight Incident

Now this... this is some A-grade military gear.
— Cash's audio file on the Miltia

After Gotham's citizens were evacuated, Cash stayed behind along with most of the GCPD forces. He was based at the GCPD main headquarters where he looked after the Maximum Security cells that holds the supervillains, and gave Batman information on several criminal activities happening across the city. After Gordon goes missing to look for Scarecrow, Cash took over as the temporary leader of the GCPD. He would record audile files on new display cases of evidence every time Batman brought in a super criminal.

After Batman and Nightwing defeat Killer Croc and surviving inmates on board Iron Heights Penitentiary airship and apprehend Warden Ranken for illegally experimenting on Croc and the inmates, they transport Croc, Ranken, and the prisoners via Batwing (due to Killer Croc being too big to fit in the Batmobile) and land on top of the GCPD, where Cash appears with a cadre of officers who carry long shock prods in order to keep Croc under control. Batman turns Croc, Ranken, and the inmates over to Cash and his men. Cash and his men escort Croc and the others to an elevator and imprison them in Maximum Security Holding Cells located in the West Wing of the GCPD Building.

Croc's severed left arm which was recovered from Iron Heights can be found in an Evidence Display in the West Wing as well. Despite noting the poetic justice of Croc losing, Aaron Cash admitted feeling sympathy for the torturous experiments Croc suffered, though he still retained some his old hostility toward Croc, pointing out that his hand, unlike Croc's, doesn't grow back.

Adding onto the insanity, Mad Hatter arrived and explained he captured three of the GCPD officers. However, he refused to talk to anyone about it except Batman. Cash was forced to call in Batman to deal with Tetch, having grown annoyed with the madman. When Batman arrived, Cash offered to turn off the cameras, to let Batman beat up Tetch to get info out of him. After officers Katz and McQueen were returned, Cash called Batman, explaining that officer Hutch arrived without his car.

Once Tetch was beaten. Cash put the masks of the Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit in a display case with the book called "Batman's Adventures in Wonderland".

When Batman arrives for Ivy's help, Cash tells him about what is happening in the Stagg airships and Batman told him that Scarecrow took the Cloudburst. Batman tells him of Gordon's whereabouts, Cash couldn't reach him when he is still searching for Barbara. As Cash wants Batman to know that he found her, he tells Cash the sad news about Barbara and Cash, now devastated, refuses Batman to say about her death.
So, Bruce Wayne, huh? If it's all the same to you, I'll stick to Batman.
— Cash, to Batman, after Scarecrow is dropped off

After Batman's identity as Bruce Wayne was exposed to the public, when the Dark Knight returned to GCPD with a captured Scarecrow in tow, as he took the criminal into custody, Cash says he will still refer to him as Batman.

Later, Cash mentions that the mayor had faxed an arrest warrant for Bruce Wayne, but they had a convenient fax malfunction. In other words, Cash destroyed the warrant, believing Batman didn't deserve to be arrested for all the good he's done for Gotham city in the last decade.

Catwoman's Revenge Incident

Aaron Cash supervised Riddler while the criminal was supposedly calling his lawyer. In truth, Riddler was calling his robot factory's A.I. beneath Winslow's Toy Store to send his robots to break him out. However, Catwoman was at the factory to steal Riddler's fortune and destroy the factory as revenge for being held captive previously. Cash later tazed Riddler when his phone call got heated and suspicious just as his supercomputer was blowing up.

GCPD Lockdown

Aaron Cash, presumably acting as Police Commissioner, greets Penguin and returns him to his cell but not before offering to repair the Bat Symbol and replace it with a Nightwing logo. Nightwing thanks him for the offer but turns him down, saying this isn't permanent.

Psychological Profile

Aaron Cash

Real Name: Aaron Cash

Batman's Datebase Profile



  • Great physical strength, excellent reflexes
  • One of the most experienced guards at Arkham
  • Lasting enmity with Killer Croc

Sessions With Killer Croc

Tape One

Tape Two

Tape Three

Tape Four


Arkham Asylum

"I want Joker searched again!"

"I'm going to enjoy teaching you some manners, Joker! Get him back in his cell." (Game Over) (Joker)

Arkham City

Arkham Knight

"Been a long time lizard man."

"Bite this off big guy."

"Bruce Wayne huh, I think I'll stick to Batman."

Behind the Scenes



  • Clayface is mimicking Cash when Batman first appears in the room, he later changes to Warden Quincy Sharp and James Gordon.
  • When Killer Croc bit off Cash's left hand, it was most likely a reference to Peter Pan, as the antagonist, Captain Hook had his hand bitten off by a crocodile. Even Croc makes references to this, saying "Tick-tock, feed the croc!" Cash also develops a similar phobia of Croc just like Captain Hook's fear of crocodiles after having his hand bitten off by one. He makes another reference to Peter Pan, claiming to want to eat the rest of Cash after eating his hand, just like how the crocodile wants to eat the rest of Hook after eating his hand.
  • He appears on the Joker combat maps on the PS3 version of Arkham Asylum, starting from wave three.
  • Cash is heard giving commentary all of evidence during Arkham Knight, even naming Man-Bat.

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